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Something for everyone: finding the right stories to get you off

My writing ranges from kind of mild to pretty extreme when it comes to the kinds of torment that my cuckold characters have to endure.

I find cuckolding kind of complex. Some of the things that are hottest about it are the same things I'd find hardest to deal with in real life. The behaviour in my books can walk a fine line - and sometimes cross the line - of what I think is ok to do to someone you love in real life.

In my more extreme stories, I want people to be able to get off to a fantasy of having things go much further than the character is comfortable wiith - safe in the knowledge that it's all fantasy and they don't have to deal with any real life repurcusssions.

But at the same time I don't want to just glorify toxic relationships. I want to also write stories that show an alternative, where kinks are developed respectfully, and love the cuck and his partner have for each other is very clear.

It means my books vary in their intensity, and it's likely that some will be more to your tastes than others. It's more complex than just 'mild to wild' though, there are lots of factors that work together to determine how intense each story is, and exactly what types of angst they hit. I've narrowed it down to eight factors / themes that feature in my stories to varying degrees - some that I think are pretty universal for cucks, and some that will be massive turn-ons or turn-offs depending on your tastes.

I've made a guide to each one of my books, showing how it rates in terms of the different elements you might want to find - or avoid - in my stories.

So read on for an explanation of what I measured, and a summary of each book.


The different factors that feature in my stories

Voyeurism: Cucks usually like to watch. And for some people (generally the ones who'd consider themselves more 'stags' than 'cucks') that's maybe the most important part of the kink. It's like live, personal porn starring your very own partner. What's not to like?

Compersion: For some guys the appeal is about the good feeling you get knowing that your partner is happy getting the sexual satisfaction he wants

Exclusion: For the 'true' cucks (ie, not the stags), being excluded from the action is probably the key component to the cuckolding fantasy, and the thing that triggers the angst that makes them go wild

Denial: Taking things a step further than just exclusion, there's also the feeling of being denied - whether that's denied access to your man, denied the opportunity to cum, or denied the opportunuity to watch the action by being shut out of the bedroom

Humiliation: For many cucks humiliation is core to the kink. Could just be the humiliation of knowing your man is getting his needs met by someone else, or it could be more overt - like being made fun of, or made to degrade yourself in front of your man

Submission: It seems like a lot of cucks want their bull to be an alpha, and they want to submit to him. It's about positioning themselves at the bottom of the hierarchy, and the bull demonstrating he's in charge

Helplessness: This is where it maybe gets a bit controversial. For some cucks (like me) the idea of having no control over what happens next, and being pushed further than you'd intended to go, is massively appealing. For some people though, this crosses a line into the unhealthy

Betrayal: I don't think this is necessarily part of cuckolding. But it's part of a few of my stories, and it's something I think cucks often also find hot (at least as a fantasy) - like the idea of your partner cheating on you behind your back or breaking the rules you agreed to


Rating each story on the kinds of kinks they feature

From here, I'm going to show you where I think each of my books sits on each of these 8 factors, using some kink 'score cards' I've made. That way, you can hopefully find the books that will turn you on the most, and avoid the ones that contain the stuff you find unsexy.

Hopefully that helps give you an idea of what stories you're likely to be into, or not into.

The next couple of stories I'm working on are pretty heavy on the humiliation and/or denial. So if that's the kind of stuff you're into keep an eye out for those, and sign up to my newsletter to make sure you can get notified when they're released.

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