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Chapter 6: The Best Man

It was a Tuesday night, and we’d both finished work at a reasonable time which meant we had a bit of time on our hands. Being mid-week it also meant Josh and I had the place to ourselves, with no sign of Brian to distract Josh from the task at hand. So we decided to do some wedding planning; Josh ordered takeout, while I made a jug full of margaritas. Then we parked ourselves at the dining table, surrounded by lists and laptops and samples.

We’d already decided on a venue, and booked it months ago. Nine Mile Bay was a small resort about four hours south of the city. It was ideal: warm, secluded, with a sandy beach and calm water for swimming. The resort would have other people there at the same time, but there was a large section fairly separate from the rest of the accommodation where the guests could stay and the reception could be held. It was close enough that our friends and family could enjoy a weekend out of the city without having to travel too far. 

It was hard to get a booking for a wedding there, which is why we had picked a date fast and booked it. The date we’d picked was approaching fast though, and we needed to get on with it if  we were going to get everything organised on time. We only had three months left, and there was so much to arrange. I’d always known wedding planning was intense, but I had no idea how many details there were.

And it hadn’t helped that the task hadn’t had Josh’s full attention lately, either. For the month or so since I’d gotten my cage, Brian had been in town for work at least a couple of nights each week, which meant those nights were a write-off when it came to wedding planning. They’d been fucking hot though; some nights I’d get to watch, sitting there leaking in my cage while the two of them fucked like rabbits. Other nights I wasn’t allowed to, so instead I’d sit in the next room listening to them fuck and concentrating on the feeling of my swollen cock pressing painfully against the metal of my cage.

But then we’d got the news: Brian was getting a promotion as part of a restructuring at his work, and the new job meant no more regular travelling between cities. His visits weren’t over just yet, because the restructure wasn’t taking effect for another three months yet — right around the time of our wedding, give or take — but it was clear that he and Josh now had a time limit on their relationship.

Josh had taken it hard. He’d been brooding for a couple of weeks now, and he’d been particularly critical whenever I did anything wrong. In fact the level of emotion he’d reacted with when he found out had been kind of troubling, and to be honest it made me relieved that their relationship was coming to an end. It had been beyond hot, but I could see that it was maybe getting a little out of hand. So I felt that ultimately this was probably for the best. 

It was kind of perfect, really: we’d have a fresh start together, as a married couple, just as Josh’s relationship with Brian came to a natural conclusion. I wasn’t about to say that to Josh though, not while he was still sulking like a surly teenager.

So between Josh’s desperation to spend as much time with Brian whenever he was here, and his sulkiness whenever Brian was away, we hadn’t found much time to do anything together, especially not wedding planning. These last few days though I felt like Josh had turned a corner, and I was determined to re-inject a bit of positivity into the whole process. Hence the big jug of margaritas to drink while we powered through the planning.

As we worked through the guest list, I asked Josh “So, are you going to ask Rico to be your best man?” 

Josh shook his head. “Nope. I want to find him something good to do though.”

“I always figured he’d be your best man. You guys have known each other since you were kids.”

Josh said nothing.

“So… who, then?”

Josh looked a little nervous, and took a second before he said anything. In that second I already knew what he was going to say: “I was kind of thinking I might ask Brian to do it.”

That made me feel slightly sick in my stomach, but slightly turned on at the same time. “Whoa.” I wasn’t sure exactly what to say. “You barely know him. To be honest it hadn’t even occurred to me to invite him to the wedding.” Other than in my fantasies where I watched them fuck in their tuxes right before the wedding ceremony, but I didn’t want to admit to that right now.

“Yeah. I guess I just thought it would be cool to have him there. I thought about just asking Rico, but when I pictured it in my mind Brian just seemed like the natural choice.”


“I mean, he’s the obvious choice for best man. He’s the best man I’ve ever had.”

There was silence for a second as that sunk in, before Josh nervously corrected himself: “Apart from you, baby, you know.”

I sat there for a second, trying to get my bead around it. This is so fucked up, I thought. Obviously I was right into getting cuckolded, and being cuckolded at your own wedding is the height of the fantasy. I’d jerked off to that fantasy countless times in the past, back when marriage was just a distant possibility. But surely it was taking it a step too far to actually have your bull as your husband’s best man? 

I tried to picture myself standing there, looking Josh in the eyes as we each said our wedding vows, with Brian right there with that smug smirk on in front of all of our wedding guests. Knowing that even though Josh was marrying me, he would have probably been fucked by another man hours before the wedding. Knowing that he could stand there saying wedding vows to me, with Brian’s seed still inside him. Would Josh even be thinking about me when he married me? Or would he be in a state of slut lust, counting down the minutes till the next time Brian fucked him.

“Babe,” Josh asked. “Are you okay with it?”

I honestly didn’t know. On one hand everything about it screamed red flags. We barely even knew Brian, and Josh was contemplating sidelining his best friend to give him the best man position. But on the other hand it seemed unbelievably hot, the idea of having Josh’s bull there at our wedding. And it would be a perfect way to end our arrangement with him on a high. I realised that my cock was straining in its cage at the thought of it. I guess that settles it. “Yeah. I’m okay with it. If you want Brian you should have Brian.” 

Josh beamed. “Thanks baby. You’re the best. I love you so much, and I can’t believe I get to marry you in three months time.”

“Have you already asked him about it?” I asked.

“No, I wanted to wait till I’d checked it with you. I’ll call him right now.” Never mind that we were in the middle of wedding planning and still had a bunch of other stuff to go through, Josh had obviously forgotten all about that in the rush of finding out he’d get to have Brian with him on our wedding day. He called Brian’s number and tapped his fingers impatiently on the table as he waited for him to answer.

“Hey, daddy,” he said when Brian finally answered. “How’s things?”

I couldn’t hear what Brian was saying on the other end, but it got Josh going.

“Me too. I’ve missed your cock so much.”

“Fuck, I can’t wait. That sounds so good. You gotta make sure you save a real big load for me, okay?”

“We’re doing wedding planning. That’s why I called. I wanted to wait and ask you in person, but I was too excited so I’m just gonna do it now.” He took a deep breath. “Will you be my best man?”

He obviously got the answer he wanted, because he started beaming from ear to ear. He covered the phone and whispered to me, “He said yes!”

Whatever Brian said next, it made him laugh. “Of course you can, daddy. Whatever you want.”

“Ummm, I’ll have to check but I’m sure Simon will be all good with that.”

I tried to catch his eye to see what it was Brian was asking him, but Josh didn’t seem to notice I was there and just carried on talking.

“Yeah, I guess you will. That’ll be cool.”

“Fuck, that sounds so hot. Fuck, you’re getting me so hard right now.”

“Yeah? You want that? Ok. Hang up and call me back by video, okay?” He got up and wandered out of the room without a word to me.

I debated whether I should go stand outside the door and listen while they had cam sex. But I figured there was too much work to do, so I got back to planning seating arrangements. I figured I should probably just give them a bit of privacy to celebrate the good news.

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