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Another sample of 'Cole Got Cucked Hard'

My first book, Cole Got Cucked Hard, is out now. Here's a sample of what you're in for if you read it.

But I can’t do it. I’m totally and utterly captivated watching them fuck. It’s better than any porn I’ve ever seen. I’m so totally rock hard, as horny as I’ve ever been in my whole life, there’s no way I can stop them now. I know have to see this through. I need to see Jake cum in by boyfriend’s ass.

“Fuck! Fuck!” Kenneth is practically screaming now.

“You’re gonna take my load?” As if there was any question.

“Please! Breed me!”

“Does your boyfriend fuck you like this, slut?”

“Never! He could never… fuck me… like… this. God. Fuck. Fuck.”

In that second, it’s like the world stood still. I see Jake’s ass cheeks clench as he climaxes, and he lets out this low growl as his whole body spasms and he blows his load inside Kenneth. Kenneth lets out a moan of absolute bliss, and I’m pretty sure he’s cumming too. And at that moment I reach down to fondle my rock hard cock, but before I can even touch it I feel that familiar surge of ejaculation flooding through me. It’s unexpected, and uncontrollable. I feel my balls unload, and I blow a massive wad of cum in my pants. It keeps coming. Seven, eight times. It takes all the control I have not to cry out as I orgasm, and I can’t help myself from gasping for breath.

Want to read more? See an earlier teaser here. The full book, all thirteen chapters, is available on Amazon.

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