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Another Sample of Cuckold B&B, Vol 1

Here's another sample of my story, Cuckold B&B, Vol 1: The Sharing Economy. It's volume one of a new series called Cuckold B&B, all about a couple who rent out their spare bedroom for short-stay accommodation, and discover the world of cuckolding thanks to the various guys that come stay. This first story is about how Nico and Ryan try out their first "three-way" which turns out to be a little less three-sided than they expected.

Here's a sample from the story. At this point in the story both Ryan's been fantasising about Cody - the guest staying in their spare bedroom - fucking his boyfriend Nico. But no one's made a move. Yet.

You can buy the full book (about 10,000 words) from Amazon, Smashwords, Google Play, or direct from me.


I woke up when I heard the door to the apartment unlock. Nico was still asleep beside me. I heard Cody stumble around a little, finding his way around in the dark. I heard a hushed voice. Then another; he wasn’t alone.

My heart immediately started to beat a little faster.

I heard the sound of someone pissing in the bathroom between our two rooms, followed by the flush of the toilet and the sound of the bathroom tap running. Then I heard the door to the spare room shut.

I turned over and tried to go back to sleep. But I couldn’t. Now I was fully awake; I realised I was listening out for any sound of Cody and the guy he’d brought home. I realised I was also getting a little hard.

After a few minutes of silence I heard a definite moan. Followed by another. I heard the bed creak; I made a mental note that I should probably fix it once Cody was gone. And then another mental note that maybe I shouldn’t, because I kind of liked being able to hear it.

The moans got a little louder. The bed started creaking rhythmically.

Nico stirred a little. “What’s…?” he asked groggily. It took him a few more seconds to wake up properly and realise what was going on. “Is that Cody?” he asked.

“Yeah,” I replied in a whisper. “He brought someone home.”

By now the two of them were really going for it. We could hear the bed creaking and pounding against the wall, and Cody’s trade moaning desperately in time with the creaking.

“Whoa.” Nico sounded impressed. “That guy’s really getting it.”

“They could be a little quieter,” I said. Sounding like a prude, pretending I wasn’t turned on as hell by listening to them fuck in the next room.

“I dunno, I kind of like hearing it,” Nico replied. He wriggled a little closer to me, so his body was up against mine. I could feel his toned, skinny torso pressed against mine. And I could feel his dick was just as hard as mine was. He kissed my neck. “To be honest, it kind of turns me on.”

I kissed him back, felt his dick pulse against my leg.

“Who do you think’s the one making the noises?” he asked.

“I don’t think that sounds like Cody moaning,” I replied. “So he must be topping.”

“Sounds like he’s doing a pretty good job,” Nico replied. He reached over and wrapped his hand around my hard cock. “Feels like you kind of like hearing it too.”

I reached over, took his cock in my hand and started to stroke it slowly. He kissed me again, let it linger this time. As he finally broke away I found his mouth and kissed him back. We lay there in the dark, making out and jacking each other off as we listened to Cody fucking the random he’d brought home.

By now we could make out muffled cries. “Oh god. Fuck… Fuck.” The bed was creaking and thudding faster. And the faster it got, the faster and harder Nico shoved his tongue down my throat and jerked my cock.

“Fuck! Fuck!” A pause; they must have been switching positions. Then a wail; Cody must have found a better angle because the guy sounded like he was practically being split in two. Nico’s breathing got heavier, his cock harder, the louder the wails got.

As the fucking got more frantic, we both got closer and closer. At last, with a breathy whisper, I told Nico, “I’m going to cum.”


If you enjoyed it you can find out more on my website. You can buy the full book (about 10,000 words) from Amazon, Smashwords, Google Play, or direct from me.

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