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Chapter 12: The Wedding Night

We stood outside the door to our little beach hut. “This is it,” I said, kind of redundantly. “The wedding night.” I pulled out the key from my jacket pocket, and nervously fumbled with it in the lock. With a click it was unlocked, and I pushed the door open to reveal our honeymoon suite.

For a second I thought about what to do next, some kind of gesture to make it special. But that second was all it took for Brian to usurp my big moment. With one smooth motion he scooped Josh up off the ground, one arm under his knees, the other supporting his back. With Josh wrapping an arm around his shoulder and looking adoringly up at his face, Brian carried him across the threshold into our room. 

“Hey!” I started to protest, but I stopped when I realised there was no point.

Effortlessly Brian carried Josh across the room and threw him down on the bed. Then he leaned in, climbed onto him, and the two of them made out on the bed as they started to remove their suits.

I followed them into the room and stood, watching. Part of me was angry, and part of me was hurt. This was our wedding night. This was supposed to be our moment: close, intimate, alone together properly for the first time in forever. But the fact that Brian was taking it away from me so callously sent a rush of blood to my cock and made it come alive.

The two of them were completely consumed by each other; all the lust they had kept pent up all day long in front of our wedding guests was all coming out. “Daddy,” Josh whimpered, “I’ve needed this so bad. Fuck, all day looking at you and not being able to have you, it was torture.”

“I’m here now, boy,” Brian reassured him. “I’m gonna give you what you need.”

So this was it then. Brian was going to take my wedding night from me and make it his, while I just stood there and watched. I don’t know why I’d expected it to be any different. I just stood there, in my suit, as though I was still standing in front of the celebrant waiting to be married. All the while my husband and his best man tore each other’s clothes off and made out on the bed of my honeymoon suite.

Soon Josh’s shirt and trousers were  gone, and he was stripped down to his underwear, his hard cock straining to get out. Brian had lost his jacket, his tie. His shirt was unbuttoned the whole way down and his powerful chest was pinned against Josh’s as he kissed his neck and caressed his ass.

Josh had his eyes closed, in pure pleasure. But his eyelids flickered open for just a moment, and seeing me there must have reminded him of what tonight was supposed to be about . He gently pushed Brian off him, and silently gestured towards me with his eyes.

Brian turned to face me. It was the first time he seemed to remember I was there. The first time either of them had.

“You enjoying your wedding night so far?” he asked. With that smirk, that arrogant fucking smirk that he always had.

“I think he is,” Josh said in a feigned whisper. “Look at that tent in his trousers.”

Brian looked at my crotch, brow furrowed. “What tent? He doesn’t look hard to me.”

My face went red with embarrassment. He knew I was fully hard, he just wanted to hammer the point home that my dick was completely inferior.

“Cuck, I asked if you were enjoying your wedding night.”

I nodded. “Yes. I am. It’s just…”

“It’s just what?” Brian demanded.

“I just, I just had kind of thought Josh and I would spend it together. You know, like, alone.”

“Aww baby,” Josh said. “That’s so cute.”

“Did you think I was gonna leave my boy unsatisfied on his wedding night?” Brian asked.

Maybe I could satisfy him, I thought to myself. If he ever gave me the chance to try.

“It is your wedding night though,” Brian continued. “So we talked about it earlier and decided it was only fair you be included.”

“Properly included,” Josh added, with a sympathetic grin.

My heart jumped. So did my dick. “What do you mean?” I asked, giving my desperation away.

“You’ll find out,” Josh replied. “I wanted to make it special for you, you know?”

“You know what you can do to start?” Brian asked. “Get me some lube.”

I hurried over to our bags, which were still all packed and sitting in a cluster over by the door. I was so flustered I couldn’t quite remember where the lube would be. I knew I’d brought some — I’d made sure of it, with the intention that I was going to finally have the opportunity to fuck my husband on this trip. Is  it with my toiletries? In with my wedding day stuff?

“Hurry the fuck up,” Brian demanded. He’d gotten up and was standing by the bed, pulling off the rest of his clothes.

Oh god, where the fuck is it? I unzipped my main bag and started flinging things aside searching for the bottle of lube. Couldn’t find it anywhere. Unzipped a second bag.

“Baby please,” Josh was nagging me. “I need to get fucked.”

I pulled things out and threw them aside. Still nothing. For fuck’s sake. Another bag. Nothing. Maybe Josh would have some. I went for his bag, the one containing his toiletries. And of course, lube was the first thing I came across at the top of the bag. Josh was always prepared for a fuck.

I breathed a massive sigh of relief and brought the lube bottle over to the bed.

By now Josh was completely naked, lying back on the bed hard and ready. Brian was standing before him, naked except for his underwear, the cotton straining with the force of his thick, heavy cock trying to stand up.

“You ready, boy?” he asked Josh.

Josh nodded. “Please fuck me.”

Brian turned to me. “You ready?” he asked. “You ready to see me consummate your marriage?”

I blushed red as I nodded. 

“I didn’t hear you.”

I looked straight at my new husband as I answered, “Yes, I’m ready.”

“You want this?”


“You want me to be the one that consummates your marriage?”


“Say it.”

I scowled at him.

“Say it.”

I took a deep breath. “I want you to consummate my marriage.”


I didn’t know how to answer that.

“Tell me why I’m the one who should be consummating your marriage.”

I thought about it for a few seconds. Why did I want him to do this? It was so fucked up. I’d wanted to spend tonight with my husband, alone, free of Brian for once. Why the fuck was I going along with this? Why did it seem so right?

He repeated the question. “Tell me why.”

“Because he wants you more,” I blurted out. “Because I can’t satisfy him the way you do. Because all day long he’s been going through this ritual of marrying me, but he’s been counting down the hours for you to fuck him.”

Brian smiled. “And why do you think I can satisfy him better than you?”

“Because you’re superior. You’re better than me.”

“That’s right,” he said, nodding. “That’s why they call me the Best Man.” 

I looked at Josh. He’d said nothing this whole time. I thought he’d look awkward, like he felt bad for me. But he was just smiling contentedly, as though everything was just the way it should be. I felt so fucking stupid in that moment, declaring my unworthiness for him right in front of him, right after he’d gone and married me. And he’d never stood up for me, never disagreed, because he knew everything I said was true. 

“Take a look at my cock,” Brian ordered. I looked; it had gotten bigger, thicker. Hearing me belittle myself like that in front of him was turning him on even more.

“You can lube it up,” he told me. “If you want to.”

I nodded silently. I wanted to. He’d only ever let me do it that one time before, and ever since then I’d imagined the feel of it every time I thought about him fucking Josh. It had been such a long time that I wasn’t sure anymore that the sensation I imagined even resembled the sensation it really felt like. I longed to touch it again.

I started to pour some lube out into my hand, but he stopped me. “No,” he said. “Not that hand. Use the hand with your wedding ring on it.”

I did what I was told. I poured the lube out onto the palm of my left hand. Then tentatively I reached out, for his cock, the whole time wondering if he was about to stop me and reveal it was just a cruel joke. But he didn’t stop me, and I slowly wrapped my hand around it.

It was just as rigid  as I remembered it, and full of heat. That big, hard cock, perfect enough that it could be used as a model for a dildo. Slowly I massaged lube up and down the thick shaft of it, feeling the electricity in my own cock as I watched my wedding ring slide along the veiny flesh and accumulate a layer of slick, sticky lube. God it was fucking hot, watching my ring hand wrapped around his cock, knowing that he’d ordered me to do it like that just so I could suffer the humiliation of seeing my new wedding ring covered in the very lube that was going to help him penetrate my husband. On the wedding night fuck that should have been mine.

I lingered on his cock for a little too long, but finally removed my hand. I squeezed out a bit more onto my fingers, and rubbed it all over Josh’s waiting hole. He moaned in appreciation, and anticipation. 

When they were both fully lubed up, I stepped back respectfully, giving them their space. Brian looked at me. For a moment he said nothing, but then a cocky, menacing grin spread across his face. I didn’t know what was coming next, but I knew it couldn’t be good.

“Is this what you pictured for your wedding night?” he asked me.

I shook my head. I’d fantasised about being cucked on my wedding night, of course I had. But I’d never even contemplated the idea that it would actually happen. It was hard, knowing that Brian was about to take this special moment from me. But it was also such a goddamn thrill, beyond anything I could have expected.

“I want to make this moment special,” Brian told me. “After all, it’s your wedding night.”

I dreaded where this was going.

“Give me your ring.”

So this is how it’s going to go down. I looked at Josh, wondering if he was going to save me. But he just looked on, amused, waiting to see how this was going to play out. 

I didn’t protest. I pulled on my ring — the ring that Josh had put there just a few hours earlier while he told me how much he loved me — and it slid easily off my lube-covered finger. Without being able to look Brian in the eyes I held it out in the palm of my hand, presenting it to him.

“Don’t give it to me. Give it to Josh,” he told me. “Give it back to your husband.”

I handed the ring to Josh, who sat up on the bed and took it from me. He looked at Brian, big wide eyes staring at him like a puppy, waiting for instructions.

Brian didn’t say a thing though. He just extended his hand, palm face-down, to Josh.

God, no. Now I could see what was coming, and I’m not sure I could handle watching it.

I  could see the thrill in Josh’s eye when he realised what Brian was suggesting. He  bit his lower lip bashfully, and started to slide the ring onto Brian’s finger. “Brian,” he said, his voice full of mock formality, “you’ve changed my life. Until I met you I didn’t know what it was like for two bodies to become one. You’ve made me feel things I’ve never felt before.” He looked at me. “ Not with my husband, and not with any of the men who’ve had me before.”

Tears welled up in my eyes. And my dick followed suit, leaking a little precum as I watched the two of them.

“Today I became a husband,” Josh continued. “Legally I belong to Simon. But my body, my ass, belongs to you completely. I’m yours to use. I want you to fuck me, make love to me; I never want to stop feeling you inside me.” He paused, and took a deep breath as he slid the ring that last inch down to the base of his finger. “Brian, I love you.” He wrapped his arms around Brian and kissed him, and Brian scooped him up into his strong embrace. They were lost in each other, blind to me standing there in front of them with my dick hard and tears streaming down my face.

Brian lowered Josh down onto the bed onto his back. Josh’s legs instinctively wrapped around Brian’s torso, exposing his ass. “Brian, fuck me,” Josh begged. And just like that, in a smooth fluid motion as though their bodies knew instinctively how to connect, Brian lined his cock up against my husband’s hole and entered him.

As I watched them make love I understood completely what Josh had meant about two bodies becoming one. It was like each of them had skin that was magnetically attracted to the other; they were pressed together — their chests, torsos, arms, Josh’s legs wrapped tight around Brian — and it looked like they couldn’t come apart even if they wanted to. They moved like they were a single entity, pulsing in time with each other, led by the rhythm of Brian’s cock as though every thrust was the beating of a heart they shared between them. As it fully sunk in what they had together I was suddenly glad — relieved even — that Josh was getting the wedding night he deserved, made to feel like he was the most important man in the world.

It went on, and on. I could tell that Brian was hitting Josh right in the perfect spot because with every thrust Josh sounded like he was about to lose it. His cries got more desperate, until they became just little breathy squeaks, like he was so close he’d even lost the ability to cry out. And then, in an instant he let out a long, plaintive wail as he orgasmed hard. Brian kept fucking him, not stopping for an instant. As Josh’s orgasm subsided he started to pant in time with each hit of his prostate. “God, keep going!” he demanded. Brian kept fucking him, even harder than before. 

Brian pulled out, flipped Josh over, and Josh got up onto his hands and knees. Brian started to fuck him from behind. I could see that Josh was still hard, that his orgasm hadn’t put him off for even a minute. His eyes were closed; he was in absolute ecstasy as Brian rammed him from behind. I could hear the sound of skin smacking against skin from the force of Brian’s fuck.

Josh’s moans got faster, higher, more desperate again. Holy shit, is he going to cum a second time? Brian gripped his ass and pumped as hard and as deep as he could, and suddenly Josh was screaming again, his face contorted in painful pleasure as he came again. I watched his cock to see it erupt, but instead of a forceful eruption what I saw was a steady stream of semen dripping out of his cock as Brian stimulated him to what must have been his second anal orgasm.

And still, Brian just kept fucking Josh, and Josh kept taking it.

Eventually though, Brian slowed down. Josh, exhausted and wrecked, started to slump onto the bed, and Brian finally gave him a break. He pulled out, and let Josh collapse in a heap.

Brian looked at me, for the first time since they’d started fucking. “Enjoying yourself?” he asked.

I nodded meekly. “I’ve never seen anyone else do that to him. Make him cum multiple times like that.”

“I’m happy I could make your wedding night special,” he joked. He could see I didn’t find it funny though; this wasn’t the kind of special I’d thought it would be.

“Now that I’ve consummated your marriage for you, I figure you deserve a little treat,” he told me. “After all, it’s the biggest day of your life, right?”

I didn’t say anything. I wasn’t sure where this was going, but I figured I must be in for some more taunting.

“Do you want to have sex with your husband?” he asked.

“Really?” My confusion made Brian laugh; I was such a fucking cuckold that I was literally surprised about being allowed to fuck my husband on my wedding night. “Yes! Yes I want to.”

Brian grinned. “Ask your husband then.”

I looked at Josh. “Can I?”

Josh’s eyes wandered as he considered the request. 

“I think you’ll need to do better than that,” Brian advised.

Now I saw where this was going. If I had any dignity I wouldn’t even try. But I was so desparate to finally have sex with Josh again that I couldn’t help myself. “Please Josh,” I begged. “Please will you let me fuck you? For our wedding night?”

Josh left me hanging for a few more seconds before he finally spoke. “You heard what I said before, right? My ass belongs to Brian. So he’s the one you need to ask.” He grinned at me, obviously finding my pathetic begging funny.

I hung my head, almost ready to give up. But no, I wasn’t going to give up. Not tonight. “Brian?” I looked at him square in the face, something I almost never managed to do. “Can I have sex with my husband tonight? Please?”

The pause was agony. Brian was loving it, seeing me like this; his smile said it all. Finally, he said the words I was dying to hear: “Sure. You can have a bit of wedding night sex with your husband.”

I almost cried tears of joy. I started to frantically tear off my tie and my suit jacket, ready to pounce on Josh.

“Don’t worry about getting naked,” Brian stopped me. “Josh doesn’t want to see you naked. Just get your little dick out.”

I stopped in my tracks. I looked at Josh, who seemed to find that funny.

I undid my belt, and unzipped the fly of my trousers which were already damp with precum. Underneath my underwear had a dark, wet patch where I’d been leaking. I reached in and pulled my hard dick out of my pants. The feeling of release, as I freed it from the fabric it had been straining against, was incredible.

Josh was lying on his back, sweaty, tired, fully fucked. I climbed onto the bed awkwardly, my trousers and underpants around my thighs. Tentatively, nervously, I touched the skin of his chest. I’d almost forgotten what it felt like.

“I love you,” I whispered to him.

He gave me an affectionate, if condescending, laugh. “I know, baby. I love you too. You excited about finally getting to fuck me?”

I didn’t answer. I just leaned in, kissed him. He half-heartedly returned the kiss, before breaking away. “You going to fuck me or what?” he asked, impatiently, like he wanted it to be over and done with.

I looked up at Brian, who was looming over us. “Can I?” I asked. I don’t know why I was asking him, but I felt like I needed to. “Can I fuck him now?”

Brian nodded silently.

I shuffled onto Josh, and with one hand I lined my dick up against his hole. This is it, I told myself. This is the moment I’ve been waiting for.

Slowly, carefully I slid into him. His hole was so loose that I could barely feel anything. Josh didn’t react at all, like he didn’t even realise I’d put it in. I held it there, in him, relishing the experience of finally being inside him again even if it didn’t feel anything like it used to.

I withdrew a little, then thrust slowly back in. 

I looked up at Brian, who was looking down at Josh. “What’s it like?” he asked. “Getting fucked by this guy again.”

“Oh my god,” Josh guffawed. “He is so bad at this. Can you please just take over again?”

Hearing that from my husband stabbed at me. But I kept on fucking him. I stepped up the pace a little, hoping that if I put some vigour into it he might feel something more.

“You hear that?” Brian asked. He must have been talking to me now. “You don’t know how to fuck your new husband right.”

“Please don’t make me stop!” I begged. 

“I can’t feel him,” Josh admitted, laughing.

I pumped harder in his loose, sloppy ass.

“I don’t know if you’ll ever be able to satisfy your husband again,” Brian mused.

“He could never satisfy me in the first place,” Josh countered. “Not like you can.”

“Why the fuck did you marry this loser?”

I came. As soon as I heard the word loser I felt it well up inside of me, and a second later it was rushing up and out, spilling out into Josh’s gaping ass. “Ugghhhh!” I moaned, full of dismay as I let out the most pathetic orgasm of my life. I whimpered a little as the last of it dribbled out, and I stopped pumping.

“Oh my god did you just cum?” Josh asked, astonished.

I didn’t answer, I couldn’t admit it.

“Holy shit, that wasn’t even thirty seconds!”

I pulled out of him; he still didn’t seem to feel anything. I got up, and stood there in front of Josh and Brian as my dick started to shrivel back down to a flaccid state.

“Now that’s over…” said Brian. He didn’t finish the sentence though, because the meaning was obvious. He descended on Josh again, and within a few seconds the two of them were intertwined again and Brian was filling Josh’s ass once more in a way that I was no longer capable of.

Now that I’d cum I was suddenly so tired. The exhaustion of the day — the emotional roller coaster of marrying the man I love and then seeing him so completely in love with another, better man — had wrecked me. As hot as it was seeing them together, I didn’t want to watch anymore.

I sat down in the chair across the room, head in hands, trying to make sense of how today had played out.

They must have seen me sitting there and sensed my mood because they slowed down for a second. “You okay?” Josh called out.

I nodded. “It’s just a lot, you know.”

Josh gave Brian a little nod, and Brian pulled out. Josh got up off the bed and came over to me. He took my hand, and I looked up to find him looking back at me, sympathy on his face. “I thought you’d want to see Brian fuck me on our wedding night,” he admitted apologetically. “But I guess it’s probably a hard thing to have to see, even for a total cuckold. And maybe we went a little too far making fun of you. You know I love you though, right?”

“You love him too though.”

He nodded. “Yeah I do. But I chose to marry you today, remember? We all have our parts to play in this relationship; he may fuck me better than you — way better than you — but you’ll always be my husband, okay?”

I nodded, confused about what it all meant but grateful for Josh’s sympathy.

“I’m gonna spend my life loving you, even though you’re kinda pathetic in bed. And you’re gonna spend your life loving me, watching while a better man gives me what you can’t.”

I nodded. This was what I’d always fantasised about, a cuckold marriage where my husband’s lovers would claim not just his body but also his heart, and humiliate me as they excluded me from their lovemaking. It was going to be a harder ride than I’d expected though.

“I think I’m keen to go to bed,” I told Josh.

Josh nodded. “Okay. It’s been a long day.” He paused, and for a moment I thought he might ask Brian to leave. But then he told me, “We’re going to keep going, okay? Brian hasn’t cum in my ass so I don’t want to stop just yet.” He kissed me on the forehead and walked back across the room to the bed.

Brian called out, “We got you an extra blanket so you can sleep on the floor.” Then he reached over and turned out the main light, leaving only a small bedside lamp to cast a golden glow over them as they made love.

I grabbed the blanket, got down on the hard floor at the foot of the bed, and wrapped myself up in it. And that’s the last thing I remember of my wedding night.

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