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A teaser of 'Cole Got Cucked Hard'

Here's a teaser of my first book, Cole Got Cucked Hard. Told from the perspective of a cuck and his slutty boyfriend, it explores a man's journey to complete cuckold humiliation.

I hear a muffled moan. This time it’s definitely Kenneth’s voice.

The door to the wardrobe is already open, just as I left it. I creep in, and slowly edge my way forward without making a sound. Thank god we chose louvred doors for the wardrobe. Through the slats I can see right into our bedroom. There, I can see this alpha male from outside, standing naked in front of our bed. He has broad, muscular shoulders and a dusting of hair across his chest and abs, and has his head leaned back and eyes closed. Kenneth is on his knees in front of him, his head partially obscuring the well defined V of the guy’s pelvic muscle as he slowly sucks his cock. As I watch, the stranger takes his hand and starts to gently stroke Kenneth’s hair as his head bobs back and forth.

This is it. This is the moment I’d waited for.

I’m awash with all kinds of emotions. Anger’s in there somewhere. But there’s much more sadness than anger. I feel like my world is starting to crumble around me. And I feel my dick begin to swell.

Kenneth begins to go back and forth on the stranger’s cock with greater and greater enthusiasm, and he moans with appreciation as he does. After a few times he goes real deep, and this time the guy grabs the back of his head and holds it in place, Kenneth’s mouth right down to the hilt, until I can hear him start to choke and splutter. Then he lets go, and Kenneth pulls away with a gasp. For a moment I expect Kenneth to be angry at the guy for almost choking him, but instead he just gasps breathlessly and then takes the guy’s cock just as deep again.

“Haha, you like that?” the guy teases with this arrogant, cocky smile.

“Yes,” comes the reply, muffled by the cock in Kenneth’s mouth. He takes it out, looks up at the guy and pleads “Jake, fuck me.”

Jake grins. “You wanna be fucked?” he asks, as if there was any ambiguity in the request. “I’ll fuck you. Get on the bed.”

Kenneth gets up and climbs onto the bed. It’s then that I get my first proper look at Jake’s cock. It’s big — long, and wide, with a nice fat head that’s glistening where Kenneth has just been sucking it. He has big, beautiful balls that hang heavy and full. It’s an amazing sight. I’d already understood after seeing his muscular body and cocky smile why Kenneth would want him. But the sight of that big dick makes me properly understand what this guy can give Kenneth that I can’t.

“How do you want me?” Kenneth asks.

“All fours.”

Kenneth obediently gets on all fours, his ass facing in my direction. Jake comes up behind him and, without bothering to get a rubber on, shoves his dick into Kenneth’s ass up to the hilt. Kenneth moans with what sounded like pain and delight. “There you go,” Jake says, holding still with Kenneth impaled on the end of his mighty cock. “You’ve been wanting this dick haven’t you?”

“So fucking bad,” Kenneth replies.

“It’s better than your boyfriend’s baby dick then?”

I’m momentarily filled with rage, that he would even ask that. But when the reply comes: “So much better, your dick is amazing,” the rage subsides, replaced with a sense of absolute shame. Suddenly I want nothing more than to be out of there, as far away as possible. I wonder what the fuck I’d been thinking. I’d been prepared for my boyfriend to be cheating on me, but I hadn’t been prepared to hear firsthand him saying how inferior I was. I feel like I’m barely a few inches tall - like my whole body is smaller than the cock currently sitting half way up the man who was supposed to be mine.

Want to read more? The full book, all thirteen chapters, is available on Amazon.

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