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Cuckold B&B, Vol 1: The Sharing Economy

Here's a sample of my latest story. It's volume one of a new series called Cuckold B&B, all about a couple who rent out their spare bedroom for short-stay accommodation, and discover the world of cuckolding thanks to the various guys that come stay. This first story is called The Sharing Economy, and it tells the story of how Nico and Ryan try out their first "threeway".

Here's a sample from the story. You can buy the full book (about 10,000 words) from Amazon, Smashwords, Google Play, or direct from me.


When I opened my eyes Nico’s face was inches from mine, eyes closed, sleeping peacefully. His arms clutched tight in front of his chest, fists curled loosely into balls. I could feel his warm breath tickle my nose each time he exhaled. For a few seconds I just lay there admiring his beautiful face, and everything seemed normal and perfect, the events of the previous night not even registering.

Then I saw the other arm, draped over his waist, palm resting between his belly-button and crotch. And I remembered all about the previous night. My dick became hard, instantly, when I remembered what had happened.

I lifted my head off the pillow so I could look over Nico to see Cody. He was still asleep too, his chin nestled into the back of Nico’s neck. My eyes tracked downwards, to their bodies. They were spooning, Nico nestled in the shape left by Cody’s curled up body. His ass nestled against Cody’s crotch.

For a second that sight made me feel sick; Nico looked so peaceful, so natural, in the arms of someone else. I wondered if he could sense that the body wrapped around him wasn’t mine; I wondered if it was intentional that he nestled into Cody’s form and not mine. For a second I was angry, too, wondering how he could choose to share the intimate experience of sleeping in another man’s arms while I was right there in the bed. He could have sent Cody back to his room, and done that with me. His actual boyfriend.

It hurt to think about, but at the same time the sight made my dick instantly hard. I contemplated grabbing it, jerking off right then — I knew it would only take me about half a dozen strokes to cum — but I stopped myself. Instead I just sat there for a few minutes watching them sleep until Nico, as though gradually becoming aware he was being watched, started to stir.

I quickly lay back down, pretending to still be asleep. I felt Nico’s breaths change tempo as he woke up. I felt the bed move as Nico turned over. I heard the sound of lips touching lips — light, tender kisses. And I felt the movement of Cody starting to stir too.

“Morning,” I heard Nico whisper.

“Morning,” I heard Cody reply.

I heard them kiss. My stomach hurt and my dick pulsed.

“Sleep okay?” I heard them kiss again.

“Yeah, thanks,” Cody whispered back. “You?”

I didn’t hear him answer. But I heard him whisper, “I could feel your cock up against my ass in the night.”

“You like it?”

“Yeah.” A pause. “You’re still hard.”


I heard them kiss again. Long, this time. Then the weight shifting in the bed; it felt like Nico was turning back around to face me. Is he checking whether I’m awake? I wondered whether I should open my eyes, show I was awake and I knew what was going on, that they had my permission for what they wanted to do. But I couldn’t bring myself to do it — partly because I didn’t want to disturb the moment they were sharing, but partly because I wanted to know what Nico would do without waiting for me to tell him it was okay.

But it was too late, anyway, because the noise that followed was unmistakeable.


If you liked the teaser, check out the full book.

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