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A Message From the Author

This book is fiction, and this story is fantasy. 

For me, writing erotica has been a way of exploring the things that turn me on but that I couldn’t, wouldn’t or shouldn’t do in real life. It’s a space to enjoy the fantasy without anyone having to experience the consequences of trying these things in real life.

Cuckolding is a complicated kink, and sometimes the things that turn you on the most are also the things that hurt the most. In a fictional story I can go all out, make it as brutal as I want, and just enjoy it as a fantasy. And obviously I hope you enjoy it too. 

But don’t take it as endorsement for treating the people in your real life like the people in this book. In real life cuckolding requires trust and communication. Everyone has different boundaries between what’s hot because it hurts, and what just hurts too much.

So if you’re going to try this kind of stuff at home, talk to your partner about what you want to try. Check in to keep making sure you have their enthusiastic consent. Set boundaries and stick to them unless you make a joint decision, together, to shift them. 

Look after the people you care about, and make sure they know you respect them no matter where your kinks take you.

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