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Cole Got Cucked Hard (Paperback)

Sometimes seeing your boyfriend get fucked by another man can be pretty hard. And sometimes it can get you pretty hard too.

Cole's oblivious to the fact that his boyfriend Kenneth is cheating on him. In fact Kenneth’s prolific, getting it on with most of their mutual friends as well as just about every guy he comes across. 

Kenneth knows he’s going to get caught out eventually. But truth be told, he’s kind of looking forward to it. 

That’s because Cole is a total cuckold, he just doesn’t realise it yet. Lucky for him, Kenneth’s going to help him explore his new kink by throwing him in the deep end.

Hear the story from both Cole and Kenneth's perspective as Cole explores his new role as a cuckold by seeing first-hand how much of a slut his boyfriend really is.


#gay #cuckold #cheating #humiliation

Cole Got Cucked Hard (Paperback)

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