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Lockdown With My Husband's Bull

My latest book, Lockdown With My Husband's Bull, is out on July 22 and available for pre-order at Amazon and Smashwords now. Nick's been getting cucked by his husband Joe and his personal trainer Scott for a while now. But when the city goes into lockdown from the latest wave of covid, Scott's gym work dries up and Nick and Joe let him come crash with them for a while. This excerpt is from the night he first shows up.

It's available at Smashwords, Google Play, Amazon, and my online store.


It all happened pretty fast from there. Scott took the following day to pack and move out of his place, and about nine that evening he was standing on our doorstep with an overnight bag slung over his shoulder.

It had been a while since I’d seen him; the pandemic had meant a lot less frequent hook-up sessions for him and Joe, and the last few times they’d met up Joe had stayed at his place and left me at home to jack off to my own imagination. So I’d forgotten exactly how impressive his body actually was. Or maybe it had just got bigger and more muscular since last time — which wouldn’t surprise me given the effort the guy put in at the gym most days.

He was wearing a muscle tee with armholes dropped low enough that you could see just how built his lats were and how toned his torso was. And sweatpants tight enough to hug his thick quads — the result of countless hours of squats and leg presses — and the sizeable bulge of his cock. His body was built from hard work and sweat, but that big cock of his was sheer genetics.

Joe stepped out onto the porch to greet him. As he did, Scott dropped his bag down onto the ground so he could wrap his arms around Joe’s body. The two of them kissed for several seconds before either of them said anything.

“Missed me?” Scott asked finally.

Joe nodded. “Of course.”

Scott looked over at me. “Hey, buddy,” he said, giving me a nod. “Hey thanks for letting me crash here a while. You guys are life savers.” His voice was collegial, casual, like I’d handed him a pen, not handed over access to my house and my husband indefinitely. It was a momentary acknowledgement that he was only here because I’d allowed it, but without any hint of deference to me, and without conceding any power to me.

“No problem at all,” I told him. “I think it’ll be fun.”

He grinned at me. “Don’t you worry buddy, you’ll love it.”

“Do you want to come inside?” Joe asked. I could tell by the tone of his voice, the way he emphasised the last two words of the question, that he wasn’t just talking about stepping in the front door.

Scott picked up on the innuendo. “Thought you’d never ask.” He took Joe’s outstretched hand and followed him inside. As he did he looked over to me and asked, “Hey, buddy, think you could bring those bags in for me?” He didn’t bother to wait for me to answer before he’d disappeared around the corner heading for the bedroom.

I picked up the bags, hurriedly dropped them off in the spare room, and followed the two of them to the bedroom. By the time I got there they were already fully into it, Joe on his knees on the floor with Scott’s fat cock in his mouth, Scott pulling off his muscle shirt and throwing it on the floor with his sweatpants.

Joe was making appreciative noises as he took Scott’s cock as far as he could down his throat. Joe was

good at giving head, and he could deep throat me down to the base, but he couldn’t quite manage to get Scott’s monster fully in there. Scott helped though, he grabbed him by the hair on the top of his head and buried his cock in as deep as it could go. I could hear Joe gagging, and I could see his own hard cock heaving at how much it turned him on to be handled like that. Scott held him there, struggling on his cock, for a full ten seconds or so, before finally pulling Joe off and leaving him gasping for breath.

Once he had his breath back Joe went in for more, but this time Scott stopped him. “Up on the bed,” he whispered.

Joe got up off the floor and sat down on the edge of the bed. This time it was Scott’s turn to get down on his knees, and he slid his mouth around Joe’s cock. It made Joe moan with pure delight — I thought I was good at sucking dick, but I was always blown away by the reaction Scott could get out of my husband when he wrapped those lips around it. Scott massaged Joe’s balls as he blew him, every now and then wrapping his fingers around his scrotum just below where it met the base of his cock, and pulling slowly, stretching the skin. That made Joe moan even harder. He got more and more into it, sucking on Joe’s cock with increasing intensity, till Joe had to tap him on the shoulders urgently and stop him. “You’re gonna make me cum,” he said. “I don’t wanna cum yet. Not till you fuck me.”

Scott took his mouth off Joe’s cock. “Guess I’d better hurry up and fuck you then.”

He grabbed Joe by the legs and flipped them up and out of the way, spread like a V, bringing Joe’s

hole right up in front of his face. He licked it, got it all wet and got Joe moaning desperately. He stopped for a second, long enough to ask me, “Bud, where’s the lube?” before he went back to loosening up Joe’s hole with his tongue.

I made a beeline for the bedside table and grabbed a bottle of lube. I gently set it down on the floor next to where Scott was kneeling, then retreated to my spot over in the corner.

Joe knew my favourite routine and on this occasion he indulged me. He flipped over and got onto his hands and knees on the bed, facing me, so I’d be able to see every nuance of the reaction on his face as he got fucked. Scott lubed up and positioned himself behind Joe facing me. He gave me a grin and asked, “Well cuck, ready to see your husband get it?”

I nodded enthusiastically.

He didn’t need any more encouragement than that. In a single long, fluid stroke, he plunged his cock into Joe. I couldn’t see his cock enter him, but I could tell the exact moment by the look on Joe’s face. His eyes scrunched up into an agonised wince that slowly gave way to an expression that looked one part relieved and one part overwhelmed. His arms seemed to turn to jelly and he started to let his head sink down towards the mattress, before steadying himself and backing up into Scott’s strokes. Scott grabbed Joe’s hips, pounding him harder, never taking his eyes off mine. His intense stare was like a challenge to me: look what I’m doing to your husband. Are you going to try and stop me?

But of course I’d never try to stop him. I loved this. By now my own cock was in my hand and I was stroking it in long, slow strokes, a couple of seconds apart, calibrated for maximum pleasure without letting me blow too soon. No matter how good it felt to fuck Joe, or to have him fuck me, nothing compared to watching him getting pleasured to a whole new level by a man like Scott.

Usually they’d be flipping each other all over the bed, switching up positions. But this time they just fucked doggy for what seemed like close to an hour, Joe wailing as Scott hit the deepest spots inside of him. By now there was a wet patch on the sheet below Joe’s cock where his leaking pre-cum had collected, and Joe’s skin was sparkling from a sheen of sweat. I don’t know how he took it like that, I know I couldn’t have. Finally though, he cried out, “Fuck, Scott, fuck, I’m cumming!” Scott rammed it in a few more times, even harder than before, and with a roar like a battle cry the cum started to erupt out of Joe’s cock. The bouncing of his cock as Scott fucked him sent wads of cum flying in all kinds of directions, each landing on the sheets making dark, wet stains.

Feeling Joe cum must have set Scott off, because it was only three or four more pumps before he slammed his cock into Joe one last time, empaling him as hard as he possibly could, and howled as he held it in there releasing his load into Joe’s ass.

The two of them stayed there for a few seconds, frozen. Then finally Scott pulled out; I saw a trickle of thick cum dribble out of Joe’s ass and onto the sheet the moment Scott unplugged it.

“Fuck,” said Joe, sounding almost shellshocked. He collapsed onto the bed and lazily rolled himself over onto his back. “Thanks, man.”

“No problem.” Scott looked over at me. “You gonna cum now, buddy?”

I thought about it; I was so close. But I shook my head. “Nah not just yet,” I replied. I looked at Joe.

“I’d be keen for seconds, if you think you’d be up to it babe?”

“Uh, I’m pretty wrecked,” Joe told me. “I think maybe I’ll need to pass. It’s kinda late anyway, I think maybe I’m keen to just go to sleep.”

I was a little disappointed; I’d been so close and now I was rapidly losing my hard-on. But it was fair enough. “No problem. Let’s just go to bed.”

We all sat there for several seconds, none of us moving. I was waiting for Scott to take the hint and leave, but he just seemed oblivious.

The silence went on long enough that it was starting to become awkward. So I finally broke it. “Scott, do you want me to show you where the spare room is?”

“Ah,” he said, finally seeming to understand what was going on. But instead of taking the hint he just said, “I was thinking I’d probably stay in here with Joe tonight.”

I looked at Joe, expecting his support. He remembered we’d talked about it, surely. But instead Joe asked, “Is that okay? Might be nice, his first night here. We haven’t had a sleepover in a while.”

I was a little taken aback, and a little annoyed. But the idea of being forced into the spare bedroom so this stud could take my bed for the night did turn me on a fair bit, so I acquiesced. “Okay.” I tried to make it sound like I’d thought it over and come to that conclusion, like it was my decision to make. Like I hadn’t just been kicked out.


If you like the sound of it, the full book is available at Smashwords, Google Play, Amazon, and my online store.

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