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Cuckold B&B, Vol 2: Breaking the House Rules

Here's a sample of my book Cuckold B&B, Volume Two: Breaking the House Rules. Like the title says, it's the second story in my series Cuckold B&B.

In the first story, Ryan and Nico put their spare bedroom on a short stay accom site, and ended up having a 'three-way' with their first houseguest. And Ryan realised that he kind of liked just standing back and watching, although he wasn't quite sure what it all meant.

In volume two they've got a new houseguest, Levi. Levi is dead keen to get fucked by Nico, and he's not shy about making it known. Trouble is, Nico and Ryan have made a rule that they only play together, and Levi's just not into Ryan.


He kissed me on the forehead. “How’s your day been?”

“Okay.” As he started to withdraw I grabbed him by the wrist. “Wait.” I leaned in and kissed him. I wanted it to be obvious what I wanted. I’d been so fucking charged all day that now that Ryan was home I couldn’t wait a second more.

“Oh,” Ryan said, his grin telling me he understood the signal. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed me back. As he did he slid a hand down and rested it on my crotch, feeling my already semi-hard cock through the fabric of my shorts. “Somebody’s already rearing to go, huh?”

I nodded. “I’ve been needing to fuck you for hours.” I dragged him into the bedroom and pushed him down onto the bed. Then I crawled onto him, pinning his hands above his head and nestling my nose into his armpit, taking in the scent of him. I held it there for a few seconds, enjoying it, before I released him and started to pull off my clothes. I rolled off him so he could do the same, and within a few seconds we were both naked. I was fully hard, the tip of my cock wet with a droplet of precum leaking from the prospect of finally getting to fuck.

I got in between his legs, leaned in and kissed him, while I fondled his cock. He let out a little groan. “Fuck that’s good,” he sighed. Then, “What’s got you so horny?”

I paused for a second. I’d already decided that I wanted to tell him about Levi’s advances. But right now didn’t seem like the right time. Hearing how Levi was so into me and not into him was bound to be a blow to his ego. And admitting how horny it had gotten me would make it seem even worse.

“I’ve just missed you today,” I replied. I started to jack his cock in long, slow strokes.

“Did you hang out with Levi today?”

I should have been surprised he even asked that, surprised that Levi was on his mind the same way it had been on mine all day. But I wasn’t that surprised at all. “No,” I replied, still jacking his cock.

“Why’s that?”

“No reason. Just making conversation.”

“Bullshit.” I let go of his cock. “You don’t just ‘make conversation’ during sex.”

He sat up, looking a little guilty. “Okay, yeah true. I guess… I guess I was just wondering if he was the reason why you’re so horny.”

Now it was my turn to feel guilty. Even though I hadn’t done anything with the guy, I’d wanted to so badly that it felt like I had. And I couldn’t gaslight Ryan into thinking he was crazy for wondering. “Maybe a little.”

“Did something happen?”

“No, of course not!” I shook my head emphatically. “I would never. Never. But he tried it on.”

“What did he do?” Ryan didn’t sound angry. More intrigued, maybe.

“Nothing really. He just said he was up for it. Just innuendo, suggestions, that kind of thing.”

“And you want to?”

“I mean he’s hot, obviously,” I told him. “But no. It’s not an option: he doesn’t want to do anything with the two of us. He’s only interested in me.”I winced a little as I told him that, knowing it must be hard to hear and bracing myself for his reaction.

He did look a little deflated hearing it. “Don’t take it personally,” I said. “He doesn’t know what he’s missing out on.”

“It’s all good,” he replied. “Everyone’s got their type.” He paused, his eyes darting around in the way they always did when he wanted to say something but felt too nervous. “Do you want to though?” he asked finally.

“No, I told you already. I wouldn’t. We agreed, we only play together.”

“What if I was okay with it?”

The question caught me off guard. Does he mean it? Or is he just trying to get me to admit I’m into Levi? For the first time I actually considered the scenario of being allowed to fuck Levi. God, I wished I could fuck him. I could picture it, sliding into his ass. I could almost feel it. But I could also picture how devastated Ryan would be.

“Are you?” I asked.

“I mean if you want to, I could probably—“

I cut him off. “You don’t have to try and pretend to be okay with it. We agreed. And I’m not going back on that. We play together, because we’re a fucking team.”

We sat there in silence for a full five seconds or so. And as we stared at each other I realised that I was hoping he’d protest. Hoping he’d tell me he was actually okay with it. That he wanted me to. But of course he wasn’t going to.

My cock had gone completely soft from the interruption. But I looked down and saw that Ryan was still fully hard. “Do you still want to fuck?” I asked him.

He nodded vigorously. “If you still do.”

“Yeah,” I said a little grumpily, though I didn’t know quite why. “Help me get hard again then.”

Ryan sprung at me from across the bed. He gave my chest a gentle push, indicating I should lie down. He positioned himself where he could reach my cock with his mouth. And then before he put it in, he looked up at me with a cheeky grin. “If you want to get hard just think about Levi,” he joked. Then he wrapped his mouth around my cock and started giving me head.

I closed my eyes, and I did think of Levi. I imagined it was him sucking my cock and not Ryan. And my hard-on was back almost instantly.


If you want to read more of the story, it's available from my online store and from most major retailers.

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