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Cuckold B&B, Vol 3: Help Yourself

If you've been following the story you'll know Ryan likes to watch his boyfriend Nicolas have sex with other men, but he's afraid to admit it - to himself and to the man he loves. So far he's managed to watch Nico with a couple of guys, but there's always been a pretext that makes it seem like he didn't intend for it to turn out that way.

But now, finally, he's ready to take the plunge and reveal his cuckold kink to Nico. And Ryan's ready to ask their latest houseguest to help himself to his boyfriend.


“Your boyfriend’s been flirting with me the whole way through dinner.” The way he said it, matter-of-factly, like the statement wasn’t loaded with a whole lot of implications. And confidently: like he wasn’t trying to brag, or make me feel uncomfortable, but he had somehow naturally found his way to the top of the hierarchy and it was completely natural for him to acknowledge that he’d captured the attention of my partner.

“I think you’re right,” I replied.

Here goes.

“Will you fuck him?” I asked, facing my fears and diving into the conversation.

Ahmet cocked his head a tiny bit, like he was trying to make sense of the question. “Are you asking me to fuck him? Or are you asking if I’m already intending to?”

Fuck, that answer turned me on. I don’t know if he’d meant it like that, but with that one single question he was challenging me to admit I wanted to be cucked, while simultaneously making it clear that he could — and probably would — fuck my boyfriend whether I wanted it or not.

“I’m asking you to.” I tried to match his confidence in my voice. I don’t think it was successful. “He wants you, I can tell. And I want to watch you fuck him.”

He didn’t say anything at first, just took a sip of his wine and then set the glass down on the table. “You just want to watch. Not to participate.” Not a question. A statement that he understood what I was asking of him.

I nodded. “That’s right.”


He wants to make me admit it. My instinct was to avert my eyes, but instead I made a point of looking him straight in the eyes when I answered. “I’m a cuckold.” It felt freeing, empowering even, to finally look a man — a potential bull — in the eye and tell him that.

A satisfied smile started to spread across Ahmet’s face. “I see. So when you said I should help myself to anything, you really meant anything.

The idea of Ahmet helping himself to Nico’s ass made my cock start to stir. I suddenly became very aware of how my throat had instantly gone dry and how my cheeks were burning up. I let out a nervous laugh.

Ahmet took another sip of his wine while he made me wait for what came next. “Sure, I’ll fuck Nicolas,” he said eventually. The way he said it, it was like he was doing me a favour. I guess he was.

“And you’ll let me watch?”

“Yes, I’ll let you watch.”

My dick started to get harder, and I was glad that it was hidden under the table and out of view. I had no idea what to say, all I could muster was, “Cool.”

Right at that moment the bedroom door opened and Nico reappeared. Perfect timing, because I had no idea where to go with Ahmet after the conversation we’d just had, so I was glad for the interruption.

“Sorry about that,” Nico said as he walked in. He paused, leaning with one arm on the kitchen island, studying each of us for a moment. He seemed to clock the awkward silence in the room; he was probably trying to look for any clue as to what kind of interaction he’d just interrupted. He changed the topic though. “So Ahmet, you’re not up to anything else this evening?”

“No plans yet,” he replied, glancing at me as he said it. “But I could think of a couple of things I wouldn’t mind doing.”

“Oh yeah?” said Nico, picking up on the tone in Ahmet’s voice. “Tell us more.”

Wordlessly Ahmet stood up from the table, pushed in his chair, and took two deliberate strides over to where Nico was standing. He leaned an arm on the counter, uncomfortably close to Nico, mirroring his posture. I could see the cocky flirtatious vibe from Nico suddenly evaporate, replaced by surprise at Ahmet’s advance. Ahmet leaned in a little; he must have been close enough that Nico could feel his breath on his neck. “I think you know already,” he said.

I could see Nico swallow nervously, and his breath quicken. I could also see his eyes light up in excitement.

“Your boyfriend knows,” Ahmet continued, giving me another quick glance. He rested his free hand on Nico just below the hip. “I think he wants to see me kiss you.” He leaned in a little closer; Nico tilted his head a little in response. “I think that’s what you want, too.”

“Yes,” Nico whispered back. He leaned in towards Ahmet, his gaze fixed on him.

Ahmet slid his hand down onto Nico’s ass, pulled him in closer, and kissed him. I watched in stunned silence.


If you want to check out the rest of the story (about 12,000 words) it's available now on my online store and other major retailers.

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