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Cole Got Cucked Hard: Sample round-up

I've posted a few different samples of my first book, Cole Got Cucked Hard. So if you've heard about it but you're not sure if you want to buy the whole book, there's enough of it circulating round the worldwide web that you can now read a decent chunk of it for free.

So I figured why not put all the links in one place?

This sample on reddit tells the story of how Kenneth gets fucked by a bunch of friends at a party while Cole's obvlivious downstairs.

This teaser from my website is about the moment Cole first catches Kenneth in the act.

This tiny excerpt provides a glimpse of when Cole first sees another man unload in his boyfriend, and the moment of his first ejaculation as a cuckold.

This sample on reddit is close to a full chapter. It tells the story from Kenneth's perspective of when he and Cole take a trip to the bathhouse for some fun together, only for it to turn into a full-on cuckolding situation with two other guys.

And my patreon has a few snippets - just the odd sentence or two - of various points in the story. Like when Kenneth sneaks off to get fucked by the waiter, or when Cole comes home to find a naked man in his kitchen,

You'll have to buy the book to read the best bits, but hopefully this can get you started! And if you follow my patreon, tumblr or twitter you're bound to come across more.

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