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Cucked and Replaced: How a Rich Bull Claimed My Husband
Jack Hornwood

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Ever thought about what it would be like if your husband replaced you with another man who’s hotter, richer, more dominant, and better in bed?


Nick is a cuckold. His husband, Julian, has an endless sexual appetite. It's a perfect situation for both of them. Nick loves nothing more than to help facilitate casual sexual encounters for Julian, provided he sticks to three rules: no staying overnight, no going bare, and no getting into a relationship.


But when Nick drops his husband off at a wealthy hookup's mansion one evening, he doesn't realise that things are about to change completely.


Pretty soon Julian is completely head over heels for his new bull, and Nick's going to have to come to terms with watching from the sidelines as their relationship develops. It's a whole new level of intensity for Nick's cuckold fetish, full of angst and humiliation like you wouldn't believe.

#gay #cuckold #domination #humiliation #watersports

"The sex scenes are hot but what really sets this book apart is how Hornwood explores the headspace of a cuck. A lot of cuckolding is mental, not physical, and Hornwood captures that so well. I don't want to give anything away but the hottest scene in the book doesn't have any sex in it at all."

- Amazon review

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