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Chapter 2: The Bull

Josh’s phone buzzed on the table. He picked it up and read the message. “He’s in a cab,” he told me. “He’s not far away so he’ll be here in a few minutes.”

I was excited; it had been a few weeks since I’d gotten to watch Josh get fucked. Things had been really good lately, and the two of us had been fucking like rabbits ever since the night he accepted my proposal. But getting cuckolded was a whole different ball game. It made me horny like nothing else, and I’d been missing it.

The guy was an out-of-towner here on business. That was the best kind of hookup because we didn’t need to worry about the possibility we’d see him around after — or even worse, that we’d realise too late that it was someone we already knew. I’d seen a photo of him on Josh’s phone; he was handsome, really handsome. Early forties, with short hair and a cropped beard, both of which were dark with flecks of silver. He had a strong jawline, and hard features that communicated a refusal to take any nonsense. Without trying to project too much of my own fantasy onto his photo, it was hard not to assume that he was a total alpha male. Dominant, authoritative, strong. I’d asked to see pics of his body and his cock, but Josh had just shaken his head and said, “I want you to see for yourself in person. Don’t worry, you’ll be impressed.”

As I waited those last few minutes for him to arrive I checked the bedroom to make sure everything was in order. It was not too bad, everything was pretty tidy. I noticed that the sheets were the same ones that had been on the bed for almost a week though. That wouldn’t do. Not so much because it would give a bad impression, more because after Josh got fucked in our bed I liked to sleep in the sweat and cum stains for as long as possible. It would be a shame if we had to put clean sheets on the bed in a day or two’s time.

I quickly stripped the bed and grabbed some new sheets out of the cupboard. I made the bed and put the duvet cover back on as fast as I could. I was just putting the last pillowcase on when I heard the knock at the door. As I smoothed out the duvet I heard Josh open the door and greet our visitor. I quickly grabbed the condoms and lube from the drawer and set them on the bedside table.

They talked for a moment but I couldn’t quite hear what they said. But then I heard Josh say “Come on through to the bedroom,”

He entered the room, and when I laid eyes on the man who accompanied him my dick twitched instantly in my pants. For a second I just stood there and took in the sight of him. He was tall, over six foot, easily a head taller than me and a good few inches on Josh. He was built like a brick shithouse, too. He had a big chest, thick neck, broad shoulders, and muscular arms. He was wearing a t-shirt and gym shorts, and the bulge of a huge cock was unmistakeable. 

“Brian, this is my boyfriend, Simon,” Josh introduced me.

“Fiancé,” I corrected him, with a nervous smile. I extended my hand. “Nice to meet you.”

Brian took a step towards me, and as he did I saw that big dick swing in his shorts. He took my hand and shook it firmly. “Hey. So I hear you like to watch your boy take cock.”

My heart raced and my dick jumped. A lot of the guys we’d found in the past were just interested in fucking Josh, and didn’t really care whether I was around to watch. But occasionally we found a bull who was just as into cuckolding me as he was into fucking Josh. The way Brian said that, and the way he looked at me as he said it, I could tell he was into the idea of fucking a guy with a cuckold partner.

“Yeah,” I admitted, both bashfully and proudly at the same time, if that’s possible. 

“You’re in for a treat then,” Brian replied. He turned and looked at Josh. “Shall we, then?”

“Where do you guys want me?” I asked.

Neither of them looked at me; their eyes were locked on each other, the anticipation obvious. “Over there,” Brian gestured absently. As I sat down on my stool in the corner, he put his arms gently around Josh’s waist and kissed him on the lips.

“Get your clothes off, boy,” he ordered Josh. “I want to see what I’m going to be playing with tonight.”

Josh obliged, first pulling off his t-shirt over his head. He threw it on the floor, then started to pull down his shorts, never taking his eyes off Brian. When he was down to his underwear, Brian took Josh’s balls in his hand and massaged them slowly. “Turn around.”

Josh turned around, exposing his firm, round ass in his briefs. Brian ran a finger gently down his crack, and then massaged his taint through the fabric of his underwear. That made Josh moan.

“Good boy,” Brian said in a low growl. “Sounds like you want to get fucked tonight.”

“Yes, please,” Josh whispered.

“Not yet though. You gotta get me ready first.” He pulled down his gym shorts, which had nothing on underneath. From where I was standing behind him, his ass looked firm and muscular, as were his thighs.

Josh looked down at his cock, and let out a gasp. “Fuck,” he whispered. He reached out and touched it gently.

I wanted to get a look at that cock. So I got up off my stool and inched my way towards them until I could get a decent view. Fuck, it was a monster. It was still mostly soft, but even mostly soft it was about as long as mine is when it’s hard. And it was thick and meaty, too, thicker than mine when it’s hard. Josh fondled it, weighed it in his hand. With the other hand he reached for Brian’s big, full, low-hanging balls, and started to massage them.

“That’s good, boy,” Brian growled.

Josh dropped to his knees. He lifted Brian’s weighty cock out of the way, and began to lick his balls. He let his cock rest on his face as he licked; the tip reached all the way to his hairline. As Josh licked and kissed his nut sack, I could see Brian’s cock begin to swell and stiffen. As it got harder, Josh put a hand around it — his hand could barely wrap the whole way around — and slowly jacked it up and down.

“You like those nuts, boy?” Brian asked.

“Yes,” came the muffled reply as he licked and sucked with more enthusiasm.

“Good. Now why don’t you taste that cock.”

Josh licked the entire way up his massive shaft, his tongue lingering at Brian’s piss-slit. He flicked his tongue across it, and around it, and then slid his mouth over the fat mushroom tip.

“You like that cock, boy?”

“Yes,” he replied. “It’s beautiful. It’s so big.”

“Ha, been a while since you had a cock this big then?”

“Yeah. I don’t even remember how long,” Josh admitted.

“So your boyfriend’s not packing anything like this, then?” Brian asked.

“Nothing like this.”

Brian turned to look at me. “Let’s see it, cuck. Show me the little dick this boy’s been putting up with all this time.”

He watched as I anxiously started to unzip my jeans. Josh didn’t bother to look up, he was completely consumed by Brian’s cock, and he was getting it deeper and deeper down his throat with each motion. 

My underwear already had a wet patch where I’d started to drip precum from watching them. I pulled out my erect cock, and took my hands off it so Brian could get a proper look.

“I see what you mean, boy,” he said to Josh, but still looking me in the face. “That’s not a real cock. I’m surprised you let that baby dick anywhere near you.”

That made my cock even harder.

“It’s your lucky day, cuck. You’re gonna see how a real man with a real cock fucks your boy.”

With that he grabbed Josh by the armpits, and lifted him up off his cock and into a standing position. Then he threw him down on the bed, pulled off his t-shirt and got on top of him. Pinning him down, he kissed him some more, then kissed his ears and neck, working his way down to his collarbone and then his chest. He sucked on Josh’s nipples, which drove Josh wild; he writhed underneath Brian until Brian grabbed him by the wrists and held him down. Then Brian licked and sucked some more, and bit Josh’s nipple, causing him to yelp in pain.

“You like that, boy?”

“I love it! Don’t stop!”

Brian licked and bit his nipple, holding him down while he struggled and moaned. “You’re getting all worked up, boy,” he laughed. “You want to get fucked, don’t you?”


“Good boy. You gotta wait a bit longer yet though.” He kissed his way down Josh’s happy trail, reached into his jocks and pulled out his erect cock. He squeezed it, and jerked it. “You’re already leaking,” he observed. He grabbed the waist of Josh’s jocks and pulled them down, then got back on top of him and spread his legs apart, resting the head of his cock against Josh’s ass.

“Fuck, that feels so good. I want it inside of me,” Josh moaned.

“You gonna beg?” 

“Fuck, daddy, please!”

“How ‘bout you, you gonna beg too?”

I was so absorbed in the performance that it took me a second or two to realise that question was aimed at me. Fuck. He wanted me to beg. I could feel my dick twitch and release a little more precum into my already soaked boxers.

“Fuck him, please,” I said, in what was almost a whisper.

“What was that?”

“I, I want you to fuck him, please.”

“I want to know you mean it,” Brian told me. “I’m not fucking him till I’m sure that both of you need me to. Your boyfriend here needs me to, don’t you boy?”

“Fuck,” Josh said, the desperation clear in his voice. “I want you to fuck me so bad. Simon, hurry up and tell him you want him to fuck me.”

This exchange was making my dick ache. It was new territory for me; this guy was a natural-born bull, the way he was making me not just sit back and let my fiancé be fucked, but to actually ask for it myself. “Please,” I said, this time with purpose. “Will you fuck him for me? We both need it.”

Brian sneered at me for a second, pleased with himself. Then he looked Josh in the eyes and asked him quietly, almost tenderly, “You ready for me?”

Josh nodded emphatically. They kissed again.

I decided to make myself useful. I grabbed a condom and the bottle of lube, and brought them over. The two of them were lost in each other, Josh pinned down under Brian’s body as they made out. I just stood there and waited till the appropriate moment.

Eventually they stopped kissing, and Brian noticed I was there. I held out the condom and the lube for him.

He took the lube from my hand. He looked at the condom, then at me. I could tell what he was thinking, and I felt the hairs on the back of my neck prickle at the thought of having to try and lay down the law to a man like him who I could barely handle looking in the eyes.

He took the condom from my hand, and I felt a rush of relief that there would be no confrontation. I walked across the room, dragging my stool across to where I could get a better view of the two of them. Then I sat down for the show.

Brian held up the condom, dangling it above Josh. “Your boyfriend wants me to use this,” he told him.

Neither of them said anything.

“Do you want me to use this?” he asked Josh.

Silence. Josh briefly looked over at me, just for a second, then away again.

“Do you want me to use this?” he asked again, this time rubbing the tip of his cock slowly and gently against Josh’s hole. “Or do you want to feel me, inside you, skin on skin?”

Josh didn’t say a word. But he looked over at me again, this time longer, and with a look of pleading in his eyes. It was obvious what he wanted.

There was a long pause, like a standoff before a gunfight. I was too terrified — with good reason — to give them the okay, but just as terrified that Josh might just go ahead and say yes anyway. The thought of Josh disregarding my wishes, and going ahead with it, made my heart race and my dick swell even more than they already were. It was almost as hot as the thought of Brian fucking Josh raw and breeding him in front of me.

Without saying a word Josh was practically begging me, just with the expression in his eyes. He began to draw a short breath, and as he did so I could see the look on his face change. Guilt, and resolve. And I knew what he was about to say.

But Brian broke the spell right at that moment. “Kidding,” he said. With a grin he ripped the condom wrapper open with his teeth, took it out, and started rolling it onto his cock.

Josh looked back at me, apologetically. I knew what had just happened. Without actually fucking Josh raw, he’d proven that he could if he wanted to, regardless of what I thought.

It was a struggle to get the condom on; it was a large but it was nowhere near big enough for his cock. He had to stretch it open with his hands and then try to get it on inch by inch, like someone trying to cram a duvet back into the carry bag it came in from the store. Eventually it ripped, and he pulled it off, frustrated. 

I ran to the bedside table and frantically fossicked around for something bigger. I could feel the pressure, knowing that Josh was desperate to be fucked, and feeling like I was the one who created the inconvenience by expecting them to use a condom in the first place. I eventually found an XXL, and quickly handed it to Brian. With a bit of manoeuvring he managed to get it on successfully, and he lubed both his cock and Josh’s hole.

I sat down once again on my stool.

“Now, looks like we can get back into it, huh boy?”

“Please!” Josh sounded desperate. “Put it in me, please!”

Brian lined his cock up against Josh’s hole, gently teasing it. He lifted Josh’s legs into the air, and pushed them back so his knees were up against his chest. Then, looking Josh in the eyes, he slowly started to push his cock in, just a tiny bit.

Josh moaned. “Fuck. Yeah.”

Brian pushed it in further, past the tip. I could see Josh’s ass start to stretch around it. He winced, then slowly exhaled. As the air left his mouth, Brian pushed a little further, his cock slowly disappearing inch by inch.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Josh was getting higher and higher pitched the further in Brian’s cock went. His eyes were clenched closed. For a second I thought he was going to tell Brian to stop.

Brian stopped pushing, and just held his cock in place. “You alright, boy?”

Josh nodded, taking a few deep breaths. “Yeah. It feels good. It’s just so fucking big.”

“You take a second, and tell me when you want me to keep going. Or tell me if you want me to stop.”

“No!” Josh was emphatic. “Don’t stop. It feels fucking good, even though it hurts.”

They held almost still for a few seconds, Brian kissing Josh’s neck as Josh’s breathing returned to normal. Eventually Josh whispered, “Okay.”

Brian withdrew, just an inch. Then he pushed his cock back in. Slowly, it passed the point it had gotten to before. Then further, another inch. Then another. He stopped, held it for a second, pulled back a little. Then in again. This time in one long, slow motion he pushed past the furthest point, and Josh’s hole swallowed up his entire cock, right down to the balls.

Josh let out an involuntary wail. “Oh, god!” He grabbed Brian’s face, drew it towards him, and kissed him fervidly.

With their lips locked together, Josh’s legs pinned against his chest by Brian’s body, Brian’s hips began to slowly thrust in and out as he fucked him. With each thrust in, Josh let out a little groan that was muffled by their kiss. Each time Brian pulled out I was reminded just how long his cock was, and with every thrust I could picture just how far up unto Josh it was reaching. He was touching parts of Josh’s anatomy that I’d never reached before.

Gradually Brian picked up the pace. He pulled himself up off Josh so he was on his knees. Wrapping his arms around each of Josh’s legs and using them for leverage, he started to pound Josh’s ass harder. Any pain Josh might have felt at first seemed long gone. He wailed every time Brian’s cock hit him deep, and he was a breathy, gasping mess. But it was obvious he was loving it.

My dick was so hard it hurt. I rubbed it through the fabric of my trousers until I couldn’t help myself anymore. Watching Josh get pounded like that — harder than I’d ever pounded him — was so incredibly hot. 

I slowly slid my hand down my trousers, and took a firm grip of my cock. While I started to stroke it I watched Brian’s cock intensely as it slid effortlessly in and out of Josh’s ass in long strokes; I thought about that feeling, and how different it would feel with a cock as thick as his.

Brian glanced over at me. He scowled. “No touching!” he barked. 

Flustered, I quickly removed my hand and stammered an apology. I wanted so badly to take my dick in my hand again, but it turned me on so much that he wanted to control when I could touch it.

He grinned at me. “Not until I say.”

I nodded. I sat on my hands, partly to demonstrate that I was willing to follow orders, and partly because I didn’t know if I could stop myself jerking off otherwise.

That exchange had disrupted their rhythm. But Brian used that as a chance to change things up. He pulled out, his big, hard dick bouncing around as he stood up. “On your knees, boy.” It was obviously an order, but he gave it with the firm, gentle manner of a coach sharing his wisdom with his trainee.

Josh obediently got on all fours, ass presented to Brian. He slowly ran his hand down his ass crack, making him whimper when it brushed across his tender, stretched hole. Then he leaned in and whispered, “Not this way. Turn around, face him.”

Josh did what he was told, shuffling around ninety degrees so he was facing me. It was the first time he’d bothered to look at me since Brian started fucking him. He gave me a grin, knowing how much I’d be getting off right now from the torment.

Brian climbed onto the bed, on his knees, and positioned himself behind Josh. I couldn’t see his cock from here, but I could tell by the way he was slowly moving his hips that he must be rubbing the tip of his cock lightly against Josh’s hole. Josh closed his eyes, breathed in deep, and exhaled in a blissful sigh.

“You ready for me?” Brian asked.

“Yes,” he groaned.

Brian looked at me. “You watching?” he asked. “I want you to see his face when I make him cum.”

I nodded. That self-assured confidence, not doubting for a second that he could make Josh cum just from fucking him. For a second I wondered if he’d be in for disappointment: only a few guys had ever managed that. But something told me that he’d succeed where I always failed.

“Good. And I want to see your face when I cum in him, too.”

My dick clenched and released, and I could feel a little more precum escaping.

I looked at Brian’s face. He smiled. This cocky smirk, a bit of a chuckle. Then concentration as he manoeuvred his big cock. I looked at Josh’s face, and I could see on it the moment that Brian entered him. He tilted his head back, closed his eyes tightly into what looked like a grimace. He took a sharp, deep intake of breath, made a pained little squeak. Brian pulled out, then thrust in deep again. Josh let out his breath in a yelp, and opened his eyes wide with a look of utter shock. “Oh god!” he yelled.

Brian pulled out then thrust in again. Harder, this time. Josh yelped again, fixed his wide eyes onto mine. “Oh god!” He let his head droop, like he was overcome with the feeling of it, and started to take deep, raspy breaths as Brian started fucking him hard again

The sight of Josh being fucked well has always been one of the most beautiful, wondrous things I’ve ever seen. But I couldn’t help from fixing my stare onto Brian’s face instead as he fucked my fiancé. Brian’s face went from a look of thoughtful concentration — like he was studying the effects of his cock in Josh — to a look of relaxed pleasure, to that same cocky smirk every time he looked at me.

Brian fucked Josh forcefully, making him wail with every thrust. Josh was crying out in time with Brian’s thrusts, and I could see his cock was rock hard and leaking, although he never touched it. After a while — god knows how long — Brian slowed down, and Josh finally had a chance to get his breath back. I could tell he was still fucking him deep, but now it was in smooth, slow strokes.

Brian fixed his gaze on me. “You like watching me fuck your boy?” he asked.

I nodded emphatically.

“I bet it makes you fucking hard,” he continued. 

I nodded again. He already knew the answer, obviously. He was playing with me, and I loved it.

“How long will you last?” he asked, “If I let you touch it?”

God, I was desperate to touch it. It had been hard, pulsing, for so long now, and I wanted to feel my hand on it so badly. “I don’t know. Not long,” I admitted.

“Touch it,” he ordered, in time as he thrust deep into Josh and made him cry out again.

I reached for my trousers. 

“Don’t take it out. I don’t want to have to look at it.”

I slid my hand into my underpants, and finally took my hard cock in my hand. It felt so good, too good. I knew I wouldn’t last long.

“Do you want your cuck boyfriend to cum?” he leaned in and whispered to Josh.

He didn’t open his eyes. “I don’t care,” he gasped raggedly and absently, as though he hadn’t even really comprehended the question. “Just keep fucking me.”

Hearing that suddenly got me closer. I kept my hand still on my cock, not wanting to move it, but hoping that if I stopped jerking it I wouldn’t shoot my load just yet.

Brian was now almost on top of Josh. His chest was resting on Josh’s back, and he had one arm around Josh’s neck in a loose choke-hold, the other arm supporting his weight. His chin was resting right on Josh’s shoulder, and he kissed his neck and his earlobe. Josh was slowly starting to sink down onto the bed from his hands and knees.

“Tell me how much you like daddy’s cock,” Brian coaxed.

“Fuck,” Josh seemed lost for words, almost exhausted. “Fuck, I love it. Fuck. I’m… Fuck. It’s… Fuck. It’s the best I’ve ever… Fuck.”

I could tell Josh was close. But I was closer. I felt the orgasm well up in me as the words ‘best I’ve ever’ echoed in my ears. I felt the muscles in my dick clench and release, clench and release, and I let out an almost inaudible groan as I felt the cum spill out, all over my hand and into the fabric of my underpants. 

It only took a second for the familiar sense of shame and regret to sweep over me, and it was suddenly like I was transported into a different room — one filled with the horror of having my fiancé realise how much he preferred this man who fucked him better than I could.

“Show me how much you like it,” Brian whispered in Josh’s ear. He suddenly slowed right down, but made sure the next slow pump went in as deep as it possibly could. “Show me how this cock makes you feel.”

Josh moaned like the feeling was unbearable. “Fuck!” He clenched his eyes shut, and I knew what was coming. I looked at his cock just in time to see it pulse and shoot out its seed. The first rope of it shot so far it missed the bed and landed on the floor. It was followed by another, then another, then another, all landing in a trail on the bed. Josh let out a colossal sigh and collapsed onto the bed.

Brian looked pleased. He wasn’t done though, He continued to slowly, gently fuck Josh as he whispered to him, “Did you like that boy?”

“So much,” Josh sighed, his face buried in the sheets.

“You want me to cum?” 


“You want to feel daddy cum in your ass?”

“Yes. Please.”

Brian looked up at me and grinned, mischievously, as he whispered to Josh, “You wish I was about to breed you, boy?”

“Yes!” Josh’s muffled reply had an air of desperation to it. He lifted his head and turned it as far around as he could, so Brian could kiss him.

“You wish I could fill you up, don’t you.”

“Yes.” Josh kissed him again.

“Tell me what you want.”

“I want to feel your cum in my ass,” Josh begged.

Brian looked and me and smiled, the satisfaction emanating from him. With one more deep, hard thrust, he let out a deep, animal growl as he came.

Josh sighed in appreciation. Brian pumped a couple more times as his ejaculation continued. Then he took a deep breath, kissed Josh on the neck, and whispered, “Next time.”

They lay there for a minute, elated and exhausted, Brian still on top of and inside Josh. Eventually though he pulled out and got up off the bed. The condom was still on his cock, full and heavy. He carefully pulled it off without spilling anything, held it by the neck, and presented to me. “Go do something with this.”

I gingerly took the condom from him, not sure what to do. “I… I’ll just go put this in the wastebasket in the bathroom,” I announced. Although no one seemed to be paying any attention to what I said; Brian had sat back down on the bed and was gently massaging Josh’s back, as Josh smiled blissfully.

I walked down the hall to the bathroom. When I was in there, alone, I paused. I studied the condom. It was so full. Much fuller than I’d ever left one.

I stepped on the foot lever that opened the lid of the wastebasket. But before I could bring myself to throw it away, I put it up to my nose and breathed in deeply. It felt good, breathing in the smell of a real man’s seed. Before I could really think about what I was doing, I was lifting the condom above my head and pouring the contents into my mouth. It felt thick, viscous, when it hit my tongue. It tasted salty. I ran my fingers down the length of it to squeeze out every last drop onto my tongue, and when I was sure I’d got everything I could, I swallowed.

I felt my dick stir a little again. But I knew it wasn’t going to do much, and it could wait.

I threw the empty condom into the bin, and went back to the bedroom.

I found them in the same position I left them: Brian sitting on the bed, massaging Josh’s back as he lay sleepily on the bed. They were having a conversation about some theatre production they’d both seen but I’d never heard of. I quietly excused myself and went to the kitchen to get glasses of water.

When I returned with water, they still hadn’t moved. Now they were talking about some film which, once again, I’d never heard of but they both seemed to know well. I handed Brian a glass of water, which he took absently without acknowledging me. I set Josh’s glass down on the bedside table. I sat down on the bed next to them, unsure of whether I was going to be part of their conversation or not. As they talked, I was distracted by the cold, wet feeling in my groin where my cum had been absorbed into the fabric of my underpants.

After about twenty minutes, when there was finally a gap in the conversation that had by now meandered across several films, directors, historical moments and cities — all without either of them saying a word to me — I conspicuously yawned, stretched, and said, “Boy, I guess it’s getting pretty late.” I needed Brian to go. I was bored, embarrassed, and genuinely tired too.

Brian looked at me and chuckled silently, amused by my blatant attempt to get rid of him.

Josh looked up sleepily. “That’s a shame, I was enjoying this. I guess it is late, though.” I was relieved, until he followed that by suggesting, “You could stay over if you want.”

Brian looked even more amused, probably because my face gave away exactly what I was thinking. He let the suggestion hang there for several seconds, lording it over me, before he finally said, “Nah, I’d better get home. Thanks for the offer though.” He shot me another grin, the meaning of which was obvious: I could take your bed for the night if I wanted to.

He got up and put on his clothes. Josh pulled himself up off the bed, and gave him a long, deep kiss. “Thanks for that,” he said to him. “It was amazing. I haven’t been fucked that good in months. Years, maybe.”

“Whenever you want it.” Brian slapped him on the ass and gave him another quick kiss. “Sleep well.”

He turned and walked from the room. I thought for a second that he wasn’t going to acknowledge me at all, but he turned in the doorway and gave me another grin. “See you next time.” Then he turned and walked out into the hallway.

“Bye,” I called out meekly after him. 

Josh climbed into bed, still slick with sweat and lube. He must be exhausted, he didn’t even go brush his teeth, let alone clean the sex off him. I wasn’t complaining though; I’d be enjoying these soiled sheets for several nights to come.

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