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Cuckold B&B 2 - Cover - 1600 x 2560.jpg
Lockdown With My Husband's Bull
Jack Hornwood

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Nick's been getting cucked by his husband Joe and his personal trainer Scott for a while now. But when the city goes into lockdown from the latest wave of covid, Scott's gym work dries up and Nick and Joe let him come crash with them for a while. Before long Scott's acting like he owns the place and Nick's been kicked out of his own bedroom. 

This story is one of my more extreme ones. It's full of bullying, humiliation, a bit of BDSM, and a cuck that becomes a third-wheel while he watches the relationship grow between his husband and another man.

#gay #cuckold #domination #humiliation #bdsm

"As per usual, Jack Hornwood has written another story that will keep your eyes glued to the screen until you finish (in more ways than one). This one has a happy ending (or at least happy for those of us into this kink) and an incredible buildup throughout. I enjoyed every single word and have probably re-read it a dozen times by now. If you're into mildly hardcore gay cuckolding, psychological domination, and incredibly detailed sex scenes, you will fall in love with this book."

- Amazon review

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