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Chapter 9: The Day Before The Wedding

I woke up with an aching neck from the awkward position I’d ended up sleeping in on the sofa. My head was pounding, made worse by the bright morning sun streaming in the full length glass doors, reflected off the pool outside.

I pulled myself up into a sitting position. It made me dizzy for a few seconds, but then I came right. All the guests from the bachelor party were gone, but the debris of the previous night remained: empty bottles everywhere, sticky patches of spilled drinks on tabletops and counters, bowls of food sitting uneaten, clothing strewn across the floor. With a sigh I reluctantly got up, and feebly started to collect up the rubbish. I went slowly, partly because I wasn’t in any kind of state to be able to approach the task with enthusiasm, but also because I didn’t want the sounds of clinking glass bottles and bowls to wake up Josh and Brian. Just because I’d been woken up early by the sun it didn’t mean they had to be.

After I’d made the house look respectable I decided to go get a coffee. I put on my disheveled-looking clothes from last night — I couldn’t get fresh ones without having to go into the bedroom and disturb their sleep — and left, shutting the door quietly behind me.

I wandered over to the main hotel complex. I smelled of stale alcohol. And cigarettes… did I smoke last night? I’d ended up pretty drunk and a lot of the end of the night was a blur. I still clearly remembered the sight of Josh riding Brian on the sofa while my friends jacked off and cheered them on though. That memory was pretty much etched into my brain for eternity now.

When I returned to the house with coffee, I found Josh and Brian out of bed. Josh was lazily floating face-up in the pool, while Brian sat on one of the lounge chairs, thick cock out on display. 

“Hey baby!” Josh called out. “How you feeling?”

The feeble groan I let out said more than any words I could think of at that moment. “Got you coffee,” I said, gesturing with my hands full of takeaway cups. I handed one to Brian, who didn’t acknowledge me at all, and set Josh’s one down on the table.

Josh swam over and got out of the pool. He walked over to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. “Have fun last night?” he asked, before he walked over to the table and picked up his coffee.

It had not been the bachelor party I’d expected, that’s for sure. I felt a little hurt, a little embarrassed, that I’d been treated like that. Humiliated and sidelined in front of all my friends at my own party, where I was supposed to be one of the two centres of attention. But that just made it hotter; it was a rush like nothing I’d ever felt before. “It was crazy.” That statement didn’t do it justice, but it’s all I could manage at this stage of the morning.

Josh and Brian quickly guzzled down their coffees, then went to shower together. Once they were done, Brian gave Josh a long — uncomfortably long — kiss goodbye, and left us alone.

“You ready for today?” Josh asked me.

I thought about what was on the cards: our relatives, the small talk, the last minute organising. With this hangover. I was definitely not ready. “I guess I have to be.”


We packed up our stuff and went our separate ways. We’d decided that in an effort to keep things somewhat traditional, we’d spend the night before the wedding in separate rooms, and not see each other on the big day until the ceremony itself. We were both in the main hotel complex, but on different floors. The first thing I did once I got into my new room was to swallow a few paracetamol and go back to bed. By the time I woke up again, my hangover mostly in check, it was already the afternoon.

I got a bite to eat from down in the hotel restaurant — a greasy all day breakfast buffet to kill the last of my hangover — and then headed out to the main hotel pool where I found most of the guys.

“Here’s the groom!” Daniel called out as I approached, from his spot lounging on an inflatable in the middle of the pool. “How’s your head?” he asked.

“Not as good as Josh’s,” Rico joked. “Am I right, Brian?”

A bunch of the guys laughed, including Brian, who was drying off poolside, wearing a different pair of swim shorts from yesterday, but similarly tight-fitting so that they struggled to contain his hefty bulge. I went bright red, and quickly scanned the pool area to see if there was anyone else I knew who might have heard the joke and understood the innuendo behind it. It was only the guys from the bachelor party and a couple of strangers though, so I was safe. For now; I dreaded to think what kind of things people might inadvertently say once my family was around.

I climbed into the pool and swam lazily around with the guys. The cold water was like heaven after the way I’d been feeling ever since I’d woken up that morning.

After a while Josh joined us too, dressed to grab attention in the tiniest pair of swim briefs possible. I jumped out of the water to greet him, and he gave me a kiss. To be honest, getting his attention, and his affection, first before Brian gave me a sense of satisfaction. Maybe more than it should have. It was short-lived though, because Josh then sauntered over to Brian and proceeded to give him a much longer, much steamier kiss, in front of everyone. I felt embarrassed, but I also felt my dick start to get a little hard. I quickly jumped back into the pool just in case it turned into a full-blown erection in my wet shorts for everyone to see.

After that though, the two of them were pretty restrained. To the untrained eye, no one would even know they were fucking. Josh, me, Brian and all the others were just a group of mates chilling in the pool on a hot afternoon.

I didn’t hear my phone ring from where I was in the pool, but Daniel answered it for me. I saw him talking to someone briefly, then he hung up. “Your dad’s here,” he told me. “I told him where we are so he said he’s going to come down now.”

A couple of minutes later I caught sight of my dad and my stepmother coming out from the hotel building, dressed ready for the pool. With a deep breath to psych myself up for what was bound to be the beginning of a long afternoon of politely greeting family, I jumped out of the pool and went to meet them.

“Dad!” I said, giving him a hug even though I was still dripping from the pool. “Greta! You made it okay then.”

“Sure did, son,” my dad said. “How’s your last day of single life treating you?”

“Better now the hangover’s mostly passed,” I admitted.

“How was the bachelor party?” he asked.

“Good. I’ve been paying for it all morning though.”

“You know, your dad was a little disappointed he didn’t get an invite,” Greta told me, a bit of a grin creeping across her face. “I think he would have enjoyed it.”

Enjoyed watching his son get humiliated and emasculated in front of all his friends? The thought of it made me blush a little. 

My dad brushed the accusation aside though. “Not true at all,” he said. “You boys gotta have your fun without us oldies cramping your style.” 

Greta looked around. “Where’s my soon-to-be stepson-in-law?” she asked excitedly. She spotted Josh just as he was climbing out of the pool. With wide open arms he walked towards her, and gave her a big hug, soaking her even more than I had. “Greta! Great to see you! You too Neil!” He gave my dad a firm handshake. “Excited about seeing your boy walk down the aisle tomorrow?”

“Never been more excited in all my life,” Greta gushed. She was always the more talkative of the couple; my dad was more reserved - I guess that’s where I must have got it from.

Josh gestured out to the pool. “These are some of the guys,” he told them. “We‘ve got Dan, who you already know. Anthony, Rico, that’s Hassan over here, and Hamish.” The guys in the pool all gave a wave. “And this,” he said, gesturing to Brian as he towelled himself off and sauntered over to us, “This is Brian, my best man.”

Greta’s eyes widened just a little, just enough for me to notice, and I saw them dip to look down att Brian’s crotch as he walked over in his tight, bulge-hugging trunks. “Hi Brian!” she said enthusiastically, swallowing him up into a tight hug. “Lovely to meet you.”

“You too. Greta, was it?”

Greta smiled bashfully, obviously pleased that Brian had been paying enough attention to her to catch her name. “That’s right. And this is Simon’s father, Neil.”

Brian extended a hand, and my dad took it. My dad seemed to almost shrink under Brian’s firm gaze as he nervously accepted Brian’s firm handshake. “Nice to meet you, Brian.”

“You too, Neil. You know, the resemblance is uncanny between you and Simon.” Brian turned back to Greta, laying on the charm. “You look far too young to be Simon’s mother,” he said. “I would have guessed sister.”

Greta looked pleased with herself. “I’m his step-mother,” she explained. “But still, thank you. Such a lovely thing to say!”

I could tell that Brian was deliberately trying to wind me up, flirting with my stepmum like that. It was working, too; I was pissed. I wasn’t sure what to do about it; all I knew is that I wanted to get him the hell away from her and my dad. Luckily right at that moment Ben emerged out of nowhere and interrupted the conversation. “Dad! Greta!” He lunged in for hugs and then unleashed a torrent of words at them, in classic Ben style. Brian, having achieved what he was intending already, took the opportunity to quietly slip out of the conversation, but I caught Greta’s eyes scan Brian’s body hungrily as he walked away.

“You going to tell us how the bachelor party went?” my dad was asking Ben. “Simon’s being a bit stingy with the details. Hope you boys behaved yourselves.” 

If you only knew.

Ben let out a puff of breath. “It was certainly something,” he replied. “I think you’re probably lucky you didn’t come, dad. I don’t know if you would have been able to wrap your head around it.”

My father looked at me, a perplexed and curious. “Well! Do I want to know?”

I shook my head vigorously. “You most definitely don’t,” I reassured him.

“Anyway,” Ben chimed in, “What happens at the bachelor party stays at the bachelor party.”

I as distracted just then by the sound of joyful squeals behind me. I turned around to see that Josh’s mother and his two sisters had arrived, across the other side of the pool. Josh ran over and the four of them fell into a messy tangle of hugs.

I excused myself from my dad and Greta, and made my way over to them. Before I could get there though, I saw Brian casually stroll over and insert himself into the conversation. As I got closer, I could hear Josh introduce him.

“Mum, Stella, Ava, this is Brian, my best man. Brian, this is my mother, Sofia. And my sisters, Stella and Ava.”

I could see they had exactly the same reaction my stepmother had. They all looked at him with surprise, and interest. And I could see them all quickly scan his body from head to toe, taking in his impressive physique.

“Brian! So good to finally meet you,” Josh’s mother gushed. “Come here!” She wrapped him in a warm, enthusiastic hug that seemed to last a couple of seconds longer than it should. “It’s so good to finally meet this best man my Josh keeps talking about.”

“Good to meet you too, Sofia,” Brian replied, eventually releasing himself from her embrace. He turned to Josh; “You told me your mother was stunning,” he said, “but you didn’t do her justice!”

For fuck’s sake, I thought to myself. Give it a rest. Josh’s mum was lapping it up though.

Ava shook Brian’s hand, politely and a little bashfully “Hi,” she said, giving him a shy smile. Stella, on the other hand, didn’t bother being coy. As Brian extended his hand to shake hers she instead came in for a tight hug, wrapping her arms around his shoulders. She released him, and looked straight into his eyes. “It’s a pleasure to meet you,” she said, her voice dripping innuendo.

“The pleasure’s all mine,” Brian replied, all gentlemanly manners.

“We’ll see,” Stella replied, flashing him her sexiest smile.

That’s when I awkwardly broke into the conversation. “Hi!” I said in the most enthusiastic voice I could muster. “Sofia, Stella, Ava, it’s so good to see you all!” I hugged them each in turn. They made conversation with me about wedding stuff, but as we spoke I could see each of them glance over at Brian periodically — they couldn’t take their eyes off him.

Eventually Brian excused himself from the conversation. “I’m off to get a drink,” he announced, interrupting me mid-sentence. “Ladies, lovely to meet you.”

As soon as he was gone Stella turned to Josh. “So, is Brian… available?”

“Fuck Stella, you’re predictable,” Josh laughed. “Sorry to break the news, but he’s gay.”

Stella looked annoyed. “Of course he fucking is, the best ones always are.”

“Besides,” Josh added, shooting me a glance and a discreet half-smile, “he’s kinda seeing someone.”


We all had dinner at the hotel restaurant with all the guests who’d arrived that day, one long table full of about twenty-five people. We didn’t do the whole rehearsal dinner thing, we weren’t into that kind of formality. So it was just a casual dinner with the family and friends.

Josh was well-behaved. He sat by my side, playing the dutiful husband for a change, and making polite conversation with my family. Down at the other end of the table Brian sat with our friends, joking around raucously with them like one of the lads, as though he’d known them all as long as I had. Throughout the dinner I could see various people shooting him glances. Some flirty, wanting him to notice their gaze. Some surreptitious, guilty, like they just couldn’t keep their eyes off him. Rico, Anthony, Stella, even my step-mum Greta was getting a look in. It seemed like just about everyone at the table wanted him. But the only guy who got him was the guy who was about to be my husband.

After dinner I was totally shattered. My hangover had caught up with me again and I figured the best thing I could do was to get an early night. So I pulled Josh aside. “Hey babe,” I said to him. “I’m going to call it a night.”

“No problem,” he replied. “I was thinking of doing the same.”

I kissed him on the cheek. As I pulled away he took both of my hands in his, and pulled me back in. He kissed me on the lips — long, slow, the way he used to all the time. “I love you,” he told me.

“I love you too.”

“Now go to bed. And don’t knock one out, I want you to save it for our wedding night.”


I couldn’t get to sleep at all though. Of course I couldn’t; it was still early, and I was a bundle of nerves thinking about tomorrow.

So eventually I got out of bed, threw on some clothes, and headed down to the bar. I figured a nightcap could help, plus it might keep my mind occupied until I was sleepy enough to actually sleep.

When I got down to the bar, Rico was down there, and Hamish, and a guy I didn’t know. I grabbed a glass of whiskey on the rocks and joined them.

“Thought you’d retired already?” Hamish asked.

“Couldn’t sleep,” I admitted.

He nodded. “Fair enough. I don’t think I’d be able to either if it was me getting married tomorrow.”

Rico introduced me to the other guy sitting with them. “Hey Simon, this is Todd.”

“From Josh’s work?” I’d heard of him before, but we hadn’t met.

Todd nodded, and shook my hand. “Nice to meet you, man. And congratulations. And thank you so much for inviting me to your wedding.”

“No problem. It’s good to finally meet you.”

At that moment another guy bowled into the room, another I hadn’t met before. He acknowledged our group silently with a nod of the head, then went to the bar and got a drink.

He came over, and gave Todd a kiss on the forehead. As he sat down he asked Todd, “Hey, you said your friend the groom was in 204, next door to us?”

“Yeah,” Todd confirmed.

“Nice,” the guy said, before anyone could get a word in. “Sounds like him and his fiancé are having one more night of wild sex before married life sets in.”

Rico and Hamish chuckled; Todd looked mortified and flustered.

“They were really fucking going for it,” the guy continued. “You could hear them all the way down the hall.” He looked at Todd’s panicked face, and realised that Todd was giving him the ‘shut up’ look. A little confused, he looked around at the rest of us: Hamish and Rico trying to keep from bursting into laughter, and me going as red as a beetroot with embarrassment.

“Hey,” the guy introduced himself, a little nervously. “I’m Alan.”

Before I could say anything Hamish jumped in for me. “This is Simon,” he said. “One of the grooms.”

There was a stunned, awkward silence for a few seconds as Todd and Alan both completely panicked about how badly they’d put their foot in it. Alan scrambled: “I was probably mistaken,” he said. “Could have been the other… I’m not even sure now what room…”

By now Rico was openly laughing, and that got Hamish going too. I felt so fucking embarrassed, I wanted to sink into the sofa and disappear. But I figured I’d better confess, so I set them straight. “Don’t worry,” I assured Alan. “It’s all good. That’s just Josh having some pre-wedding night fun with his best man, Brian.”

Alan and Todd looked incredulously at me. Disbelief and confusion — like I was fucking crazy, being this calm about my fiancé having sex with another man the night before our wedding. But they tried to play it cool. “Well,” Alan said hopefully, “sounds like he was having a good time.”

We all laughed. I necked the rest of my whiskey, desperate to get out of that situation. I set it down on the table, and said, “Hey, I’m going to leave you boys to it. I need to get some sleep before the big day.”

Everyone bid me a polite, if awkward, goodnight as I scurried away. As I made my exit, Rico called out after me, “Hope Josh gets some sleep too.”

The whole group erupted in laughter — Alan and Todd too, despite their best efforts not to. I just hurried away to my room, dick swelling in my pants. 

God, that was humiliating, I thought to myself. How am I supposed to go to sleep without jacking off now?

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