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Chapter 5: Locked Up

Josh and Brian did their usual thing on the way home from the airport: Josh was all over Brian’s cock in the back seat of the car. We got a few mortified looks from people in cars along the motorway, and while I was embarrassed and humiliated by it, Josh and Brian didn’t seem to notice.

When we got home though, they didn’t head straight for the bedroom. Instead Brian put down his bags in the hallway and turned to me. “Hey Simon, I have something for you.”

He never calls me Simon. It’s always “cuck”.

“For me?”

Brian fished around in his bag, pulled out a small box, and handed it over. Josh obviously wasn’t in on the surprise, because he looked just as interested as me to find out what was inside.

“Thanks, Brian,” I said, my suspicions aroused.

I carefully opened the box. Inside a was a small velvet pouch, so I took it out, untied the string and put my hand in. It felt like there were several pieces, none of which I recognised by shape, so I gently poured the contents out onto the dining room table. Although I’d never seen one exactly like it, I knew what it was the moment the metal pieces fell out of the bag. The ring. The bar. The short, curved, phallic-shaped metal dome. The padlock. “A cock cage?”

“You’re welcome,” Brian said with a smug grin.

“Oh, thanks,” I said, a little confused.

The confusion must have been obvious to him. “You want to know why I got it for you.” It was more of a statement than a question.


“Well, a couple of reasons. For one thing, Josh told me about how you wanted to fuck him the other day. I can’t have that, you know?”

“What do you—“

“He’s my boy. I fuck him, and I decide who else fucks him. And you’re not fucking him. If you’re caged, it’s clear to you not to bother trying.”

“Hun…?” I looked at Josh, pleading. The look I got back from him was slightly apologetic, but mostly impassive.

“And the other reason: I’m okay with you watching occasionally. But when you jerk that baby dick it’s distracting and, to be honest, kinda pitiful. So I figured the cage would help with that, so you don’t feel the urge to stroke it when we let you watch.”

Fuck this. He has got to be fucking kidding.

“Josh, I need to talk to you about this.” I did my best attempt at sounding firm. “Alone.”

Brian smirked, but shrugged as if to say ‘okay, sure’. He wandered off into the kitchen.

“Josh,” I said, “I think this is going too far. I’m down with him humiliating me, kicking me out of my own bedroom, making me drive him around and cook him fucking dinner. That’s all fine. But surely he’s not suggesting that I can’t even fuck you anymore! And surely you don’t want that, do you?”

Josh looked at the ground, then up at the ceiling. “I dunno, baby.” He thought about it for a second.”I don’t want you to do anything you don’t want to do. Nothing that doesn’t turn you on. But I kinda figured this would turn you on. Doesn’t it?”

“No!” I lied. “Yes. Maybe. Okay, yes, it turns me on heaps. But it’s a little extreme, isn’t it? You’re my fiancé. I want to be able to fuck you sometimes. Or even jerk off, for that matter.”

At that moment Brian came back in.

“Hey Brian, we’re not quite done yet,” I told him, trying to sound stern but still not quite pulling it off.

“I heard you from out there, I thought maybe this would help.” He pulled out his phone. “You don’t want to be caged because you want to still be able to fuck my boy. Because you think my boy wants you fucking him. He’s a nice guy so he’d never say it to you himself, but take a look.”

He handed me his phone, open to a chat. I looked closer; it was a chat between him and Josh.

He was trying to fuck me but you’ve wrecked me so much I don’t even feel him anymore lol

What made you want to get fucked by the cuck?

He was desperate for it, he kept sulking till I let him

I don’t like him fucking you. You’re my boy, you know that, right?

Fuck it’s hot hearing you say that. Yeah I know. I don’t want him to fuck me either. I was thinking of you the whole time, wishing it was your big dick inside me

Sounds like I need to do something about it.

Haha you gonna tell him he’s not allowed to fuck me anymore? Make me all yours?

I looked at Josh. “You don’t want to have sex with me anymore?”

“Shit,” Josh looked a little panicked. “Brian, I didn’t think you were gonna show him that stuff."


He looked me straight in the eyes. “I love you, you know that, right? That hasn’t changed. I’m marrying you! But Brian fucks me like no one ever has. And when you try fuck me, it’s just not the same.”

Even though I knew that already, it still stung a little.

“I’ve seen the porn and the blogs you follow, I know you get off on this kind of stuff. This could be good for both of us. You get cucked properly, like the most extreme version of your fantasy. And I get fucked the best I ever have been.” He paused to test my reaction, but I didn’t react, I was too confused. So he continued: “Hey, these things are always evolving. Maybe you could try it out for a bit and see how it goes.”

I looked at Brian. I could see a hint of a smirk. I looked at the cage. I thought about it, locked on my dick, locking it away where I couldn’t use it or touch it. I thought about what I’d just seen on Brian’s phone, the fact that my fiancé didn’t want me to have sex with him anymore. It was sad, but it sent those usual pulses of electricity through my groin. The ones that told me I was into it. 

I sighed. “Okay.”

“Baby that’s great!” Josh kissed me. “Are you going to put it on now?”

“I guess,” I replied. I picked it up and studied it, working out how the different components fit together. “I’ll go put it on.”

“Why don’t you put it on right here?” asked Brian.

Shit. He really wants to make this as humiliating as possible. “Okay,” I said.

I dropped my trousers and my underwear. Surprisingly, my cock was still soft despite the way I was being humiliated in front of the two of them. I put the ring around my scrotum; it was cold. I attached the bar that held the ring together, which was also what the cage would attach to. I slid the cold, metal cage over my cock, and fit it to the bar.

“It’s not too big, is it?” asked Brian. “I bought a small one.” Both he and Josh sniggered at that, but Josh quickly stopped himself and tried to look serious.

“It fits,” I replied.

Brian picked up the tiny padlock from the table and handed it to me. “Time to lock up.”

I took the padlock from his hand. I looked at Josh, gave him a few seconds to speak up, just in case he was going to change his mind, or in case he was going to reveal that this was just a joke. Maybe it was; maybe after they’d finished fucking they’d tell me they were just messing with me to step up the cuckold fantasy, and I could take it off. I slid the lock through the hole, and snapped it shut. I took the key out, and then asked “So what should I do with the key?”

“I’ll take that,” Brian replied. He took the key from my hand, and then he reached into his pocket and pulled out a length of twine. He slid the key onto the twine, then tied the twine around his neck like a necklace. “This is where the key will live from now on,” he told me. “So you know who’s in charge.”

With that my cock started to swell, which made the cage jerk suddenly. They both saw it, and it made them both laugh. “He likes it already,” Brian said to Josh, gesturing at it.

“Baby, it’s great,” Josh said to me.

“Now,” said Brian, “I’ve waited long enough to fuck my boy. Cuck, you can watch this time if you want.”

We all headed to the bedroom. I sat on my familiar stool in the corner, my cock already starting to fill up the confines of the cage. Josh and Brian started to make out on the bed and strip each other’s clothes off. Before long they were both naked and hard, Brian on top of Josh pinning him down on the bed and teasing his hole with his cock.

Josh grabbed the lube from the bedside table. “How do you want me, daddy?”

“On all fours,” he ordered. “Facing the cuck.”

Josh obediently got into position, and Brian lubed up his cock. He lined up behind Josh, also facing me. Then, looking straight into my eyes he slowly entered Josh from behind. Josh let out a blissful moan and closed his eyes in ecstasy as Brian’s cock filled him.

My cock now reached the limits of how much it could swell in its new cage. As they started to fuck I felt my cock straining against the firm metal of the cage, and it hurt. 

Brian’s fucking quickly got more intense. He was still wearing the key to my cage on the string around his neck, and it swung back and forth with each thrust into Josh’s ass. For a while they both forgot I was there, but then Brian looked at me and smiled. “Hey cuck, you enjoying this?”


“Is it making you hard?” He laughed.

He leaned down, till his face was right by Josh’s ear. He thrust hard into him, and Josh cried out. “Baby, do you like me fucking you?”

“Yes daddy! I fucking love it!”

“Who’s cock do you want?”

“Yours, daddy. Yours is the only cock I want.”

“Are you glad you never have to get fucked by that little cuck dick again?”


“You belong to me now, right boy?”

“Yes! I’m yours. Please, just never stop fucking me!”

At that, my cock strained so hard in its cage that I cried out in pain.

Brian looked at me and grinned. “Does that hurt, cuck? Better get used to it, because you’re gonna be watching us fuck all night.”

He wasn’t wrong, either. They fucked for literally hours, and I sat there the whole time, in agony as my cock tried to expand farther than the cage would let it. I think it was after two in the morning when Brian finally unloaded in Josh’s ass, and told me “Get the fuck out.” By then my cock was so sore I could have sworn it was bleeding if I couldn’t see for myself. Usually I was disappointed when I got kicked out for the night, but this time around the pain had exhausted me so much I was relieved. I stumbled out of the room, collapsed onto the sofa, and fell asleep.

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