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Take a look at Bunkmate Books' new site

Bunkmate Books has a brand new website, and as well as a new look it's got all kinds of new stuff.

Read online subscriptions

We're stoked to introduce read online subscriptions. They mean that if you want to read stories but you're not really into maintaining a library of ebooks, you can sign up for a subscription to read the story direct on a web page instead.

Read online subscriptions are the same price as ebooks. They do last for a limited time, however, because we can't guarantee access to a web page for eternity - especially if we change web providers or move to a different business model in the future. At this stage the subscriptions are set up to last three months only, while we iron out any kinks in the system. We'll revisit later on - our intention is to give people access for as long as we can, without promising something long term we can't deliver on.

You can find read online subscriptions by checking out our books catalogue and clicking 'read online' on the page for the book you want, or you can find the full list of subscriptions here.

Members' area

The new website has a members' area where you can keep better track of the stuff you're interested in. If you sign up as a member you'll have access to your own member's area, including a tab with all your previous purchases so you can re-download ebooks, and a tab where you can easily find any posts you've hit 'like' on in the past.

Having a member account also means that on posts where comments are enabled you can comment on posts using your chosen display name.

Search bar

I know, it's not exactly groundbreaking. But it's a nice addition that should helpfully help you find what you're looking for a bit more easily if you're having trouble.

More stuff coming soon

We've got a bunch more stuff in the works coming soon too, like:

  • paperback zines of Jack Hornwood's short stories

  • Jack's first audiobook

  • a story in the works by writer Heath Robbs

  • merch, starting with a few badges and bookmarks.

So keep an eye on our website for the latest stuff, or subscribe for updates.

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