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I'll Be Cucked For Christmas

Here's a sample of my Christmas-themed cuckold erotica story, I'll Be Cucked For Christmas. It's a story about a guy called Tim who returns to his hometown for Christmas after a long absence, and brings his boyfriend Leo along to meet the family. But it's not long before they run into Mark, Tim's old high school bully. And the chemistry between Leo and Mark is instant, and you know it's not going to be long before something happens.

The following excerpt is from early on in the story, on Tim and Leo' first night in town.


It wasn’t till everyone started to disperse to their bedrooms for the night that Leo and I finally got a bit of alone time, which I badly needed by that point. We lay on the bed next to each other scrolling through our phones, both appreciating the opportunity to zone out in silence for a few minutes.

Eventually I looked over at Leo. I was surprised — but not that surprised — to find him scrolling through porn.

“Make sure the sound’s off,” I told him. “I don’t want my parents to hear the sound of gay sex coming from the bedroom. I don’t think they’re ready for it yet.”

Leo looked over and gave me a mischievous grin. “Oh, so we gotta keep it quiet, then?” He dropped his phone on the bed next to him, rolled over to face me, and laid a hand on my crotch. “Guess that just means you’ll have to bury my face into the pillow while you’re fucking me then.”

I couldn’t deny that turned me on. But I brushed his hand away before he could get me going too much. “I can’t fuck here!” I said, incredulous that he was even trying it on. “In my childhood bedroom? With my parents in the house?”

Leo looked a little offended. “I thought it might be hot.”

“Awkward and creepy, more like.”

Now Leo looked properly annoyed. He rolled onto his back again and picked up his phone. “I didn’t realise this was going to be a sexless vacation,” he said, not looking at me, pretending that he was just musing aloud and not trying to start an argument.

“Seriously, you can’t expect me to be horny with my parents down the hallway, can you?”

He scowled a bit. “Well surely you can’t expect me to go five days without fucking.” He shrugged. “I guess it means I’ll just have to find someone else who can give it to me if you won’t.”

That really got my dick going. I felt it start to shift a little bit, growing at the thought of Leo getting fucked by another man. We’d been kind of open for the last few months, and done a few threesomes, and the few times I’d watched other men fuck him had turned me on beyond my wildest imagination. So much so that now when we played together I tended to keep my involvement to a minimum. And even though I always made a show of making my permission seem like it was given begrudgingly, I knew that he knew that I was actually dying to experience the torment of having him go out and have sexual experiences that didn’t include me.

I watched as he opened an app on his phone, the screen suddenly populated with a grid of faces and torsos. “Let’s see if there are any hot guys around here,” he said. My dick started to grow a little thicker.

“More talent than I’d expected,” he said. “I’m sure one of these guys will be down to fuck.”

Part of me was distraught at the idea of him leaving to go get fucked by a random stranger. But part of me was already looking forward to it.

“Or you know, maybe I could fuck that guy from your school. What was his name?”

I let the disdain show in my voice as I said his name. “Mark. Sorry but he’s straight.”

“You sure? I kind of got a vibe. I think he was flirting with me a bit.”

I let myself picture it. The thought of it made me a little angry, that smug asshole flirting with my boyfriend right in front of me. It was kind of hot though too, to be honest. Even though it would absolutely crush me, I found myself just for a second wishing the guy wasn’t straight after all.

I shook the image from my head. “You’re dreaming,” I told him. “The guy’s a total homophobe.”

“Of course. All the biggest homophobes at school are the ones that turn out to be homos when they grow up.”

“Not this guy,” I told him. “Trust me.” I hoped that Leo didn’t push it any further, because I didn’t want to have to have a whole conversation about my backstory with Mark and admit how badly the guy used to bully me.

Leo didn’t push though. He just shrugged. “I’ll take your word for it. It’s all good, there are plenty of guys on here. Some of these country boys are pretty fucking hot, you know.”

“You’re not going to actually leave me alone and go get fucked by someone else, are you?” I tried to sound hurt even though by this stage I was incredibly turned on by the prospect of him actually doing it.

“Nah,” he said, and for a moment I was legitimately disappointed. He scrolled through the grid on his phone absently. “Not tonight, anyway. It’d raise too many questions, right?. But we’ve got a whole week here, and you probably want to get a bit of alone time with your family, so I’m more than happy to go out for a little while, and…” He trailed off, and I watched as he started typing a message on his phone.

I said nothing. I went back to looking at my own phone, pretending like I wasn’t bothered at all by what he was doing. Pretending that I was taking a mature, calm approach to non-monogamy. Pretending that my mind wasn’t wrestling with the dissonant desires of being distraught at the thought of him being with someone else while also desperately wanting him to do it.

But I watched him out of the corner of my eye as he scrolled through his phone, and I saw the notifications pop up as the messages started rolling in. He was popular. Of course he would be. My mind started racing, wondering what kind of guy he’d end up with. And what they’d do when I wasn’t around. And I felt my dick keep getting hard.

I tried to just go back to what I was doing. But there wasn’t a chance, not now. I held off for about as long as I could bear, until I finally threw down my phone in frustration. “No noise, okay?” I said as I leaned over towards him and started unbuttoning his fly. As soon as I had it open I pulled out his cock, not yet hard but nicely thick and well on its way. I wrapped my mouth around it, and started giving him a blow-job. Right there, on my old bed, while he scoured the internet for other men to fuck him.


You can find out more about the story here, as well as links to retailers. Or you can buy it directly from my online store:

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08 de jun.

I'm planning to have a paperback zine version of this out in time for Christmas 2024

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