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Cuckold B&B 2 - Cover - 1600 x 2560.jpg
I'll Be Cucked For Christmas
Jack Hornwood

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Tim is headed back to his hometown for Christmas after a decade away, and he's bringing his boyfriend Leo with him to meet the family. But they're not even in town for five minutes before they run into Mark, his old high school bully. And annoyingly, Mark seems to be able to charm everyone, including Leo, just like he used to when they were young. 

When Tim gives Leo the green light to go find a local guy to hook up with, he's not expecting his boyfriend to end up getting laid by the bully that used to make his life a living hell. And he's not expecting to get so turned on by it either.

This Christmas, get stuck into a holiday special with a hot and humiliating twist.

#cuckold #humiliation 

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