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Another look at 'Lockdown With My Husband's Bull'

My latest book, Lockdown With My Husband's Bull, is out on July 22 and available for pre-order at Amazon and Smashwords now. Nick's been getting cucked by his husband Joe and his personal trainer Scott for a while now. But when the city goes into lockdown from the latest wave of covid, Scott's gym work dries up and Nick and Joe let him come crash with them for a while. This excerpt is from the night he first shows up.

It's available at Smashwords, Google Play, Amazon, and my online store.


That was the same day Joe stopped wearing clothes around the house. I wasn’t surprised to see him standing in the kitchen naked making toast when I came out for my morning coffee. But I was surprised when I emerged from my office for lunch to find him once again naked, this time making himself a sandwich.

“I like this development,” I said as I admired his ass. He looked at me quizzically, so I elaborated. “Not bothering with clothes.”

“Ah, yeah,” Joe acknowledged. “Scott said he wants me naked around the house from now on. Guess that works out well for you too, huh?”

My dick jumped. That was so hot — not just the idea of my husband in a permanently naked state, but the fact that he was doing it unquestioningly under orders from his bull. “Yeah I think it suits me fine,” I said, sidling up behind him. Close, close enough so he’d be able to feel my breath on his neck and the electricity of my skin almost touching his. “Only trouble is, it’s gonna make me want to fuck you too.”

Joe turned, his dick starting to harden. He rested his hands on my chest. My dick pulsed with the sensation of finally having my husband touch me, the anticipation of him running his hands down my torso, touching my cock. But instead he just gave me a gentle shove, pushing me away from him. “Shame you’re not gonna get a chance, then, isn’t it?”

“Just a kiss?” I asked. I meant it playfully but it came out a little more pathetic than I’d intended. I took a step closer to him again.

“Hands off, shithead.” The voice from behind startled me so that I quickly pulled my hands away and took a step back. I turned around, feeling embarrassed, like I’d been caught doing something I wasn’t allowed to. I guess I had.

“Cuck’s trying to get a feel of my man, then?” he accused, arms folded as he stood there across the room from me. I felt like I should probably tell him to fuck off, but I knew I couldn’t bring myself to.

“Don’t worry,” Joe reassured him, “It’s not like I would’ve let him.”


If you're interested in reading more, the full story's available at Smashwords, Google Play, Amazon, and my online store.

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