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Chapter 11: The Reception

The last of the sun had disappeared over the horizon, and the hotel courtyard was lit up by fairy lights, candles and strings of glittering festoon lights. I enjoyed the moment of reprieve from socialising; Dan had gone to the bathroom, and Josh and Brian were talking to each other in low voices off to my left.

In many ways today had been just as magical and romantic as I’d pictured in all my daydreams. But I also felt a little stung with a feeling of rejection, too. Seeing the things Josh had said in his wedding vows that had been plainly meant for Brian and not me. And then watching the two of them gazing into each other’s eyes posing for the photographer, after Josh had asked me to excuse myself from the wedding photos, “just to get a couple of the two of us.”

It had hurt, but it had also turned me on like nothing else could. Seeing the look on the photographer’s face — so embarrassed for me because it was so obvious there was something going on between the two of them — and thinking about the humiliation of being outed as a cuckold to even more people than had already happened at the bachelor party. I kind of wanted more, but at the same time it terrified me. I could feel my stomach starting to tie itself up in knots because I knew that the wedding speeches were about to start. And I had no idea how much Brian would give away in his.

I was startled out of my thoughts by the sound of cutlery being dinged against a glass to get everyone’s attention. Hamish, our MC, got up and said a few words. Then my father gave the first speech. It was fine — a few jokes at my expense, about what I was like as a child and about what kind of family Josh was going to be marrying into. The usual. Just enough laughs, just enough sentimentality.

Then it was Brian’s turn. He stood up, and I looked up at him. I felt like I was experiencing vertigo without even getting up from my chair, I was so nervous about what he was going to say.

“Friends and family of our happy couple,” he started. “It’s a huge honour to be up here in front of you all giving a speech as Josh’s best man. We haven’t known each other that long, but we’ve still managed to grow pretty close.” He glanced at me briefly as he said the word close, but his face didn’t give anything away. My heart skipped a beat anyway though.

“I hadn’t met either of them when they first met each other, but Josh has told me a little about it. They caught each other’s eye from across the room at a party, about seven years ago. For Simon it was love at first sight. For Josh it was… umm… an excuse to not have to catch the subway all the way home after the party.” That got a laugh, and Josh jokingly pretended to take offence at the accusation.

“The way Josh tells it, he hadn’t expected it to go anywhere. But Simon — always the perfect gentleman — courted a somewhat reluctant Josh, until he finally won him over. With all those same qualities that have made him a fantastic partner, and will continue to make him a fantastic husband. His loyalty, his patience, his understanding. And the fact that he would do absolutely anything for Josh. I don’t need to have known Simon long to know that’s the truth.”

Brian looked over at me with a look I was unfamiliar with. Tenderness? Admiration? Surely not.

“These two complement each other,” he went on. “Those of you who know Josh and Simon will no doubt know all about how welcoming and hospitable they are. It’s one of the things that drew me to them. Josh is the life of the party, all the time. He’s always up for anything, and always wants to show you a good time. Am I right? Just ask the boys that were at the bachelor party!”

The guys let out a cheer and a laugh. The rest of the audience laughed along too, despite not understanding exactly what he meant by the reference.

“And Simon, he complements Josh so perfectly because he’s such an attentive host. He’s welcomed me into his home so many times.” He glanced over at me again, this time with just a hint of his usual cocky grin. “And he always does whatever he can to make it enjoyable.”

I felt my face burning up, desperately hoping that no one understood the innuendo behind the statement. I heard a smattering of laughter coming from over where the bachelor party crowd was sitting though, and I knew that would have got other people’s imaginations going too.

“And it’s their differences that make them so right for each other. We all know the cliché, right? Opposites attract. Well it’s no more true than for these two. Simon here loves to cook a beautiful meal, while Josh… well lets just say he’s lucky someone in the house knows how to cook.” 

Cue a little polite laughter.

“And we all know Josh likes to be centre of attention. And Simon, well,” he shot me a subtle but knowing look, “he’s happy to just sit back and watch the action.” 

Josh stifled a laugh. Surely everyone understood the subtext in that comment.

“What they both share though, is a commitment to each other. That’s what you saw today when they got up in front of you all and said those vows. Josh, I want to congratulate you, because you’ve found someone who will put up with all your antics. And Simon, I know you know how lucky you are, because you landed yourself a ten, for sure.

“Seriously though, I am really happy for you. I know that marriage isn’t the happy ending everyone thinks it is. It’s just the beginning, and I know your adventure together’s going to be wild.” He lifted his glass. “So please join me in raising your glasses to toast the happy couple and all the wild adventures to come.”

Everyone raised their glasses, and applauded the speech. Brian gave me a wink and took his seat once more. Josh leaned in and whispered something to him, laying his hand on Brian’s thigh under the table as he did. The two of them laughed; I wondered what they were laughing about.

The speeches continued pretty uneventfully. Dan, then Josh’s mother. It was the usual wedding stuff: a bunch of jokes, a bunch of mushy sentimentality. And then they were done. Josh and I got up, and with a bunch of fanfare and dozens of cellphone cameras pointing at us to catch the moment, we cut the cake.

“Now it’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for,” Hamish announced. “Simon, Josh, I’d like to welcome you to the dance floor, so you can share your first dance as husband and husband.”

Josh extended his hand. “Will you do me the honour?”

I accepted eagerly, putting my hand in his. “I’ve been looking forward to this bit,” I told him.

Then with all the guests silent in anticipation, the two of us made our way out into the middle of the empty dance floor. Now that the ceremony and the speeches were out of the way, this was the last of the wedding day moments I’d been nervous about. But I was excited too; these days it wasn’t often I got to hold Josh in my arms, scoop him up and envelop him the way Brian so often did.

The band started up. An instrumental cover of an old nineties ballad we’d both danced to in a gay bar one of the first nights we’d been dating. I took a step closer to Josh, so our bodies were only an inch from touching. I rested a hand on his hip, and wrapped the other arm around him so my hand rested on his lower back. He looked into my eyes and smiled, but didn’t say a word. With the arm that was wrapped around him I pulled him close, and held him firmly.

Josh rested his head onto my shoulder as the two of us started to gently sway in time to the movement. I led us with slow steps, and he followed instinctively.

“I love you,” I whispered in his ear. “So much.”

“Me too, baby,” he said back. 

For a couple of minutes only the two of us existed. No Brian. No family. No crowd of my friends that I’d just humiliated myself in front of two nights earlier. No one and nothing else mattered. It was as if the two of us were just floating in the night sky, tethered to nothing except each other. 

Eventually I became aware of other people on the dance floor with us. Other couples had come up to join us, dancing in random patterns around us, locked together tight like we were and swaying to the music.

Someone tapped on my shoulder, and I was suddenly brought out of my haze. I released my hold of Josh and turned to see who it was.

“Mind if I cut in?” It was Brian.

I felt the frown form on my face. Too fucking soon, I thought to myself. The first song hasn’t even finished yet.

But before I could say anything Josh broke away from me and enthusiastically latched himself onto Brian. “Certainly,” he answered on my behalf.

As I watched helplessly, the two of them started to slow-dance together, and Josh rested his head on Brian’s broad chest the same way he’d just been resting it on my shoulder a few seconds earlier.

I stood there for a bit, watching them share this intimate moment in the middle of a dance floor full of my friends and family. Then, feeling the embarrassment well up again, I scanned around the room to see if anyone had noticed. Thankfully, no one seemed to be paying attention. Everyone dancing was too involved in their own moment, and the other dancers had mostly obscured Brian, Josh and I from the view of the rest of the room. I saw my mother looking at me though, her brow furrowed in a look of concern.

I made a retreat from the dance floor as swiftly as I could, hoping no one would notice anything. As I headed for my table my mother intercepted me though. I could tell she was going to say something about what just happened, so I tried to pre-emptively change the conversation. “Mum!” I gave her a big, solid hug. “I haven’t even had a chance to talk to you yet, today’s been so mad. I’m so glad you ended up being able to make it in time.”

“Simon, my baby,” she said, squeezing me tight. “I wouldn’t miss this for all the world. Congratulations. The ceremony was beautiful.”

We released each other from our bearhug. My mum eyed me up suspiciously. “What’s the deal with him?” she asked.

“Who?” I asked innocently.

She looked at me with a ‘don’t try to give me that’ kind of a look. “The best man. The one who just cut you out of your first dance.”

I tried to act nonchalant but I knew it wasn’t working. “They’re good friends,” I said. “I just figured he’d like a turn at dancing with the groom.”

My mother didn’t look convinced. “Simon, be careful with him,” she told me. I could hear the concern in her voice. “That looks like an awfully close friendship.”

“Don’t worry, mum,” I said unconvincingly. I excused myself and headed for the bar, desperate to avoid that topic of conversation. I felt her frown follow me as I did.

For the next half hour or so I worked the room, mingling and making sure I caught up with each guest at least once to make them feel like I actually noticed they’d turned up. I kept an eye on Josh and Brian though; they hadn’t left the dance floor the whole time. They were locked together, Josh’s head still resting on Brian’s chest, looking to all the world like they were the ones who’d just gotten married. It hurt like hell seeing them like that, but every time I looked at them my dick would start to tingle and swell, and I’d have to look away before I got too hard in my suit trousers.

Everyone had noticed by now, I could tell that by the way they’d all avoid looking over at them at all costs while talking to me. All except Jonny, he just came right out and said it: “Dude, that must be rough as hell.”

“Huh?” I pretended not to understand what he was talking about.

“Watching Josh with him like that. At your wedding, in front of everyone.”

The words ‘in front of everyone’ made my dick jump a bit. “Do you think people realise?”

“Dude. Of course they do.”

I guess up until that moment I’d been worried that a few people had twigged onto what was going on. But that was the moment it finally sunk in that everyone knew now. It was crystal clear to everyone I knew that I’d been made a cuckold by my best man. It felt crushing, but exhilarating at the same time. They all knew I’d been bested by Brian, but did they also realise how much it turned me on? If they did they’d think I was a fucking pervert.

I guess I was a fucking pervert.

“Do you want me to say something?” Jonny asked. “I could ask them to stop. I could just interrupt them somehow. I could hit on Brian, maybe.” That last suggestion had a hint of hopefulness to it.

I shook my head. “It’s fine,” I told him.

The band — thank god — finally started to up the tempo on their music, into songs that were no longer any good for slow-dancing. The couples started to split apart on the dance floor, and finally, mercifully, Josh and Brian did the same. Within a couple of minutes the dance floor was just a crowd of people flailing around to the music, and the intimate spectacle of Josh and Brian dancing together was over. The damage was done by now though; everyone had seen it and understood what was going on. I continued to circulate around the guests who weren’t dancing, and everyone else respectfully avoided the topic of my husband’s romance with the best man.

I was chatting to my dad and his wife when we were interrupted by Josh, who suddenly turned up with two plates of wedding cake. He thrust one at me. “Baby, you gonna try the cake?”

I took the plate.

“Eat up, because I wanna blow this joint.”

“You want to go back to our room?”

He nodded enthusiastically. “Hell yes.”

“Okay.” I wolfed down the cake in about three mouthfuls, desperate not to hold things up. I could feel my dick start to stir already, roused by the prospect of finally getting to fuck my husband for the first time in months. “Okay, lets go.” 

Josh grinned, and grabbed me by the hand. Then he gestured over to Brian. “Come on,” he told him. “Time to go.”

“Wait. Brian’s coming?”

Josh looked confused. “Of course he is. Did you think it was just going to be us two?”

This whole time I’d been assuming our wedding night would be just the two of us. Even though I’d jerked off a bunch of times to the idea of Brian cuckolding me on my wedding night, I’d always  told myself that it was just a fantasy — one that would be way too fucked up to actually happen in real life. I realised then though, that I’d never checked what Josh had been expecting. If I was honest with myself, that was probably because I was too afraid of what he might say. So I’d buried my head in the sand, and now was the moment I had to face the prospect of sharing my husband with Brian tonight.

“It’s our wedding night,” I pleaded. I could hear how whiny my voice sounded.

“Exactly,” Josh replied. “It’s my wedding night, so you want me to get fucked properly, right? So come on. I want you to see your husband take his first load.”

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