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  • My locked workout "research" plan

    I'm currently working on a story about a guy locked in a chastity cage and the various guys he cruises in the gym locker room. The story is fiction, but in amongst the imaginary parts are elements of my past experiences (when it comes to the locker room hook-ups), and an imagined future self I'm aspiring to become - a future self that involves both being locked and getting fit. I've been experimenting with chastity for a long time (long before it was cool, I swear). I bought my first cage in about 2015, and at the time of writing this I'm onto my fourth. I've always wanted chastity to be a bigger part of my life, but there have always been things that stopped me. One of those things stopping me is my own embarrassment and awkwardness when it comes to talking about sex in the real world, outside of my writing. I'm lucky enough to have a partner who is open-minded and kink-positive, but I still find it hard to talk about some of the more unconventional sides of my sexual desire. Especially when they involve an element of intentional shame - and locking my dick away to wither in a flaccid state, unable to use it the way god intended, definitely has an element of intentional shame for me. So, while my boyfriend has fucked me in my cage a few times, and is totally supportive of my desire to be caged, I've never really thought of it as something he's 'into' and I still find it hard to make it a bigger part of our shared sex life. The other impediment the fit and comfort: it's taken me a while to find a cage that fits me properly that I won't fall out of. Even now, the cage I've got fits pretty well but not well enough to wear for long periods of time without hurting my balls in a way that I'm sure can't be good for them in the long term. I think this is partly due to the way my balls are built: my scrotum is a little on the small and tight side, which means my balls don't hang low and there isn't much extra skin. Because of that my balls are jammed up against the ring of the cage, kind of squashed. And I think this problem is exacerbated my my weight. I'm not exactly obese but over the last decade I've definitely transitioned from twink to bear, and I'm now not far off the 100kg mark. It means that where I would have had loose skin around my balls I now have more fat padding it out, giving me less to work with when I'm caging myself. This is where my chastity and gym goals converge: because I need to lose weight to wear my cage more, and I'm hoping wearing my cage more might help motivate me to get more into shape. Let me explain a little more about what I mean. I've always found it hard to motivate myself to go to the gym, and to stay at the gym once I get there. Following chastity content online I see countless guys who find that being locked is giving them the drive to work out, fuelled by sexual frustration. And sure, you can't trust most of what you read online and I know a lot of these guys are probably fudging the truth a fair bit. Like, they probably already have the drive to get ripped and the cage is just a way to get some extra online attention. But I want to see if being caged - the focus and frustrated energy of having a cage beneath my gym shorts - is something that can help me too. At the same time I think that having this hot secret, this constant turn-on, might help make the gym less of a chore and more of a thrill. If I think of the gym as a chore I don't want to do then I'll never do it. But if the gym can be an experience that's sexually charged, and secretly kinky, then maybe that can help me enjoy it. If I can do that, maybe I'll be excited about working out, and then maybe I'll actually be enthusiastic about it. If I want that to happen though I have to change my mindset and actually choose to think about it that way. If I can lose a bit of weight through this approach, it will hopefully help make wearing a cage a little more comfortable. A reinforcing spiral of feeling good about it and doing it more as a result. It 's not just about fitting into the cage though: I've been trying to lose weight for years in an attempt to be healthier and hotter. (I know, I know, big guys can be sexy, and I shouldn't buy into all the body shaming fat-phobia that's so prevalent in the gay community. But what can I say, I just want to look hot, okay?) I also am under no illusion that I'm ever going to become a shredded gym bro or defy age to become a twink again, but I think that the combination of becoming a little slimmer round the gut and a little more muscular around the pecs and shoulders would help me feel sexier in the body type I now inhabit. It means living a version of the fictional story I'm writing - albeit one with a lot less casual locker room sex because that's not something I'm seeking out these days. And even if it does absolutely nothing to help with my fitness or my chastity, it might at least help with my writing. Because to write the story well, to be able to describe the feelings and the sensory experience of being in a gym working out - and being locked while doing it - doing some in-character "research" surely couldn't hurt. So while I'm writing this story about a locked sub working out at the gym, I'm going to try emulate it in my real life by working out locked. I'm going to use it as a way of doing research for my story, while at the same time using it to make the experience of workout a more sexually charged one for me, that I can get excited about and look forward to. Stick around and see what happens. Could be nothing, because I might find it doesn't really help and I still don't really go to the gym, in which case I won't have much to say and this post might get quietly archived in a month or so. Or maybe I'll get somewhere, and in that case you might find reading about it kind of interesting, or hot, or even useful if you're contemplating something similar yourself.

  • Meet Heath

    I'm Heath Robbs, the newest addition to the Bunkmate Books line-up. Here's a bit about me, including what to expect from my stories, where the inspiration for them comes from. How would I describe my stories? I like to describe my writing as gay filth. And that's not an attempt at self-deprecation; I am totally proud to write filthy stories that bring out the seedy, sleazy side of gay culture and desire. I like to write about anonymous sex and cruising - situations where two (or more) men cross paths, satisfy each other, then move on without anything more complicated. I also like power dynamics, from dad/son to dom/sub to alpha/beta. I like to explore masculinity, even the sides of masculinity that can be a little toxic. I like to explore ideas around submission and degradation, guys getting used and treated rough. And I like to write about a bunch of kinks like underwear, chastity, and watersports. What interests me about anonymous sex? I've always been into cruising and anonymous sex. That was my introduction to gay life because I was in the closet for the first little while after I came to the realisation that I was into guys. Part of that was because I wanted to see if gay sex was really for me before I went down the irreversable path of coming out, and part of it (the bigger part if I'm being honest) was that I was afraid to come out. So anonymous hook-ups at the local sauna and online was how I started out. It didn't stop when I came out though. I've spent many nights in saunas and other sex-on-site clubs, and done my share of public cruising. I became a total sauna slut, both because it was an easy way to get laid without going through the hard work of dating, and because I really came to like the sordidness of it. I think I like those kinds of situations because you can really just fulfil your animal instincts without really having to consider social norms. You can go from seeing a guy across a room to being on your knees sucking his dick without even telling each other your names. I like that you and the guys you're with are just meeting each other's needs, with no pretensions about it meaning anything beyond that. I also like the communal nature of it: places where men congregate to fuck, where sexually explicit things are normal and welcomed. Where you can get on your knees or all fours and take as many cocks as you want in full view of whoever wants to enjoy the show. So even though I'm settled down now, I still have a real fondness for anonymous and casual sex. It comes easier to me than relationship sex. It's still a mindfuck for me trying to walk the line between wanting to be treated like a piece of meat, and maintaining a respectful and loving relationship. It can be done of course, but it's so much easier with a stranger! And although I don't do it much anymore (or maybe because I don't), living the fantasy through writing about it is something I find fun. Would I describe myself as kinky in real life? Definitely. I don't necessarily act on it all that often, but there are a bunch of kinks I really like, which are the same ones I like to write about. Some of the events in my stories are inspired or draw details from stuff I've tried out in real life. I've messed around with watersports a bit, and I've been on a journey (albeit a slow one) with chastity for several years. I also love being restrained or restraining someone else. What's behind the name? Heath Robbs isn't my real name obviously. It's a pen name - one of a few pen names I write under, each with a different genre or niche. I enjoy a good pun so when that name occurred to me it really appealed. And the profile picture? It's an illustration by Alonso Mena, who you can find on instagram @alo_illustra   or on Patreon . It's based on a real photo of me, but the illustrator took a bit of artistic licence when it comes to the pyhsique, I'm not that muscly in real life! It's more of an aspirational fantasy avatar in that sense. I also asked him to give me a big moustache which is hot but not how I groom my facial hair in real life; as a gay erotica writer I don't want to be instantly recognisable to everyone I see walking down the street, you know? What am I working on right now? I'm writing a couple of stories, so I guess we'll see which one ends up published first. One's about chastity and cruising. It centres on a guy who's starting out with chastity and is visiting his local gym to work out while locked. It's about the various encounters he has in the changing room, and his transformation from timid, weedy guy to full-time locked pass-around jock. The other is a dom/sub story, about a submissive guy who doesn't think the office dudebro notices he exists - till he starts to make himself useful and show he can be a good servant. If you want to find out more about me, and subscribe to be the first to know when my latest writing drops, check out my author page on the Bunkmate Books website.

  • Take a look at Bunkmate Books' new site

    Bunkmate Books has a brand new website, and as well as a new look it's got all kinds of new stuff. Read online subscriptions We're stoked to introduce read online subscriptions. They mean that if you want to read stories but you're not really into maintaining a library of ebooks, you can sign up for a subscription to read the story direct on a web page instead. Read online subscriptions are the same price as ebooks. They do last for a limited time, however, because we can't guarantee access to a web page for eternity - especially if we change web providers or move to a different business model in the future. At this stage the subscriptions are set up to last three months only, while we iron out any kinks in the system. We'll revisit later on - our intention is to give people access for as long as we can, without promising something long term we can't deliver on. You can find read online subscriptions by checking out our books catalogue and clicking 'read online' on the page for the book you want, or you can find the full list of subscriptions here. Members' area The new website has a members' area where you can keep better track of the stuff you're interested in. If you sign up as a member you'll have access to your own member's area, including a tab with all your previous purchases so you can re-download ebooks, and a tab where you can easily find any posts you've hit 'like' on in the past. Having a member account also means that on posts where comments are enabled you can comment on posts using your chosen display name. Search bar I know, it's not exactly groundbreaking. But it's a nice addition that should helpfully help you find what you're looking for a bit more easily if you're having trouble. More stuff coming soon We've got a bunch more stuff in the works coming soon too, like: paperback zines of Jack Hornwood's short stories Jack's first audiobook a story in the works by writer Heath Robbs merch, starting with a few badges and bookmarks. So keep an eye on our website for the latest stuff, or subscribe for updates.

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