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Cucked, Caged, Conquered

Here's a sample of the action from my book Cucked, Caged, Conquered.

It's about a guy called Grant who can't perform in the bedroom, and his husband Travis who can't put up with the disappointment any longer. When Travis finally demands the freedom to be with other men - real men - who can satisfy him, Grant is devastated but also unexpectedly turned on. Before long he's realising just how much he loves both being teased for his own inadequacy, and hearing his husband go it it with other guys on the other side of his bedroom door.


I heard the low beat of music coming from the bedroom. It reminded me of when I used to share an apartment full of people, long before Travis and I had married, and my roommates would bring home guys. It’s funny: they turn on music as a way of disguising the noise of sex, but it ended up meaning that whenever I heard the music I immediately knew what was going on, and in my mind I’d formed a pavlovian association between the muffled beat of music and the thought of sex going on unseen just moments away from me.

Right now, just like back then, I pictured what was going on inside that room.

I wondered if they’d take it slow. Whether, now that Travis finally had a man to give him the kind of sex he really wanted, he’d take his time and luxuriate in every sensation to make the release feel even better when it finally came. Or whether he’d waited so long now, desperate for a real fuck, that he wouldn’t be able to keep from hurling himself into the experience as fast as possible.

I’d only seen Travis’ trade for a few seconds, so I intentionally closed my eyes and conjured up his image before I could forget the details. I thought about the weighty bulge in his sweatpants, and pictured what it would look like as it sprung out of his clothes and started to harden. I thought about the muscular chest I’d seen just a hint of, and I pictured Travis rubbing his hands over it, appreciating the guy’s body in a way that he seemed to have long ago stopped appreciating mine.

My dick was hard by now, harder than it ever got when I was trying to fuck Travis with it. It was ironic that I had such trouble getting hard to fuck my husband, but no trouble at all when I had to listen to someone else do it. I put my hand on it through the fabric of my trousers. Pressed against it, felt it pulse against my hand.

I crept into the hallway and up to the bedroom door. I stood there, listening for any sound that might be audible above the sound of the music. It was a long time before I heard anything: just a barely audible voice, briefly, followed by a different one. I wondered what they were saying, what they were doing. Whether there was a connection between them beyond just a random fuck.

Another minute went by. A moan, this time clearly audible over the music. I don’t know if I was reading things into it that weren’t there, but to me it communicated not only pleasure but shock, as though one of them had had something done to them that they weren’t expecting. Or weren’t expecting to feel as good as it did. I wished I could have seen who’d made the sound and what had prompted it.

For a long time there was no sound other than the thump of the stereo, until finally I heard the bed creaking, and a gasp of a moan. I knew what it meant immediately, and when the bed creaked a second time my cock — and my whole body — tensed up, then relaxed, in unison with the creaking joints of the bed.

He was inside him. This guy, this stranger, was inside my husband.

My dick throbbed uncontrollably. I reached into my underwear and held the tip of it with my fingers, massaging it as I pictured Travis’ ass muscles clenched around this stranger’s thick cock. The bed creaked again, and Travis moaned a second time.

I shouldn’t have touched myself. I knew I wouldn’t last long if I did. But I hadn’t expected this: by the third moan, the third creak of the bed-frame, and I was already ejaculating. It felt incredible, a climax at an intensity I hadn’t felt in years. I felt the cum course out of my cock as my little guy convulsed and choked up its load.


You can buy the book from the usual retailers: Amazon, Smashwords and Google Play. Or you can buy it directly from my online store:

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