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A sample from Cole Got Cucked Hard: The bathhouse

Here's a sample from my book Cole Got Cucked Hard. Check out the Books page of my website for info about where to buy the full book.

I can see straight away this isn’t going to turn out how he was expecting. I feel sorry for him, but at the same time I know it has to happen this way. And I can tell that even though it might hit him hard, he’s going to be pleased in the end anyway.

It’s not too busy at the bathhouse tonight, but busy enough. We’ve both had a shower, and we’re having a bit of a wander round. Cole has never been here before so he wants to get the lay of the land; even though I know this place like the back of my hand I’m ‘exploring’ like I’m new to the place for his benefit. Cole is carefully attentive, studying the people, the rooms, the passages that lead off into the dark. I can see he’s nervous, but he’s trying to hide it by concentrating hard on taking in the surroundings.

It’s not long at all before a couple of guys catch my eye, and I catch theirs. It never does take long. They eye me up, smile, and talk to each other in low voices without taking their eyes off me. One of them is blonde, with a smoothly shaved face and equally smooth and buttery skin on his muscular chest. The other is tall and slender, with sandy hair on his head, a dusting of golden hair on his chest, and a tiny golden trail leading down from his belly button, mostly hidden by his towel. Both of them look like they’re in their mid twenties, cocky and confident.

The two of them casually saunter over.

“Hey,” the blonde one says to me with a cheeky grin on his face.

“Hey yourself,” I reply, flashing a smile at the pair of them. “How’s your night?”

“Not bad. Been for a couple of drinks, thought we’d come chill for a bit.”

There’s an awkward pause for a second or two before the sandy-haired one adds, “Maybe you wanna come chill with us?”

I glance back at Cole, who is looking fully awkward, like he’s not sure if he belongs in the conversation or not. I give him a questioning look, and he gives a small, curt nod.

I turn to the guys. “We’d be keen,” I tell them. I gesture to Cole. “This is my boyfriend. We’re playing together tonight. That ok?”

The guys study Cole for a second. “Yeah for sure, man,” the blonde shrugs. He pushes open the nearest door and beckons for us to follow him in.

Once the door is shut behind us, the towels start to come off. The sandy-haired one goes straight for me, dropping his towel to the floor to reveal a long, uncut cock surrounded by shortly cropped golden hair like the stuff on his chest. He deftly removes my towel in a sweeping gesture, and takes a step forward so that our bodies are touching. He slowly, softly runs his hands over my ass as he leans in and kisses me. As his tongue pushes its way into my mouth, one hand runs its way up my back and settles on the back of my neck, while the other lingers on my ass. I put my hands around his hips and lean into the kiss.

I can feel my cock beginning to swell, and I can feel his begin to swell pressed up against me too. I reach for it, and ever so gently run my fingers up and down his shaft as it continues to get harder. The hand on my ass starts to slide down my ass crack, and he starts to apply the slightest amount of pressure to my hole as he begins to kiss me more passionately. I moan, and he starts to gently rub my hole as he grinds his stiff cock against my abs.

I break away from the kiss for a second, and look over at the other two. They’re kissing each other, but both have their eyes firmly fixed on me and my partner. I shoot them a quick smile that’s my attempt to be both reassuring to Cole and suggestive to the guy he’s with. Then I kiss sandy-hair again, and start to work my way down his neck and chest with my tongue and my lips.

I kiss my way down his chest, pausing to lick and suck his nipples. I run my tongue along his abs and his pelvic muscle. As I do I bend further and further over, making sure to keep my legs straight so he can continue to reach my hole and keep massaging it with his finger. When I reach his dick I slowly take the whole thing in my mouth, and hold it there. “Fuck!” he sighs. “Fuck that’s good bro!”

I take my mouth off his dick, and look up at him. He’s grinning. “Don’t stop man.”

I take his dick in my mouth again, and this time I slide it the whole way in faster. I start to massage his balls as I slurp eagerly on his dick, while he moans his appreciation.

After a couple of minutes I hear, “Time to swap,” and suddenly a second cock is in front of my face. I look up and the blonde is grinning down at me. “My turn. Have a taste of this.” I greedily take this new dick in my mouth and go to work. He’s cut and thick, with tight balls. After a few seconds of sucking I begin to taste the precum oozing out of it.

I feel the warm wet of a mouth sliding over my cock. I look down and see sandy-hair, starting to slowly suck me off. I look up, and I see Cole standing there, holding his erect cock in his hand, watching the three of us sucking each other off. After a minute or so, he nervously approaches the blonde and leans in to kiss him. The guy accepts his kiss, lingers for a few seconds, then turns his head slightly away to the side in a subtle indication to stop. Cole goes back to just standing there, slowly jerking his cock and watching us. “Come here and rim me,” I offer, feeling a little sorry for him.

He enthusiastically obliges, getting down low so he can bury his face in my ass. I feel his warm, wet tongue start gently lapping at my hole. I go back to work on the big, thick cock in front of me.

After a few minutes the sandy-haired guy stops sucking my cock and climbs out from beneath me.

The blonde leans back and lays down on the bed, so as I continue to suck him off I’m bent at a ninety degree angle. I hear “excuse me,” from behind me, and feel Cole’s tongue withdraw from my asshole and be replaced by a hard cock-head pushing up against it. I ease back slowly, my sloppy wet hole providing little resistance as it slowly slides inside me. I back up till it’s all the way inside me, my ass pressing against his pelvis. I start to slowly buck back and forward on it, milking the cock with my ass.

“Fuck yeah, that’s it,” I hear the guy say behind me.

We continue like that for a while: me grinding slowly on the sandy-haired guy’s dick while the blonde lies there letting me pleasure him with my mouth. Every now and then I look over at Cole; the look on his face is one of distress, but it’s obvious that he’s completely unable to look away or to stop stroking his hard-on which, by his standards, is massive by now.

After a while the blonde pulls himself up off the bed, careful to do it slowly enough that I can keep his cock in my mouth. Now both of the strangers are standing at either end of me, with me bent over between them. As they spit-roast me they begin to step up the intensity. The guy fucking me from behind stops letting me do all the work, instead starting to drive his cock into me harder and faster so I can feel his low-hanging balls slap against mine each time he gives me the length of his dick. As he does, the guy in my mouth takes hold of my head, and starts to face fuck me while holding my head in place.

“Fuck yeah. You like that?”

I’m not sure who’s talking now, but it doesn’t matter; whichever one of them is asking, I like what he’s doing. “Yes,” I mumble, my mouth full of cock and spit.

“You like watching your boyfriend get fucked from both ends?” the same voice asks. I don’t hear a reply, so I turn my head as best I can to look in Cole’s direction. He’s jerking himself off faster now, that same pained expression on his face as when he climbed into bed next to me that night after Jake left.

The guys are really starting to work up a rhythm now, so that each of them drives their cock into me at the same time. It feels incredible, their cocks slamming into my mouth and ass simultaneously, then easing back, then slamming into me again. I feel like an accordion being played by their hard thrusting dicks. Both of the guys are moaning and grunting as they fuck me, and I realise at that point that I’m probably wailing like a little bitch. But I don’t care. Fuck, they’re giving it to me good.

The guy fucking my ass has built up to a frenzied pace, and I can feel his hip bones slam into my ass each time. “Fuck bro, I’m gonna cum,” he warns. “You want my load?”

“Yes! Please!” I beg.

“Do you want me to give him my load?”

“Yes,” I hear Cole’s timid reply.

With that he lets out a long grunt and grabs my hips tightly as his cock spasms inside me. I feel his warm load fill me as he spasms again and again. “Oh fuck, that was good,” he sighs.

He slowly withdraws his cock from my ass. The blonde withdraws from my mouth too, and the sandy-haired guy takes me by the hips and turns me round to face him. “You wanna clean me off?” he asks.

I bend over and greedily take his softening, but still engorged cock in my mouth, and start getting off every remaining bit of cum. At the same time I feel the blonde’s cock start to push into me. This one, though not as long, is definitely fatter, and it makes me moan as it forces its way in. He doesn’t waste any time going slowly or gently; he grabs me by the hips and starts pumping away. Meanwhile the cock in my mouth doesn’t seem to be getting any more flaccid, so once I’ve cleaned the cum off I start to suck it and massage his balls with my hands. He responds pretty well, and before long his cock is fully hard again and he’s facefucking me like his friend had been doing a minute or so earlier.

“It’s a good hole, right?” the guy with his dick in my mouth asks his friend.

“Fuck yeah!” he exclaims, pumping my ass harder and slapping me hard on the ass. I let out a little moan each time he slaps me. “Ha, he fucking loves it too. Don’t you?”

“Yes,” I mumble back at him.

“What’s that? I can’t hear you.” He smacks my ass hard, making me yelp.

“Yes!” I yell out, still with the other guy’s dick thrusting in and out of my mouth.

“I can see why. Look at what he’s used to!” I don’t need to look around to work out that me must be talking about Cole’s dick.

The blonde grabs my hair from behind, and pulls my neck back. He uses it for leverage as he picks up the pace again, bucking into me hard. At the same time I feel a wad of cum hit me in the face as sandy-hair lets loose his second load of the night. “Oh yeah,” he moans.

As I’m being nailed hard, the sandy-haired guy asks Cole “Want some cum for yourself?” Cole must have nodded because he then tells him, “Lick it off your boyfriend’s face.” A second later Cole’s face is right there, a few centimetres from mine. He looks at me, unsure, questioning, like he’s seeking permission. I nod to him, and he begins to tentatively lick the wads of cum off my face. It tickles a bit, but the hard pounding I’m getting in my ass distracts me from it.

When Cole finishes licking me he looks into my eyes, still with that same questioning, confused look on his face. I wonder what he was thinking; was it a look of why are you doing this to me? Or more a look of why do I love this so much? To reassure him I give him a long, passionate kiss. As I do I feel the guy in my ass pick up his pace a bit more, fucking me with quick, short, hard strokes. “You want this? You want my load?” he asks.

I break the kiss to answer “Yes!” emphatically. He grips my hips hard, and drives into me like a jackhammer. I look ahead into Cole’s eyes, and smile mischievously at him as the guy unloads inside me with a low moan. I feel his dick throbbing inside me as it lets loose string after string of cum, and I let out a whimper.

The guy leans on my back, and keeps pumping slowly for another minute or so as his erection begins to subside. Then he slowly pulls out, and comes around to stand in front of me. He pushes Cole out of the way gently, puts his softening cock in front of my mouth, and looks at me expectantly. I understand the implicit instructions, and immediately begin to clean the cum off his dick with my tongue.

After I’m done, both guys put on their towels again. “Thanks man, that was fucking awesome,” says the blonde who’d just been fucking me.

“Yeah, totally,” the sandy-haired guy agrees. He turns to Cole. “Your boyfriend’s got a great ass.” He slaps said ass hard as the two of them casually walk out of the room, leaving me a sloppy, cum-filled mess lying on the vinyl-covered bench.

I look at Cole. The look on his face is intense. Shame, maybe? But what I’m not sure of is whether he’s ashamed at how he’d stood there and let those guys fuck me like that, or whether he’s ashamed at liking it.

“Do you want to fuck me?” I ask.

“No,” he replies, looking at the floor.

“You sure?” I ask, grinning at him “I’m sure I can take another round.”

He can’t even look me in the eyes as he replies. “I cant’. I already came. From watching.”

“That’s okay babe,” I reassure him. “Did you have fun though?”

He still doesn’t look at me, but he nods. “Yeah.”

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