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Cuckold B&B 2 - Cover - 1600 x 2560.jpg
Cucked, Caged, Conquered
Jack Hornwood

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Grant can't perform in the bedroom, and his husband Travis can't put up with the disappointment any longer.

When Travis finally demands the freedom to be with other men - real men - who can satisfy him, Grant is devastated but also unexpectedly turned on. Before long he's realising just how much he loves both being teased for his own inadequacy, and hearing his husband go it it with other guys on the other side of his bedroom door. At least, he loves it till he climaxes... But after that the reality of what's happening sets in and he instantly regrets it.

The solution? Make sure he can't climax. Lucky he finds the thought of being locked in a chastity cage pretty exciting too.

Get inside Grant's head as he discovers what it's like to be cucked by his husband, be caged in chastity, and eventually to be conquered by a superior man who looks set to win his husband's affection.

#cuckold #humiliation #sph #chastity #domination

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