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Chapter 13: The Honeymoon

The guests all left the day after the wedding. That had been my idea; I didn’t want to have a whole bunch of relatives and friends around, all wanting to hang out and spend time with the two of us. I just wanted to be left to enjoy my honeymoon with my husband. Of course I hadn’t quite realised at the time just how little of my honeymoon I’d actually be spending with my husband. It was a relief though, knowing everyone would be gone before they’d have a chance to really see the full extent of just how pathetic my cuckolding had become.

That first day the staff kept congratulating Josh and Brian as they walked around the resort. I couldn’t blame people for assuming they were the newly married couple. The way they walked hand-in-hand together, how inseparable they were, it seemed like the logical conclusion to make. They made the perfect couple: so handsome, so fit, glowing and smiling and completely in love. 

And me? I was just a third wheel, always watching and following a couple of metres behind. The whole time I fidgeted with my wedding ring, glad to have been allowed it back after Brian got out of bed that morning, but unable to think of much else besides the words Josh had said as he’d put the ring on Brian’s finger last night.

For most of that first day I still optimistically believed that eventually Brian would leave us to it, and I’d be able have a real honeymoon with my husband. I was encouraged by the fact that they hadn’t made me put my dick back in its cage after the night before. I took it as a sign that maybe they’d acknowledged that the fantasy was coming to an end — Brian had fulfilled his role, giving Josh sex that he’d only dreamed of, and letting me live my submissive cuckold fantasy, even on my wedding night. But I figured it was drawing to a close now; at some point Brian was going to pack his things and leave us in peace for our honeymoon, and then by the time we got back he would have started his new job and his trips to stay with us would be over.

I figured I should let them have their fun while they could. I hung back as they swam together in the ocean. I sat clothed by the edge of the pool as they spent happy hour drinking cocktails at the swim-up bar. Then I followed at a respectful distance as they walked hand-in-hand along the beach, framed against the pink and orange clouds as the sun started to set out to sea. 

I figured I was entitled to accompany them for dinner though. We all had to eat, and I had a right to be there.

We walked up to the restaurant, the two of them side-by-side and me following. We were met by a waitress who greeted them warmly, not even noticing me. “There’s a special spot we save for honeymooners,” she told them. “It’s got the best view for watching the last of the sunset.” She gestured to them to follow; I did too. 

She took us to a table. It was set for two. As she turned to usher them towards it she noticed me for the first time. She looked a little confused, not sure what to say. Josh looked at me too — like he’d forgotten I was there until that moment — and he clarified for her: “Oh yeah, we’ll need a table for three.”

The waitress looked embarrassed. “Sorry, I’ll get you another chair. One second.” She hurried away as Josh and Brian took their seats. I just stood there, feeling the eyes of every person in the restaurant on me as I waited. I saw the waitress have a brief conversation with someone else as they figured out which table had a free chair they could take. They talked in hushed tones, and both looked over at me standing there like an idiot.

Eventually she was back with a chair. And then a glass, a napkin, some cutlery. Finally I was sitting across a table from my husband, ready for a romantic dinner. Except the romance wasn’t for me.

Dinner was the first time I was really included in the conversation. We talked about nothing much really: relived moments from the wedding, talked about the various guests now that they’d left. It was a little surreal having this conversation. It started to feel a little comfortable even. Like all three of us had shared the wedding yesterday. Like we were a throuple, rather than a happy couple and their cuckold third wheel.

“Was your wedding day what you expected?” Brian asked me at one point.

I thought about it a little bit. “A lot of it was, yeah,” I told him. “But I hadn’t quite realised how involved you were going to be, in everything. And how outed I’d be.”

That made Josh laugh. “Yeah,” he agreed. “I’d say you’re well and truly outed now.”

I blushed.

“Do you like that?” Brian asked, his voice suddenly becoming a little bit more serious, more intense. “Everyone finding out by seeing your new husband with me?”

My dick pulsed a little and started to thicken under the table. I nodded. “I didn’t think I’d want that. It was more public than I’d intended. And it hurt, for sure.”

Josh put his hand on mine, looking a little sympathetic, and maybe a little guilty.

“Maybe when I’m less horny I’ll regret it,” I mused. “I mean hell, I’m almost certainly going to regret it. But it was hot, even thinking back to it is hot.”

Brian nodded approvingly. “That’s good.” 

“It was a lot though,” I admitted. “I’m glad everyone’s gone, so there’s no one around we know anymore that I have to feel embarrassed about.”

“Just all the hotel staff and guests,” Brian reminded me with a smirk.

I paused, a little nervous to ask the question that was on my mind. “Brian, how long are you staying for?”

He looked smug. “As long as Josh wants me to, I guess.” He paused, then elaborated. “I’ve got six days off. So I can stay the whole time.”

“The whole six days?” I looked at Josh with what I’m guessing must have been desperation in my eyes. “So I don’t get any time alone with you?”

“I can leave any time,” Brian reassured me. “Any time Josh asks me to.”

Josh looked awkward. “Sorry babe,” he told me. “I’m pretty sure I’m going to want him here for the whole six days.” He took my hand. “We’ll still get plenty of time together though, I promise.”

“Just no sex,” Brian chipped in, with that same smug grin.


When we got back to our hut that night, there was a camp stretcher and extra blankets set up in the room. “We asked them to set up a little bed for you,” Josh explained.

That night they fucked, for hours, while I lay there in the dark listening to them. Now that I knew how this honeymoon was going to go down, I thought to myself, fuck it. I wasn’t going to get any action, so I might as well enjoy it the only way I could. So as I lay there in the dark on the stretcher I jerked myself off listening to the sounds of their lovemaking. I edged myself, stopping every time I got close, enjoying the feeling of being able to hold my hard cock in my hand and stroke it. I managed to last for almost twenty minutes before I came a huge load all over my chest. I felt it trickle down my skin as I lay there catching my breath; they were still fucking, sounding like they hadn’t even fully reached their stride.

I got hard again, and once again I tugged on my hard dick listening to Josh moan. In the shadows I could see him riding Brian, bucking up and down, yelping and gasping for breath every time Brian’s cock hit that spot that I’d never quite managed to discover. Eventually I came again, while they kept going. Eventually I fell asleep, the rhythmic moans and creaking of the bed lulling me to sleep.


On the second day I woke up early. I silently got dressed as the two of them lay there in each other’s arms, blissfully spent from the night before and completely unaware of the sun streaming into the room through the thin curtains. I wandered over to the hotel restaurant and ordered some breakfast to go. I could have just called for room service, got it delivered. But it felt more special this way. 

When I ordered three coffees I got a little smirk from the barista. “Three, huh.” Most of the staff knew by now that I was one of the grooms from the wedding, and I guessed the word must be getting round that I wasn’t the only guy sharing the beach hut with my husband. I tried not to let it get to me. I felt like a fucking fool. But at the same time, there’s no way I could deny that knowing they all knew I was a cuckold made me horny.

I headed back to the room balancing a tray full of coffees and a couple of cardboard boxes full of fruit, muffins and whatever other food I could carry without it becoming a mess on the way back to the hut.

When I opened the door to the room they stirred a little bit. Josh rolled over and nestled into Brian’s chest, and Brian instinctively kissed the top of Josh’s head by reflex, like his body knew to do it even in a half-asleep state. With a satisfied groan and a little writhing around the two of them started to wake up properly, while I emptied the contents of the breakfast out onto plates.

Josh sat up. “Morning daddy,” he said to Brian, giving him a long kiss. Then he looked over at me. “Morning baby. Have you been out already?”

I nodded. “I got us breakfast. I thought maybe we could eat together.”

No one seemed to protest so I carried on doing what I was doing. I brought a tray of food and coffees over and set it down in the middle of the bed, and we all dug in. For a little bit, the three of us sitting together on the bed in the morning sun eating breakfast together, I felt like I was actually a part of this honeymoon.

“Sleep okay?” Josh asked with a grin as he ate a blueberry muffin. “I heard you jerking off last night; hope we didn’t keep you awake for too long.”

I didn’t bother trying to hide my embarrassment from him. At this stage I figured I needed to just own it. “Twice,” I admitted, kind of boastfully.

“Glad you’re having fun then.”

“It wasn’t quite what I’d had in mind,” I admitted. Josh looked a little guilty at that, so I added, “But it was hot though.”

“Good. Hey, I was thinking. How about you let Brian and me have a bit of alone time after breakfast,” Josh suggested. “And then after that the three of us can spend some time together, properly. No following us round like a lost puppy. The three of us — maybe we could go snorkelling or take that walk up to the ridge.”

I could feel myself light up at the suggestion, almost disregarding the fact that my husband had basically just told me I was being kicked out of the room so they could fuck without me. I agreed — a little too enthusiastically to maintain any sense of cool — and I hurriedly finished my breakfast, grabbed a book to keep me busy, and gave them the room.

Before I got to the door Josh stopped me though. “Hey,” he said, “I think it’s probably time you locked up again.”

Part of me was devastated, but part of me was desparate to get my cage back on. As much as I’d enjoyed being able to jerk off, and to even be able to fuck my husband — even if it was just a pitiful ten second fuck — it kind of felt wrong for my dick to be free from captivity. So I did what I was told, I locked myself back into my cage. I handed Brian the key, and he put the string back around his neck where it belonged.

I went for a long walk along the beach, my dick aching as it strained against the metal of my cage while I imagined the two of them together in the hut, fucking in the morning sun and enjoying the privacy of having me gone. 

After my walk I found a hammock under the trees near the beach and read my book. I’d got through easily eighty pages or so before Josh and Brian found me there late in the morning. Josh bounded up and climbed into my lap, giving me a kiss on the lips and almost tipping me out of the hammock. “Thanks for giving us some time alone,” he whispered.

“Did you enjoy yourself?” I asked.

“Oh, fuck yeah,” he replied emphatically. “Every time he fucks me it just gets better, you know? He fucked a big load into me. So if you keep your eyes on my ass you might see it leak out.”

God, the thought of that made me hard.

That afternoon the three of us picked up some snorkelling gear from the stand down by the beach, and went swimming out to the reef together. We had fun; for a couple of hours I didn’t have to watch Josh and Brian touch each other or kiss or gaze into each other’s eyes. It was just three friends hanging out, exploring what was under the surface of the ocean, none of us focused on sex. Of course I couldn’t help admiring their bodies in their swimsuits; Josh’s ass looked so good in his little briefs, and the fabric of Brian’s tight shorts clung to the shape of his cock and left nothing to the imagination. But still, I enjoyed the wholesomeness of the experience. I felt like I was actually a part of this little group of me, my husband and his lover.

After we came out of the water we lazed around on the beach for a bit, till we were hot enough for another swim. Then while we were still refreshed enough to feel the energy for it, the three of us headed up through the bush to the ridge overlooking the resort. On the way I was often behind Josh and Brian as they chatted, just watching Brian’s muscular, sweat-sheened shoulders as he walked along in front of me. But the order would change periodically based on the speed we all walked, which meant I got some face-time with Josh for a bit as Brian walked on ahead. I even had a one-on-one with Brian at one point, Josh too far in front to join in the conversation. Despite the power imbalance, and despite how much he usually liked to emasculate me, the conversation was remarkably normal. He asked about my family, my upbringing, my life before I met Josh. It was the first time he’d ever really shown an interest in me, besides taking satisfaction in belittling me.

The walk took it out of us — me at least — and by the time we got back it was close to dinner time. The three of us cooled off in the pool, and sat there drinking cocktails until it seemed like a good time for dinner. We ate together at a table for three in the restaurant, and this time I didn’t feel like a third wheel. Just like earlier in the day, I felt like one of three friends just enjoying a meal together. 

After dinner we went for a walk along the beach. It was a still, cloudless night so not a single star was obscured. The three of us walked side-by-side in the sand. It wasn’t till we were almost back at the beach hut that I noticed the two of them holding hands, and was reminded of what the dynamic between us really was. But once Josh noticed me noticing, he extended his hand to hold mine too. So for the rest of the way the three of us walked along the beach, hand-in-hand with Josh in the middle.

It was still early when we got back, but we were all pretty tired out. To my surprise, Josh and Brian didn’t even fuck. They got naked, curled up in bed together, and Josh nestled into the space between Brian’s chest and his arm. “Night baby,” he called out to me. Then he turned off the light.

I was shattered by all the walking and swimming we’d done that day. So I fell asleep almost instantly. I think I woke up in the night to the rustling sheets and low moans of Josh being fucked quietly in the dark, but apart from that I had a sound, peaceful night’s sleep.


I woke up before them again the next day. I wandered over to the restaurant to get us all coffees, stopping to drink mine on the beach as I watched a flock of seabirds attempting to pluck fish out of the water.

When I got within about ten metres of the hut I could hear them fucking. They must have really been making up for their quiet night, because Josh was wailing like he was taking the pounding of his life. For a few seconds I just stood outside the door, listening to them fuck and feeling my dick straining against its cage, as I wondered whether I should go in and watch or just let them be.

It’s my fucking honeymoon, I decided eventually. I should get some fun too.

I tried to turn the handle, but it was locked from the inside. I hadn’t brought my key, I’d figured I wouldn’t need it because I’d left the door unlocked when I left. I thought about banging on the door, demanding they let me in. But I figured the decision to lock the door was deliberate; the message was clear. 

I headed back to the beach, and drunk Brian’s coffee myself. Josh’s I threw in the bin, because I can’t stand trim milk and I figured two coffees was probably enough for that early in the morning anyway.

I busied myself for a while: I went for a walk down the beach, then a swim in the ocean. I was lucky that I’d been wearing my swim shorts when I went for coffee, otherwise I wouldn’t even be able to do that. After an hour or so I walked back down to the hut, but when I paused outside the door I could hear them still fucking, so I turned around and went back to the beach.

I had a nice day on my own. I went for a long walk, round past the big rocky point at the mouth of the harbour. I went on another bush walk, watched the birds in the forest, went for a couple of swims. I snorkelled again, but the spot I tried didn’t compare to what I’d seen the day before. I hired a stand-up paddle board, and spent a couple of hours on a leisurely paddle on the still water, watching the fish circling below me.

It was late afternoon when I saw Josh and Brian. I was absentmindedly walking back along the beach towards the hotel, looking out at the sea, and I almost tripped over them. They were lying together on towels on the sand, again wearing nothing but the tiniest swimwear possible. Brian’s bulge looked particularly big, like it was close to bursting out; I guess I might have interrupted something.

“Hey hun,” Josh said cheerfully. “How’s your day been?” Like he didn’t even care that he’d ditched me all day.

“It was fine,” I replied, a little glum, a little annoyed.

“You been in the water? It’s so good right now.”

I nodded. “Yeah I’ve been in a couple of times today already.”

I waited for an invitation to join them. But none was forthcoming. So eventually after an awkward few seconds, I just asked. “Mind if I join you?”

Brian looked up at me, a disapproving look on his face. “Dude, can you give us a bit of space?”

I sighed and without a word and kept walking. Josh called out after me, “We’ll see you in a bit. Maybe dinner?”

I was fuming. As I walked down the beach I turned to look back, just in time to see Brian run his hand down Josh’s abs and under the fabric of his briefs, before Josh playfully batted his hand away and kissed him.

I went to the bar, got a pina colada. Then another. Then one or two of something a bit harder. By the time I decided I should probably eat something, I realised that it was right on dinner time. I figured I should go find them, so I walked back to the beach hut. But there was no sign of them. The door was locked, and there were no noises coming from inside. 

I walked back to the restaurant, and when I got there I saw them. They were sitting at that same table we’d all sat at on the first night, but this time it was only set for two. There were candles, it looked romantic. And the two of them looked happy. They’d forgotten about me. Of course they had.

“Table for one, please.”

I watched them from across the room as I ate my dinner alone. They were done before me, and Brian’s arm was around Josh’s shoulder as they walked out of the restaurant together without either of them noticing me there. 

The waiter who came over to clear my plate away looked at me sympathetically. “Hey, I’m really sorry man,” he said. “It’s pretty savage, getting dumped on your honeymoon like that.”

“It’s not—“ I tried to set him straight. “He didn’t.”

The waiter looked at me like I was crazy. “Umm, how about you tell that to the guy who wined and dined your husband just now. Everyone’s seen them all over the resort, and they’re looking pretty close.”

Everyone’s got a line, and I think this is when I reached it. “Thanks for your concern,” I barked at him angrily. I got up and got out of the restaurant as fast as I could.

I marched down to the hut. It was locked. Of course it was locked. I banged on the door.

Nothing. I banged again. “Josh! Josh! Let me in!”

Still nothing. I listened; I could hear low voices inside. I banged again. “Josh! Brian! For fuck’s sake let me in. This is my hut. Josh, you are my husband.” I thumped as hard as I could. “Let me the fuck in!”

The door opened suddenly, just as I was about to bang on it again. Brian stood there, looming over me, already naked but not yet hard. I instantly felt foolish, but still angry.

He looked me up and down. “Fine.” He gestured an invitation into the room. “If you’re gonna be such a little bitch about it.”

I stepped inside. He pointed to the corner. “You can stay and watch. As long as you sit there, on the floor, and keep quiet. Not a fucking sound. I don’t want to know you’re here.” He walked back over to where Josh was laying on the bed, before turning back to me and saying, “And don’t you even think about touching that little caged dick, understood?”

I nodded, and got down on the floor. From there Brian and Josh ignored me as I watched them fuck for the next hour at least. Brian fucked him hard. Rough. Slapped his ass, slapped his face. Held him by the neck as he pounded his ass. Bit his nipples, pulled his hair. “You like that?” he kept asking him. Josh kept nodding. “Fuck yes. Keep fucking me daddy.”

Eventually they were turned around, both facing me with Josh on his hands and knees and Brian fucking him from behind. Josh looked directly at me, locked eyes with a look that said look what he can do that you never could. Brian though, he just had his eyes closed, enjoying the bliss of wrecking Josh’s ass. Eventually with a roar from Brian and a yowl from Josh, Brian came and they collapsed in a heap on the bed.

Eventually they got up. I stayed there, on the floor in the corner as they each knocked back a glass of water, and climbed back into bed under the thin cotton sheet. Then with a tender kiss goodnight to Josh and not a word to me, Brian turned off the light, leaving me to find my way to my cot in the dark.


On day four I wasn’t leaving them alone again. I was done with being excluded while they enjoyed my honeymoon together. So I didn’t go get coffee from the hotel. Instead I just made myself an instant from the complimentary supply in the room, and read a book in bed till the other two were awake.

Josh must have sensed my mood, because when Brian got into the shower after an extended make-out session, Josh said to me, “Baby, I’m sorry I’ve excluded you more than I meant to.”

I didn’t reply. He was going to have to work harder than that.

“I thought maybe we could spend the day together,” he suggested. “Just us, no Brian.”

“Brian won’t go for that.”

“He’s fine. We talked about it already. He’s going to give us a bit of space.”

I was surprised. And so relieved. I jumped out of my cot and onto the bed, wrapping Josh up in a frenzied hug. “Thank you!” I was almost crying. “Thank you babe, I’ve missed you so much.”

I was half-expecting Brian to put a stop to it, part of another cruel joke at my expense. But as surprising as it was, he stuck to his word. Once he was dressed he headed out for the day, kissing Josh goodbye and telling me, “You look after him, okay?”

Josh and I headed to the hotel for breakfast. The staff seemed surprised to see us together; I was smug as fuck having them finally see me enjoy a meal with my husband alone. 

We went for a walk, then a paddle-board session, then a swim. All the things I’d thought we’d be doing together on our honeymoon. Then we sat on the beach on towels on the sand down at the quiet end of the beach, each reading a book, Josh’s head resting on my chest. Feeling his skin against mine, in the warmth of the sun, I felt like the day couldn’t get any more perfect.

Eventually Josh sat up, and studied me for a second. “I have something for you,” he said.

“What?” I asked, my curiosity piqued.

He reached into his bag, the one with his clothes in it, and fished around for a minute. Then he pulled out the key to my cage, and held it up triumphantly.

“Babe!” I was instantly excited. I felt my dick stir and start to swell. “Does this mean…?”

Josh just nodded, and reached for my shorts.

“Babe here?” I asked nervously. “What if people see?”

“Relax. No one’s been by here for over an hour. No one ever comes by this part of the beach. And besides,” he grinned at me with mischief in his eyes, “doesn’t that make it more fun?”

He reached into my shorts, and grabbed the padlock. I didn’t protest. He turned the key and I heard the click as the lock released. Slowly Josh slid the cage off my cock, which was already starting to harden enough that it was filling it to the edges. Then he took out the bar that held the ring together, and I felt the cock ring release its grip from around my scrotum. It felt free, naked. And excited from Josh’s touch.

I leaned over and kissed him. For the first time since our wedding night. He kissed me back. A proper kiss, not an innocent kiss that you do in front of family, but a deep kiss. The kind of kiss that was foreplay.

He wrapped his hand around my dick, and in a second it was fully hard. He just held it, tight, like he was holding a baseball bat or a bicycle handle. I let out a little moan. It was so fucking good to feel him touch me like that.

“Do you like that?” he asked.

“Uh huh. Yes.”

“Do you miss it?”


“Does it feel good to have your husband touch your cock?”


He moved his hand ever so slightly. I felt my dick pulse. “Do you want to put it inside me?”

“Yes! Please!” I begged. I sounded pathetic.

“You want to fuck me, right here on this beach? Want me to just climb on top of you and ride you till you bust your nut in my ass?”

“Oh god.”

“Do you think I should let you?”


“Do you think you deserve it?”

“Yes!” I whined. “I’ve waited so long…”

“Do you think you could fuck me as well as Brian could?”

My dick pulsed hard at the mention of Brian’s name, even though the question made me feel ashamed. “I could try,” I said meekly.

“Yeah you could try.” He stroked my dick again, just a little. “You could stick your dick in there and poke it around. But I don’t think you could make me cum like Brian could.”

“Please let me fuck you, please!”

“Why should I let you?”

“I’m your husband. It’s our honeymoon.”

He slowly stroked my cock as he thought it over. I felt like I was going to explode.

“I guess you can fuck me,” he said finally.

“Oh thank god.” I put my hand on his ass, slid it under the fabric of his shorts and caressed the area around his hole.

“You can fuck me,” he repeated. “If you tell me why you should have access to my ass over Brian.”

“I’m your husband.” 

“You said that already. Tell me why I should want it. Tell me how you’ll fuck me better than he has. Tell me all the things you’re going to do to me that he can’t.”

“I can’t,” I whined.

“What do you mean you can’t?” He stroked my dick again.

“I can’t fuck you like he does.”

“Why not?”

“Don’t make me say it,” I pleaded.

“Say it and I’ll let you have my ass, just this once.”

I couldn’t get the words out.

“Say it.”

I let it out, in a torrent of words. “Because he’s more of a man than I am. Because he’s got a big dick, bigger than mine, and he knows how to use it better than I do. Because he can dominate you and I can’t. Because everything about him, his body, his voice, his attitude, it all makes you horny in ways that I don’t do anymore. Ways that I never did.”

I felt my dick pulse wildly, and Josh tightened his grip, stroking it slowly. “Keep going,” he told me.

“He’s a man and I’m a pathetic cuckold. I’m never going to satisfy you the way he does.” Saying it made my dick ache with need. I felt the blood coursing through it, felt it pulse in Josh’s tight grip the way it would in my cage. Faster and faster, rushing towards a climax.

Josh smiled. “Okay, you can fuck me now.”

But I felt it coming already. “No, no, no, no!” I moaned. Josh laughed, because he knew exactly what he’d done to me. I felt my dick spasm uncontrollably in his hand as I ejaculated in my shorts. 

Why would he do this to me? I’d thought I was so close to being able to fuck him. But I should have realised I wasn’t close at all.

“You’re welcome!” Josh said as he let go of my deflating dick. “You should go get cleaned up in the water, you can’t go walking round with your shorts full of jizz. Then once you’re clean we’ll get your cage back on.”


When we got back to the room after dinner Brian was already there, sprawled out naked on the bed. Josh bounded in, and jumped onto the bed and into his arms. “Daddy!” He sat astride him, lowering his ass onto Brian’s crotch and kissing him.

“How was your day?” Brian asked.

“Good,” Josh replied. “But I need you to fuck me. Like, right now.”

“Hubby wasn’t up to the job then?” Brian asked.

“Ha, of course not. My ass is untouched, for today at least.”

“Well we’d better fix that then.” Brian picked Josh up, flipped him onto his back, pushed his legs up into the air and plunged his face into Josh’s ass.

I sat there and watched Brian eat Josh out for what seemed like an eternity, before eventually fucking him. As Josh came hands-free he called out, “See, Simon? This is how you do it!”


By our last full day I was feeling pretty over it, to be honest. Every time I looked over at Brian with his hands all over my husband I just wanted him gone, even though it made my dick pulse a little each time.

We mostly hung out by the pool. Well, I mostly hung out by the pool. Josh and Brian were there on and off, but kept disappearing. Mostly they didn’t even tell me where they were going, I’d just look up from my book and discover they were gone. One time though, I saw them walk off together, Brian giving Josh’s ass a squeeze as they walked. And I heard a couple of the other guests muttering to each other. I didn’t catch all of it, but I caught one of them saying, “They just got married, but he’s been fucking his best man ever since.” 

We ate dinner together, and went for a walk along the beach afterwards. Even though I was feeling jealous, and annoyed, and just tired of Brian, I still thought it was a nice way to spend the evening. And I felt a little bad for Josh — for both Josh and me, to be fair — knowing that his fantasy was almost over. Tomorrow we’d be going back to our lives, and Brian would be going back to his. And his regular visits would be a thing of the past. It would be hard for Josh, because it was obvious beyond a doubt that he’d caught feelings for Brian. He’d used the L word, even. But it was probably for the best, because this was all starting to get a little out of hand. Hell, it had gotten out of hand weeks ago.

As we walked back, Josh took me aside. “Hey babe,” he said, “could you do me a favour? Could you go on ahead, so I can have a little time with Brian? We’ll meet you back at the hut.”

I obliged, and hurried on ahead while they stayed behind. I didn’t go straight back to the hut though. I got far enough to be pretty sure they wouldn’t see, and then I headed up into the dunes so I could watch from a distance.

There on the beach I watched them strip their clothes off. They sunk to their knees in the wet sand by the water’s edge, and although I couldn’t quite make out the detail I could tell they were kissing. Then Josh was in Brian’s lap, facing him, bucking up and down as they made love on the beach. The tide must have been coming in; little waves washed into shore around them, soaking them, but they didn’t seem to notice. They had each other and that was the only thing that seemed to matter.

I got up from my vantage point, and headed back to the hut. It felt wrong to watch. This was their moment.

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