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A sample from Cole Got Cucked Hard: The Party

Here's a sample from my book Cole Got Cucked Hard. Check out the Books page of my website for info about where to buy the full book.

Paul greets us at the door and welcomes us in. We do the obligatory birthday well-wishes and small-talk as he grabs our coats and hangs them up by the door. As Cole makes his way to the kitchen to grab us a couple of drinks, Paul leans in close and says, “Adam tells me you’re my birthday present tonight.”

“You know you don’t have to wait till your birthday to have me,” I whisper back.

He laughs. “Yeah I know. Listen, when I give you the nod, head up to my room. Adam will keep Cole busy. Once I’m done we’ll swap. Cool?”


At that moment Cole reappears with a couple of beers. As he hands me one I tell him, “Hey, I’ll take it easy and be sober driver tonight if you want to have a few.”

We wander into the living room. There’s already a few of the regular gang, and a couple of friends of friends, in amongst Paul’s work colleagues and other strangers. We chill out for a bit, knock back a couple of beers, and catch up with the crew. Adam, Paul’s husband, keeps Cole well supplied with drinks, enough that he starts to get pretty lively after an hour or so.

Other than our usual crew - most of whom have already fucked me before - there aren’t many hot guys at the party. The bulk of the people are from Paul’s work, so they’re either women or straight couples. There’s one silver fox who I flirt madly with for a few minutes, who’s obviously into me but either too cautious or too respectful to suggest anything. And there’s a couple of hot younger guys who I keep giving the eye to from across the room, who I go introduce myself to. They’re definitely down for something, and my reputation has obviously preceded me because they seem to already know that I’ll fuck anything with a cock. So we swap numbers and promise to meet up for a threesome some time soon. Although they’re hot, they’re a little dull though, and after a while I’m starting to get impatient.

Finally after what seems like almost forever, Paul walks past. He gives me a subtle nod as he starts heading up the stairs. I quickly excuse myself from the conversation I’m having, and follow him. Before I go up the stairs I pause to make sure Cole isn’t around to see. But he’s nowhere to be found; either being distracted by Adam or chatting to one of the gang out in the kitchen or the garden.

I run up the stairs as fast as I’m able to go without attracting attention. The door to Adam and Paul’s room at the end of the hall is open, and Paul is standing in the doorway expectantly. “Get in here, bitch,” he growls playfully, moving aside for me to step through the doorway and grabbing my ass as I do.

Before he’s even shut the door I’m unbuttoning my shirt. He starts unbuttoning his too, and as he does he kisses me roughly, his tongue slipping its way into my mouth. As I pull my shirt off he runs his hands up and down my chest, his lips and tongue still locked with mine. I fumble with his belt and his fly, desperate to get at that cock. Shirtless now, he pushes against me slowly, forcing me to step backwards till I feel the bed against the back of my legs. I let myself fall back onto the bed, and Paul is immediately on top of me, the hair on his chest tickling my chest as he writhes back and forward on top of me.

Paul releases his lock on my lips, and kisses my neck. It drives me fucking wild when he does that, and I can’t help but let out a half whimper, half moan of delight. With his tongue he traces down my neck, my collarbone, my chest, and gently licks my left nipple for a few seconds. Then he continues to trace a path down my abs, my belly button, to where my trail of hair starts between my hips. He unbuttons my jeans and runs his hand over the outline of my rock-hard dick, which is straining to get loose from my underwear.

At that point he stands up. He grabs my jeans by the ankles and tugs hard. My jeans are tight and it takes him a few firm tugs to get them off me. Once he has though, he grabs me by the hips and flips me over, face down on the bed. Slowly he peels off my trunks, and slides a finger slowly but firmly across my hole. He spreads my ass-cheeks apart and dives in there with his face, kissing and licking it. His short beard tickles the skin around my hole, but nowhere near as much as his tongue tickles my hole itself as he flicks it around at speed.

“Fuck yes,” I sigh as he licks my hole. I’ve missed Paul’s rim jobs. I push myself up onto my knees so he can get in deeper, and I feel his big tongue push its way into my opening. “Fuck yes!” I gasp.

After a minute or so he stops. A second later I feel the cold shock of lube being applied to my asshole. With two fingers he pushes it in and gently massages it around. Then a second later his fingers are replaced by his cock firmly pressing against my waiting hole.

He pushes it into me slowly, holding on to my hips. I gasp with the feeling of his big, thick dick invading my hole and pushing further and further in. He leans over so his chest is pressed against my back, and he nuzzles the back of my neck. “Fuck, I love your tight little cunt,” he whispers in my ear. He pulls his cock half way out, and then slowly drives it all the way back in to the base.

“Fuck. Oh my god.” I’m in fucking ecstasy. “Fuck me,” I beg.

“You want to be fucked?” he replies. “I’ll fuck you alright.” With that he pulls out, holds the tip of his cock at the mouth of my hole for a second, then with one huge, forceful stroke he rams that dick inside me.

I let out a moan that’s almost a scream.

“Ssshhhh,” he whispers. But then he pulls out and rams it back in just as hard, and it makes me wail again with the combination of pain and intense bliss.

With that he turns into a fucking animal. He starts to pound my ass with force. He grips my hips, and stands up behind me to get maximum leverage. His big, thick cock rams my hole over and over again. With every hard thrust my whimpers and my moans get louder, till he puts a hand over my mouth to muffle the noise. “Quiet bitch, or do you want the whole party to hear?”

At that point I really couldn’t give a fuck whether every person in the house can hear me moan and wail. I’m loving this fuck so much I’ve almost forgotten where I am; and anyway, the thought of fifty guests downstairs hearing me get my ass wrecked makes me even more turned on.

“Fuck,” I pant, although the hand over my mouth muffles my words beyond recognition. “I love your dick. Fuck me, fuck me.” Not that I need to ask. He doesn’t stop pounding my ass for a second. He just gets harder and harder, and faster and faster. As he pounds away at my hole he growls, and grunts, and whispers dirty shit in my ear. His breath on my ear and neck sends shivers down me, at the same time as the pounding sends convulsions through my whole body. He pushes me down onto the bed and pins me down with his body, pounding my ass into the mattress. Then, he lets out a growl like a tiger, and his whole body twitches as he blows his load inside of me. I can feel his cock pulse three, four, five times as he coats my guts in his seed. Then his thrusts slow right down, and he collapses on top of me in a panting heap.

“Fuck that was amazing,” he says breathlessly. “I love fucking that beautiful little cunt of yours.” I can feel his chest heaving against my back as he lays there panting on top of me, and I can feel his cock start to soften inside my ass. After a minute or so he slowly pulls out, and I feel a trickle of his cum escape as he does. I clench my ass; I don’t want to lose another drop.

Paul gives me a quick peck on the cheek and gets up off me. I turn and look up to see him buttoning up his shirt and the fly of his pants, neither of which he’d bothered to take off properly before fucking me. “You stay there,” he told me. “Adam won’t be far off. He’s real keen to fuck you tonight, boy.”

Paul slowly opens the bedroom door and peers out to make sure the coast is clear. Then he’s gone, shutting the door quietly behind him.

I stay where I am, face down on the bed. I’m glad to have a minute to get myself together; I’m still feeling breathless from the fucking I’ve just been given. My respite doesn’t last long though, as it must be less than a minute later when I hear footsteps in the hallway outside. I don’t look up as the door opens, then slowly closes again.

“Fuck that’s an amazing ass,” Adam says with what almost sounds like awe in his voice. He places his hand gently on it and rubs gently, his hand slowly making its way towards my sloppy hole. He runs his finger over my fuckhole, then pushes it a centimetre or so in. “All lubed up for me.”

A second later and his tongue is up against my hole, licking ever so gently. “It tastes like Paul,” he says approvingly. Then he starts lapping at it like he’s trying to eat an ice cream before it melted. “Fuck,” he pauses to say. “You’ve got the most amazing cunt.” It feels incredible, his tongue flittering over my hole, then working its way in.

“Fuck me,” I beg. “Please fuck me.”

He happily obliges. In a second his tongue is gone, replaced with his cockhead pressing up against my ass. “Hope you’re ready, boy,” he says. And with a forceful push, he drives his dick balls deep inside me.

“Fuck!” I cry out, mostly with pain. I grab a pillow and bury my face in it, just in time for him to quickly pull out and then drive his dick back inside me in a massive push. I scream into the pillow, hoping it would muffle my cries enough that the guests downstairs wouldn’t hear.

Adam leans down until I can feel his breath on my neck. “You like that, bitch?” he whispers to me.

It’s so god damn painful, but at the same time my ass feels like it’s complete, impaled on the end of Adam’s thick cock. “I love it,” I whisper back.

“Good boy.” With that he starts to pump his dick in and out of me ferociously, gripping my hips to provide extra force each time he slams into me. I’m in cockwhore heaven; I can feel his ballsack slap against mine each time he slams my sloppy ass, and I start to moan and mewl like a little bitch each time he drives himself into me.

The sound of the door opening behind me instantly brings me back into reality though. Panicked, I turn around, expecting to see Cole there. It’s the moment I’ve dreaded - and fantasised about - for months.

But it’s not Cole. It’s James, standing there in the door way with a giant shit-eating grin on his face. “Thought I’d find you two in here,” he says as he closes the door behind him. “Don’t stop on my account.”

Fuck, that’s a relief. Even though the thought of Cole catching me gets me insanely horny, I definitely am not ready to have that conversation with him yet. Especially not tonight, at a party with a bunch of his friends - most of whom have fucked me at one time or another.

Adam carries on pounding my ass enthusiastically, as James unzips his fly to reveal a long, lean uncut cock. He shoves it in my face, and I open up my mouth to let him slide it inside.

The two of them fuck me from both ends. Adam keeps getting harder and faster, and James grabs me by the back of the jaw and face-fucks me with equal force. He keeps pushing his dick right down my throat as far as it can go, and I flail and gag each time it cuts off my air passage. “Suck that dick,” he orders as he pulls it out and shoves it back in again.

“Fuck,” Adam growls. “I’m gonna cum.” His thrusts get suddenly faster, and the whole bed is shaking with the force of him pounding my ass. “Fuck…. Oh fuck. Get ready bitch, get ready for my load.” And with that I feel his cock drive into me even harder than before, and begin to pulse as he fills my ass with his load. “Fuck,” he moans, as his cock pulses and pulses.

That is enough to set James off. I feel his dick pulse once, and I feel a wad of cum on my tongue. As he starts cumming James pulls his dick out of my mouth, so that the second and third spurt shoot all over my face. The cum keeps dripping out, and I greedily lick it up as fast as it emerges.

Adam slaps me on the ass. “Good boy,” he says breathlessly. He scoops up a bit of the cum that’s leaking out of my ass, and uses it to lube up my cock. He starts jacking me off at a leisurely pace as he sits down to catch his breath. After the fucking I’ve just had, it only takes me thirty seconds or so of him jacking me off before I blow a massive load all over the bed.

“What a cumwhore,” James mocks me. “I love it when Cole brings you along to parties.”

I wonder whether Cole’s heard any of what just happened. We’ve probably been pretty loud, especially towards the end with the moaning and with the thumping of the bed against the wall. I figure I should probably get back to him before he comes to look for me. Though I should probably clean James’ cum off my face before I head downstairs to rejoin the party. First, though, I need to lie here a couple of minutes longer and catch my breath. I am fucking wrecked.

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