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Chapter 4: Locked Out

I could tell as we got closer to the airport that Josh was getting more and more excited. In the short time since he’d met Brian he’d become much more into him than I’d seen him get with any of our other bulls. To be honest, it worried me a little. But at the same time I was happy for him. Plus I couldn’t believe my luck getting to watch the two of them together.

In the two weeks since Brian had stayed over, he and Josh had been in regular contact: messaging, sending each other dirty pics, even the odd phone call or two. Then the other day Josh had asked me if I minded Brian forgoing his usual hotel room and staying over with us. “It seems kind of pointless for him to pay for a hotel, you know? He’s only here for a night and I’m keen for him to stay over again, so it makes sense for him to just stay here the whole time.”

My cock had jumped at the suggestion, so I’d told him without hesitating that I was ok with it. Now though, as I sat there behind the steering wheel on my way to pick him up from the airport, my nerves were all over the place and I wasn’t questioning my decision.

“Babe, where will I sleep?” I asked. “Will I have to sleep on the sofa again?”

Josh thought about it for a second. “I guess,” he replied. “I don’t know. I guess we can sort it out when Brian’s here. He might have a preference.”

That moment last time, when they’d told me I wouldn’t be sleeping with them, was so hot that I’d jerked off to it half a dozen times already in the last two weeks. And I had been insanely horny all night sleeping alone on that sofa, imagining them tangled in each others arms as they slept in their sweat and cum. But it was starting to dawn on me that if this was going to be the arrangement every fortnight from now on, I was going to be spending a lot of my time excluded from the action.

We didn’t talk much as we got closer to the airport. I don’t know if it was just our combined nerves and excitement that killed the conversation, or if it was the awkwardness of us both knowing that right now he wanted Brian much more than he wanted me. When we got to the airport I started to head to the parking area but Josh said, “You can just pull up in the pick-up zone if you want. I’ll run in and get him.”

I was disappointed. I wanted to see them meet, see how they reacted to each other when they saw each other again. But I switched lanes and drove up to the pick-up zone, and pulled over. The car was barely stopped when Josh opened the door and started to climb out. “Back in a minute, baby,” he said. Then, like an afterthought, he leaned back in and gave me a kiss on the cheek before he jumped out of the car and closed the door.

He was barely in the airport door when I thought to myself, Fuck this. I want to see. I knew that if I left the car unattended there would be a good chance I’d end up with a parking ticket. And if I did, they’d both know I’d followed Josh in there. But in that moment the urge to see them overrode logic. So I jumped out of the car and ran into the airport after him.

It took me a second to get my bearings, but it was pretty easy to work out what gate Brian was arriving at. I ran towards it, but stopped close to the gate and hid behind a pillar once I saw Josh.

It only took a minute or two before passengers began spilling out through the arrival gate. Maybe twenty or so people came out before I caught sight of Brian, casually walking out with an overnight bag slung over his shoulder. As soon as he was clear of the crowd, Josh run over to him and threw his arms around him. Brian grabbed him in a tight embrace, and they kissed. 

They turned to walk back, and for an instant I clocked the giddy, blissed out look on Josh’s face before I snuck back behind the pillar and then darted off in the opposite direction so they wouldn’t see me. As they headed towards the baggage claim I ran back to the car. I was relieved to find that there was no ticket on the windscreen. I hopped back into the driver’s seat and waited.

After ten minutes or so I saw the two of them emerge through the sliding glass doors and make their way to the car. I hopped out, and stood awkwardly as I waited for them to get closer. When they were close enough I greeted Brian with a meek “Hi” and extended my hand to shake his.

“Hey,” he replied. He took my hand and shook it. Hard. So hard it hurt. That had to be on purpose, just to show me who was in control.

I jumped back into the driver’s seat. Brian opened the back door and climbed in. But to my surprise, instead of getting in the front with me, Josh climbed into the back seat with Brian. Instantly they were making out in the back seat, and Josh within a few seconds climbed onto Brian’s lap.

We were barely through the ticket barrier when Josh started to grapple with Brian’s fly. I couldn’t see down there in the rear view mirror, but I could tell by the moan of appreciation that Josh must have freed Brian’s cock from his pants and was playing with it. By the time we got onto the motorway about a minute later, Josh was bent over in his seat taking Brian’s cock in his mouth. I kept trying to sneak a look back there to see his mouth bobbing up and down on that big dick, but every time I did I started to veer out of my lane. So I tried my best to concentrate on the driving while listening to the slurping of Josh’s messy blowjob as I drove. 

The drive home seemed to last forever. The whole time, Josh had his mouth wrapped around Brian’s cock, and Brian just sat back with his hands behind his head enjoying the ride.

When we finally pulled up outside our house, Brian shoved his meaty cock back into his pants, but didn’t bother to do them up properly. We all hurriedly piled out of the car and headed up the short path to the house. As I fumbled with the keys, Brian pinned Josh up against the wall, grabbed him around the waist and kissed his neck. My eyes darted around as I frantically tried to get the key in the lock, making sure none of the neighbours were seeing the show.

As soon as I got the door unlocked I pushed it open, and they went in before me. They didn’t break their embrace for a second. Brian gently pushed Josh down the hallway, guiding him by the waist. Josh just stumbled along backwards, leaning into Brian’s kiss in a state of submissive lust. I followed slowly behind them, taking it all in. As they passed through the doorway into the bedroom, Brian shoved Josh down onto the bed. Then as he stepped towards him he slammed the door shut behind him, right in my face.

I stood there for a moment, stunned. Was that on purpose? Surely they didn’t mean to shut me out? Not yet, not until it was time to go to sleep. For a few seconds I had no idea what to do. Then I knocked, gingerly.

“Fuck off!”

Motherfucker. This time I knocked harder. “Hey! I thought I was going to get to watch!” I wanted that to come out sounding tough, angry. But when I heard the words come out of my mouth it sounded more like pleading.

There was silence for a second. Then the door swung open abruptly and Brian was standing there. He looked pissed. “I told you to fuck off,” he growled.

I started to stammer: “But—“

“Look, it’s been two weeks and I want a bit of alone time with my boy. I might let you watch later. If you stop moaning like a little bitch and give us some peace.”

I looked past him to where Josh was lying on the bed, already stripped down to his jocks with a massive boner. He just kind of shrugged. “Sorry baby. Maybe in a bit?”

With that Brian slammed the door in my face again. Seconds later I heard his low growls, combined with Josh’s moans.

I was furious. For a moment I thought about barging in there. But instead I reached down and pulled out my already hard cock, and started jerking it.

I must have stood out there for forty-five minutes or more, trying to picture what they were doing inside my bedroom. At first, the low moans told me that they were probably undressing each other slowly, making out, exploring each other’s cocks with their hands and their mouths. But after a while I heard the unmistakeable sound of Josh crying out with pain and pleasure as Brian entered him, and before long I started to hear the bed creak and the headboard hit the wall as Brian started fucking him with more and more intensity.

Soon Josh was wailing with delight and the bed was thumping and creaking like it was being thrown around the room. The sounds were muffled, but every now and then I could make out particular words. “So deep…. Fuck me…. I love it…” And I heard the slap as Brian spanked Josh’s ass. When I heard him say “Please… give me your load,” I couldn’t contain myself anymore. I shot a massive load that landed all over the door and the hallway floor. I slowly slunk to the floor, expecting to hear the sound of Brian orgasming and breeding my boyfriend. But they kept going. On, and on.

I must have sat there for another twenty minutes before I heard the pace suddenly pick up, the bed banging so hard and so fast against the wall that it was making the floor I was sitting on vibrate. I heard Josh beg, and then I heard what could only be described as a roar as Brian busted his nut in Josh’s ass.

After that there was silence, apart from the occasional murmur that I couldn’t make out. I wondered what they were talking about in there, if the subject of their conversation had turned to me at all.

Eventually I decided I should get up and make some dinner. I walked into the kitchen, and found a bunch of ready-made stuff that I could cook up quickly. I was a nervous wreck, in no state to try and cook properly. And besides, I wanted to be done quickly in case they started fucking again and I wanted to go listen.

After a little while I heard the door open, and a few seconds later Josh came into the kitchen. He was in his jocks, his hair all over the place and his skin still shiny with sweat.

“Hey,” he said, apologetically. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah,” I replied, nodding. I didn’t know if it was true or not but it seemed like a good enough answer for now.

“Sorry he kicked you out. I didn’t know he was going to do that.”

“You didn’t seem too bothered by it though, right?” I let that sound more wounded than I’d meant to.

Josh’s expression changed from concerned to defensive.

“I’m sorry” I said quickly. “I don’t know why I said that. Honestly it’s fine. It was really hot, listening to you guys but not being able to see what you were doing.”

“You listened?” That made him smile.

“Of course I listened. It sounded like you were really enjoying yourself.”

With that, Josh grinned from ear to ear. “Fuck yeah, it was unbelievable. He fucks like a god.”

My still-limp cock twitched a little hearing that. It was already obvious I could never measure up to Brian, but it also felt incredibly hot to be told how good he was by my fiancé.

I changed the subject. “Hey, I made you guys dinner. It’s almost ready.”

“Thanks, baby.” Josh kissed me. When he did I could taste dick on his breath.

I started dishing up the food, and a minute or so later Brian sauntered into the room, buck naked, his huge cock swaying from side to side as he walked. He stood behind Josh, put his arms around him and pulled him in, so that Josh’s ass was pressed up against his cock. He kissed the back of his neck. 

“Simon made us dinner, daddy,” Josh told him.

“Cool.” He looked at me. “When you’re done dishing that up can you clean up the puddle of cum you left on the floor in the hallway.”

That made Josh chuckle.

I handed them their dinner, and they wandered out into the living room. Before I joined them, I quickly grabbed a cloth and went out into the hallway to wipe up the cum from the floor and the bedroom door, then I grabbed my food and joined them at the dining table. 

As they ate they casually chatted; it was kind of surreal, because they talked about normal stuff like their jobs and their gym routines, as if they were just friends. As if they hadn’t been fucking fifteen minutes ago while I sat outside listening to them. I noticed though, as the conversation went on, that not much of it was directed at me.

After dinner, Josh got up and started clearing the plates. As he did, Brian gave him a hard slap on the ass and said, “Let the cuck do that. You’re joining me in the bedroom.”

“Definitely,” Josh replied with a grin as he dropped the plates back down on the table.

Brian looked at me as he stood up. “Guess you can join us this time, cuck. Just keep quiet, okay.”

Josh followed Brian to the bedroom. I hurriedly took the plates out to the kitchen and dumped them on the bench, and made a beeline for the bedroom.

When I came in Brian was laid out on the bed, his arms stretched behind his head. Josh was just starting to climb on top of Brian, positioning his ass on Brian’s crotch. I sat down in my chair in the corner.

“You fucked me so good before,” Josh said to Brian in a quiet voice.

“Glad you liked it,” Brian replied. He pulled Josh in, so he was lying with his chest resting on his. Then he kissed him, slowly and gently. “There’s plenty more where that came from.”

“I wish you were here to fuck me every day. When you’re not here, I think about you fucking me all the time. I think about your arms pinning me down, your cock stretching me out. Honestly, no one has ever fucked me the way you have before.”

Brian let out a deep, gravelly chuckle. “Why, have all your boyfriends been useless like this one?” He looked over at me and grinned as he said it.

“Some of them have been more hung,” Josh said. “And most of them have fucked me better than Simon. But still nothing compared to you, daddy. When you’re inside me it makes me feel complete, and when you take your cock out of me I feel empty again. I don’t know what it is, it’s like nothing I’ve experienced before.”

With that, they kissed again. They made out slowly, with a kind of tenderness that I had never seen Josh exhibit with anyone else, even me if I was totally honest. They just lay there, kissing each other and touching every part of each other for what seemed like forever. After a while Brian started to thrust slowly against Josh, rubbing the tip of his cock against Josh’s hole. He lined up his hard cock against Josh’s hole, and Josh pushed down onto it. It slid in easily, loosened from earlier in the evening.

Then they slowly fucked, Josh writhing his ass up and down, milking Brian’s cock with it. They made love for well over an hour at the same, slow speed, Josh’s whimpers muffled by Brian’s mouth as they kissed. They whispered to each other, too quietly for me to hear what they were saying. The whole time, I didn’t see Josh touch his own cock at all, but it was rock hard. As was mine.

Eventually I pulled out my phone and checked the time. It was late, and I had to work in the morning. I didn’t want to leave this, but I figured maybe I should. Even though Brian was inside Josh, it was like they weren’t even fucking anymore, just two bodies joined from both the inside and the outside. And I felt like I was intruding on their enjoyment of each other.

So I stood up. “Guys, I’m going to bed,” I announced. “I’m guessing you probably want me to sleep on the sofa anyway, so…”

Neither of them seemed to hear; they didn’t say a word or even look in my direction. So I walked out of the room and pulled the door almost, but not completely, closed behind me. I grabbed some blankets and a pillow, and crashed out on the sofa.

I woke up in the middle of the night to the dull thud of the headboard hitting the wall, and Josh’s gasps. I had no idea what time it was, and I quickly drifted back to sleep, my hand holding my hard cock.


When I woke up in the morning, the first thing I did was make coffee. Then, holding two cups carefully in my hands, I knocked softly on the bedroom door. I heard a half grunt, half “yeah”, so I pushed the door open and went in.

Brian and Josh were tangled together, Josh’s head resting on Brian’s chest. The sheets were half pulled down so I could admire both of their muscular torsos as they lay there. The room stank of sex and sweat, and it made me instantly horny. Both of them were dozily coming to life.

I put a coffee on each of the bedside tables. “How are you guys this morning?” I asked.

“Good thanks, baby,” Josh replied. “Thanks for the coffee.”

“No problem,” I assured him. “Hey I have to go to work real soon, I’m already late. But Brian, I wanted to check whether you wanted a lift to the airport tonight.”

Josh looked at Brian awkwardly, then at me. “Didn’t I tell you, baby? Brian booked his flight for Sunday so he can stay an extra couple of days. Sorry… I totally thought I told you that already.”

“Staying till Sunday? You mean here with us?”

“Yeah,” Brian replied sleepily. “I’ve still got a lot of stuff I want to do with my boy here.” As he said the words ‘my boy’ he put his arms around Josh and gave him a long, lazy kiss.

“Hope that’s all good baby?” Josh asked hopefully.

“He’ll be fine,” Brian assured him. Then he looked straight at me. “He likes sleeping on the sofa.”

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